* This chapter has been revised

This story takes place after MR3. I ignore all books after that so you won't see any Dylan or plotline similar to after book 3.

Also for Twilight Fans I have a fanfic with the Twilight characters at boarding school. I guess I couldn't get over the theme. This is completely different, however, I promise.

Prologue: (Max Pov)

Where to hide? Where to hide?

Right now we were safe and I think I speak for the whole Flock when I say that settling down for awhile would be nice. Like, when we stayed at Ann's mansion minus the fact that Ann turned in out to be a White Coat. Would could stay at Mom's. She would love to have us, but I don't want to burden her and I wouldn't want Itex or the School or anyone else near Ms. Martinez and Ella.

Right now we are flying over Texas. What would be a good place to hide from the School? Somewhere we could be without anyone suspecting us of being mutants?

"How about a boarding school?", the Voice asked.

I stopped mid flight.

A Boarding School that's stu- actually, that might work. I don't really like the idea of going to school though.

"It didn't exactly work out so well last time." Plus the thought of Fang and another Red Haired Wonder makes me want to wretch.

"Max?", Angel's sweet voice calls out to me. I look over my shoulder and position myself so that I was flying next to her.

"Yes, sweetie?", I ask as I notice the huge smile on her face and her excited expression.

"Are we going to school, Max?", she asks loudly and everyone in the Flock suddenly turns around to stare at me. Talk about being put on the spot.

"Well-", I said.

Chapter 1:

We arrived on the steps of the "Stanton Academy", a very prestigious boarding school for young boy and girls.

Blah Blah Blah. Just reading the pamphlet left me board. Though Nudge, Angel, and I had researched Boarding Schools for hours this one was supposably the best. Nudge had forged all our forms into the school and Gazzy had mimicked a woman's voice when we called to get registered.

We even went shopping, despite this boarding school having a uniform. I had tried to find a Boarding School that didn't have a uniform, but no luck. We were all wearing our new clothes now to impress the school. Ha!

I opened the door for everyone and walked in after. The lady at the desk motioning for us to take a seat in one of the cushy looking chairs. Classy. I sit down on the sofa and Angel sits next to me and holds on to my hand. Iggy and Gazzy next to her. Total at Iggy's heels posing as Iggy's guide dog. Fang perched on a separate chair.

I watch as the lady at the desk types away on her computer. I am still watching her when I hear the clicking of heels approaching. An old lady strutting down the hall with an air of elegance. She looks just like the type to run a boarding school, I think as she smiles at us.

"Hello. You must be the Ride children. It's a pleasure to have you at our school. Will you please come into our office so that I can get you your rooming arrangements and your class schedules."

We followed her into a rather large office where there are only two chairs in front of the desk. I sit down and put Angel on my lap while Iggy and Gazzy fight over the other chair. Nudge leans against me, while Fang leaned nonchalantly against the wall nearest the door. We were a pretty intimidating bunch.

The lady apologized for the lack of seating as she handed us each a map of the school, our room numbers, and our class schedules for the day. I looked over my schedule.

Nudge had gotten us mostly all the classes we wanted. I was pleased for the most part with mine. My classes consisted of Math, P.E, Science: Genetics and DNA, and lastly Karate. Math I wasn't too thrilled about, but it was required. Boo.

P.E would be a nice little workout for me, though of course I would have to be careful about keeping my wings hidden in the locker rooms. I had gotten Science: Genetics and DNA, because I wanted to learn more about myself and possibly how I was created. It seemed like a good thing to know.

Then of course, Karate sounded the most interesting. I was good at street fighting, Jeb had taught me that, but wouldn't it be great if I could learn a different type of fighting incase I needed it? I mean, I was pretty sure I would need it.

The principal ushered us out of the room and told us to get to our respective classes. She didn't even seemed concerned that we didn't have much luggage; of which were bought yesterday. I held onto Angel's hand and told Nudge to follow me. Fang was supposed to get Gazzy and Iggy settled into their rooms and classes.

"But, Max. Why is Total going with them? I want Total with me, to show everyone him." , Angel whined. I looked at her apologetically.

"I'm sorry baby, but Total has to stay with Iggy." She pouted but didn't say anything else on the subject for which I was grateful.

Nudge and Angel had the same room so it was easy to show them which one it was. As soon as they dropped their stuff we went over to my room which was a few corridors away. I opened the door to my room and stepped in.

There was already stuff in the room, and two beds I noticed. A girl with long platinum hair sat on one of them. When she saw me she jumped up and ran over to me, pulling me into a hug. My first instinct was to slam her against the wall, but I tried to tell myself that there was no danger and instead stood there like a stone while she hugged me.

She was squealing now and I looked over to Angel and Nudge who were both wearing the same shocked expression that I knew I was. The blonde girl was smiling as if this was the happiest moment of her life.

"Oh my god, you're my new roommate. Were going to best the best of friends. My name's Katie. What's yours?"

I looked at her not speaking for a moment before I found my voice.

"My name is Max. These are my sisters, Tiffany and Ariel.", I said looking around the room which to my complete horror was pink. Everything was pink, even my roommate I noticed.

Not to mention that my roommate seems to be like a hyperactive Barbie.

I mentally groaned. Of course. Life is unfair. I look at Angel and Nudge now. Angel was looking at me sympathetically while Nudge was now having a conversation with Hyper Barbie, I mean Katie.

"Well it's nice to meet you Katie. But, I have to help my sisters find their classes. Nice meeting you." I pull Nudge and Angel out of the room, but I donn't escape fast enough to keep from hearing the words, "Okay, bye. See you later. I'll save you a seat at lunch."

We walked hurriedly down the hallway. I could feel Nudge and Angel staring at me. I smile at them reassuringly.

"You excited for classes guys?" They both nodded vigorously. Good at least two thirds of us are.

I had finally gotten to Math class. It took me forever to find Nudge's class and Angel wanted to introduce me to everyone as her sister before I left.

I now sat a wooden desk, listening to the teacher go on about something, I think he said he was talking about quadratic equations.

Yeah, I'm lost and I've given up on listening. I'm just looking out the window now when suddenly something lands on my desk. It's a piece of paper. I look over to see who threw it.

In the seat next to mine there was a boy with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes sitting at his desk, staring at me. He smiles when he sees me looking at him and mouths 'Read it' while pointing at the paper. I looked back down at the paper and unfold it.

Hi, I'm David. You must be one of the new students that came today. What's your name?

I scrawled my name on the piece of paper.


I toss the paper back to him and watch as he reads it, scribbles something, and tosses it back.

Max, that's a cool name. Kind of sporty. So do you need help finding your next class? I can walk you there.

Sure. I wrote back. So was it that I wasn't wearing the school's uniform that hinted that I was new?

I tossed the paper back.

Yeah, that does give it away. Either that or you're rebelling against the uniform.

You're not rebelling against it are you?

I wrote down my response, thinking about the uniforms.

Nope not rebelling against the uniform yet. I don't like that I have to wear a skirt, though.

I tossed the note to him.

Yeah, if I had to wear a skirt I think I would rebel.

I laughed quietly.

Is the teacher's voice always this monotonous?

I pitched him the note and he smiled as he read it.

Yep, notice how only maybe two people in class are actually trying to listen anymore. So, what classes do you have?

I read it and look around the room. He was right no one was listening. They were either writing notes to people, texting, or listening to music under hoodies.

This class, P.E, Science: Genetics and DNA, and then Karate.

He read the note.

Hey, I've got P.E next too. You, Karate. I bet you can kick my but. My mom tried to get me to take that class last year. I changed out after two days. I'd watch it in that class if I were you some of the kids in it get really aggressive.

I read the note,and replied.

I think I can handle it.

That's how the rest of my Math class went. David and I walk together to the locker rooms before we split ways.

I walk into the girl's locker room. It smells like everyone had sprayed their perfume at once. I was choking by the time I got to the coach's office. I knocked on the door.

"Come in.", a voice calls.

I open the door to a sunburned blonde woman who looked serious about physical fitness from the look of her.

"So you're the new girl, huh?" She looked me over. "You look pretty wimpy to me." , she says and at first I wonder if she's allowed to say something like that. I was pretty sure I'd seen a harassment pamphlet somewhere.

She obviously couldn't see how athletic I was because of the thick shirt I was wearing to cover my wings. I suppressed a grin. She handed me my P.E uniform and pushed me out the door to change. I looked around the locker room where everyone else was already changing. I went to one of the stall to change. Unfortunately they were all full.

I waited for someone to come out, but after five minutes no one ever came out. What the heck. I pushed the door, locked. A girl came up from behind me.

"Don't bother. The freshmen girls think it's funny to lock the stall from the inside. It's immature if you ask me. No one would crawl under the door with the dirty floor anyway. If you really have to go you should have gone."

I was annoyed now. I looked at the floor. Oh well, I've had worse, I think as I crawl under the door.

I could hear the girls exclamation of disgust but I tune it out as I change hurriedly.

By the time I've unlocked the door everyone has already left for the gym.

I run to keep up.

To be continued...