Chapter 49:


A mix of things happened when Fang stepped out of the trees. Anticipation hung heavy in the air, and a sort of expectancy seemed to draw everything in to watch. Fang's eyes were guarded and cautious as he stepped forward. Only momentarily did they leave Ultimum's to flick from Max's glazed eyes and Katie's almost heartsick enraged one. Ultimum's eyes showed only amusement and calculation as he regarded Fang. Max was motionless, expressionless, a mere statue standing in the field. On the inside however she was shouting. Then finally there was Katie who seemed to be torn internally between wanting revenge on Max and wanting Fang not to be taken with her. It had been her job, to take Fang out of commission like she did Jeff, the blind one. She didn't though, hoping he wouldn't interfere and when her father came for the others he would get away. Later she would find him ,she was sure he wouldn't ever know she'd been involved, and with Max gone well things would be different.

Really the girl was delusional.


Fang stepped up to where Katie, James, and I were standing. Mostly his eyes were watching James intently, but I noticed the questions in his eyes when he looked at me. Why was I just standing there? What had James done to me? I knew he wouldn't know about James's control, I had only told him about my dream and in reality a dream didn't count for much. Fang may suspect but he wasn't sure, and here I was powerless to do anything. James smiled then at Fang. That predatory grin I'd seen before, it distorted his face from a handsome teenage boy's face into the face of a true monster.

"Hello Fang.", he said in a polite voice that didn't belong with his smile. "So if I'm not mistaken you're here to fight me, huh?" Fang starred at Ultimum with an unnerving cold look.

"I'll take that as a yes. Well, lets get it over with then." Ultimum held his hand over his mouth in a fake yawn. His attitude nonchalant, and unconcerned by the heat of Fangs rage that I could see boiling in his eyes deep beneath the surface. It surprised me, I'd never seen Fang this angry in a long time. He started to lunge at James, but suddenly I felt myself moving at a blurring speed. It was like I was being ripped from where I stood, and my feet were glued to a high speed bus.

Suddenly I was in front of James, in Fang's face, my own face looking back at me from the reflection in his eyes. My face was almost unrecognizable though, sporting a predatory look. A growl escaped my lips, and shock spread across Fang's face. Did I just growl at Fang? Seriously?

Behind me James laughed and Fang looked stricken.


My arm, being possessed by the force of James's mind, clenched into a fist and moved in a winding arch towards Fangs face. Luckily, Fang's initial shock had subsided enough for him to move and avoid the hit. My other arm came up to hit Fang, but he moved backward just barley dodging me again. Confusion was written all across his face as he watched me continually lunge at him with punches. I wasn't fighting like I normally fight though, my movements were stiff and slow, robotic as I tried to resist. Fang, understanding that something was wrong ,tried to move around me to come at James when I found my body doing a backflip through the air. I found myself once again standing between James and Fang.

Once I found myself facing Fang, a voice whispered in the back of my mind and I found that my mouth was moving on it's own. Forming words that were not my own.

"You will fight me first.", I said to Fang in this oddly robotic voice. Fang didn't seem to be listening tough, as he tried once again to move around me to get to James. My body jerked to the ground, and my right leg kicked out, sweeping under Fangs legs and sending him falling backwards to the ground.

I found myself standing over him then, glaring at him.

"I said, "You will fight me first?"" Fangs eyes were blank as he starred up at me, and it was then that I was sure what would happen. James wanted Fang to fight me, whether it was because Itex and the School wanted to test us or he was just twisted enough to find it amusing. I wasn't sure, but I did know that that was the only option now ,and I could see it in Fangs eyes that he knew that too.


I was flat on my back, Max had kicked my legs out from under me, and for a second the air in my lungs left me. My vision blurred for a moment too, but when it cleared I found my self looking up into the dark night. The moon loomed overhead, looking as if it threatened to crash into the Earth. It seem so much larger tonight than ever before. A shadow stood in front of though. Max. She was standing over me, looking down at me with an expression that made even me feel scared. Normally she had this hawk-like air about her. Fiercely protective, a natural survival instinct, a strong will, but tonight it was as if she wasn't a avian hybrid at all anymore but rather something else.

Her hair blew out around her in the wind, as she looked down at me with deadly glare. Then she leaned down closer so that I could see very clearly that animalistic look on her face. My ears were ringing slightly but I heard every word of what she said.

"I said, "You will fight me first!"" My body felt cold. James wanted Max and I to fight, maybe even kill one another. That wouldn't happen though, I would kill him first. My jaw clenched, and imitating Max I swung my leg around to kick out Max's legs and she fell backward as I jumped up. Sorry Max, I thought as I lunged at James, who was now caught off guard. He didn't even seem to see my fist until it collided with his face. He fell flat on his back, and I heard a sickening crunch as his nose broke. A feral snarl issued from his crumpled body at my feet. As soon as the sound hit my ears however James was on his feet and throwing me with inhuman strength at the nearest tree. The air whooshed out of my lungs in a painful jolt as my back was being raked against the tree trunk. Somewhere amongst the ringing sound in my ears I heard Katie scream.

Through blurry eyes I looked up at James standing a few yards away. What is he?, I wondered. Another experiment? Would I even be able to beat him? I mentally shook the thought away, I had to beat him.

Lightening cracked against the sky in that instant and the moon was blocked mostly by a cover of clouds. A few drops of rain fell onto my face, but I wasn't really aware of it because my gaze was following James. He was walking slowly, almost nonchalantly in my direction. Red eyes watched me as I watched them, James predator smile flashing, and a streak of blood on his chin.

He stopped a few feet away from me and starred down with an expression that haunted anyone who saw it.

"I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I know who you are Fang, but it seems you don't know me. I am Ultimum. You will lose." Silence filled the air for a few moments, and then the fight broke out.

Narrator POV: More like me switching point of view, a lot!:

Fang leapt up with shear determination making his body moving faster than usual. He lunged at Ultimum, his body rushing to tackle him to the ground. Ultimum was expecting the attack however and as the two hit the ground they were evenly matched. Fang twisted his body so that underneath him he could hear Ultimum's ribs crack, but instead of slowing him down this only made Ultimum even more blood thirsty. He was going to kill Fang, and with this thought and inhuman strength he reached up and wrapped him hand around Fangs neck almost crushing his windpipe.

The air, once again, rushed out of Fang and even though he opened his mouth desperately he was unable to take in anymore air for Ultimum's hands were in a vise grip around his throat. Ultimum stood lifting Fang up off the ground and starring as he watch the dark haired boy's olive skin turn pale then blue from lack of oxygen. Fang struggled to escape the grip, his body thrashing in futile attempts to free himself. With a sick and twisted grin Ultimum slammed Fang into a near by tree, still holding his throat.

Fang felt himself being slammed into a tree, pain flooded through him but he ignored it desperate to get air. His fingers tried to pry Ultimum's away but it was no use he was getting weaker every second and Ultimum was stronger to begin with. His legs thrashed out trying to kick Ultimum but with every kick his legs felt even weaker until they seemed to go numb, all his limbs went numb. His hands stopped trying to pry Ultimum's hands away, his legs stopped kicking. He couldn't move, he had to move though or he would die. His eyes started to go hazy then, and he found that Ultimum's sick twisted smile and his gleaming red eyes were slowly losing focus in front of him. His hearing too, he found was going too and their was a ringing in his ears. His head was spinning too and he knew that he was about to pass out, but he couldn't because if he did it was over. He would die, and Max- Max would be left with this sadistic monster. No he couldn't die, he couldn't, not now. Despite all this however he was dying, and soon he could no longer see anything. Unconsciousness had taken over.

Max stood frozen in the middle of the field watching. She had been there ever since Ultimum and Fang had started fighting. Ultimum's control was still strong however. She could not move to help in the fight at all. She couldn't move, only watch, and now as she watched Fang was slammed against a tree. His feet trashed, and he tried to pry Ultimum away but he was losing. No, Fang was dying. Fang. Max felt something wet on her cheeks and at first she thought it was rain, but it was warm. No, it was tears. She was so powerless, she thought. When she realized that she was crying she realized that Ultimum couldn't control the tears however. He could control he body, even her expression, but not her tear glands. That was comforting, not.

Max watched as Fang stopped fighting back then, and she watched his eyes shut. Fear washed through her. Fang! Cold filled her body, and she actually felt like throwing up. Fang, no please wake up. She pleaded in her head. Emotion swept through her, it was strong now so strong she felt as if her body might break with the amount of it that she felt. Everything, every emotion that a person could possibly feel, rushed through her. And then she felt something, a pain in her stomach, no not a pain but a burning sensation. It started in her stomach but it flowed throughout her body. Then it seemed to reach her brain and she saw a bright light in her eyes. It was then that something extraordinary happened.

Suddenly Max was able to feel Ultimum's control on her mind, like there was something inside of her grabbing onto Ultimum's control and fighting it. Then for just a moment she was able to numb down his control just a tiny bit. She still was still unable to move however, but every other movement besides her legs, which were firmly planted to the ground, worked.

The darkness was a quiet place for Fang, it had sucked him in and seemed to have no plans of releasing him anytime soon. And to be honest Fang was okay with that, the darkness was peaceful and he honestly couldn't remember why he had initially even wanted to leave. It was something though, and it was nagging at him. What was it, he wondered, but try as he might he wouldn't think of it. Oh well, he thought but then something shook him. His very soul. A scream, but it wasn't a scream it was something he never heard before. Like the sound of a dying animal, a battle cry, a shout, and a scream all rolled into one. It was calling his name too, he didn't know how he knew if was for him though, because the sound was purely noise. It called no name, just made that wrenching piercing sound that shook him. It called to him, and he reached for it. He had to know what it was. He pressed against the wall that was the way to his escape from the darkness, and suddenly he was starring blindly into light.

Everything seemed so bright, but in actuality it was night, and everything felt cold. That noise continued but in the light he remembered. Max. And their was another thing too, he might have awakened but he still couldn't breath and he needed to soon or he would have awakened for nothing because he would just be sent back and this time permanently. Fang tried to twitch his fingers, nothing. They were completely limp, but their must be something he could do to get air. If only his invisibility included intangibility. That would come in real handy right now, but he knew as instantly as he thought it that he couldn't do that but maybe he could do something else. With his eyes Fang searched for an answer, and then he saw it, right by his right hand.

Over the time Fang had been unconscious Ultimum had let him slide down the tree, so that he was now sitting on the ground slumped up against the tree. If only Fang could summon the energy to get that rock, Fang thought.

Ultimum with his grip still on the dark haired Fang, heard the awful noise behind him and cursed. Max. His head spun around and he locked his eyes in her direction, trying to regain complete control. This girl was trouble, always trying to break his control. It was infuriating. And now she had managed to break free a bit. Under his gaze however his powers were doubled however, and once again control was his. His eyes glared at her menacingly. Then he sent her a thought. Try that again and if you think what's happening to your pathetic boyfriend is bad you'll really be in for it. Max's mind was one big rage of fury. I liked that, she really was no threat when it came to breaking my control when I was looking at her. Then I noticed movement from behind me.

Fang's hand inched toward the rock, and with all of the strength left in him he slammed the sharp point of the rock into Ultimum's hands. Then as soon as the rock broke skin, Fang could feel the hands around his throat loosen just a little bit. It was all he needed, and he was able to take in a tiny breath and pull away from Ultimum's grasped. The air now filling his lungs was wonderful, it hurt to breathe in so deeply but he couldn't stop because the air was giving him back his strength. He would live and he would fight; until Max was free.

To be continued…