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Chapter Thirteen

Bruce stayed in the hospital room with Kaitlyn, watching as the girl slept. She would live, the doctors had assured him of that. The bullet had clipped her side, but not caused serious damage. It took a blood transfusion to get her out of the ICU - and wasn't it lucky that Lucius Fox was her blood type? Bruce had to hand it to them - between himself, Gordon, Fox, and Alfred, there wasn't much Kaitlyn was going to have to do on her own. He just wished he could have gotten there before Two-Face shot her. Spared her some pain, if not some fear. He hated seeing that look in her eyes, the knowledge that she might just die crossing her mind. Kids weren't supposed to have that kind of knowledge. Then again, Kaitlyn was not normal.

Thoughts of a few nights ago crossed his mind, and a smile found its way to his face. That was the absolute funniest thing he had ever seen in his life - Joker actually looking afraid as he faced down Gordon.

"How are you going to make me come quietly?" Joker sneered, still backing away slowly from the cop. Gordon grinned.

"Well, maybe quietly isn't the word for it." he said calmly. Somehow, he had found himself a piece of steel that the construction workers had left behind. "My aim isn't that good with this thing, but I'm willing to bet I could do some damage."

"I'm not afraid to die!" Joker protested.

"No?" Gordon snapped the steel forward, catching Joker in between the legs with the blunt end. The man doubled over. Batman found himself flinching in sympathy. Gordon turned to Batman with a small smile on his face. "I'll get Dent downstairs if you'll drag him with you."

"No problem." Batman could not look at Gordon the same way again.

Gordon had been right, he thought now. It wasn't exactly quietly, but it was peacefully. Not that anyone could blame him. Gordon had brought his makeshift weapon along as they made their way down the stairs. Joker had no intention of being racked up again. That didn't stop him from growling every so often and generally being unpleasent. Something about unfair play kept coming up. Batman and Gordon ignored him. Kaitlyn had kept her face buried in Batman's neck the entire time, refusing to look at Joker no matter how many smart remarks he made. Luckily, Joker's shoulder had not needed any mending. Even if it had, Batman doubted he would have said anything about it. Gordon was not in the mood to be jerked around, and Batman sure wasn't going to stop him.

Kaitlyn's soft voice brought him back from his thoughts. "Daddy?"

Bruce leaned forward, taking her small hand in his. "I'm here, Kaitlyn." he assured her. "Are you feeling better?"

"Kinda." She smiled at him. "Tired."

"I know, baby." He smiled back. "So am I." He looked up as Gordon entered the room. The cop closed the door behind him, making sure no one else would enter without them knowing. He took a few steps forward, standing on the other side of Kaitlyn's bed. The girl smiled up at him, as close to a thank-you as Gordon was going to get. Gordon simply hugged her as well as he could and turned his focus to Bruce. "So what brings the Commissioner to visit little old me?" he asked.

"That was an interesting thing we did last night." Gordon said easily. "I never figured Joker would willingly work with us."

Bruce's eyes darkened, but only for a moment. Gordon was no enemy. "Slightly unnerving, to be honest, but he would have stuck his nose in it anyway." He leaned back in his chair, still holding Kaitlyn's hand. "How are the others?"

"Well, we got Dent in without anyone else finding out about it." Gordon said. "Sooner or later that's going to have to come to the surface, but I'll deal with that when it comes. As for Joker - well, he's been locked up. Whether he stays that way or not is another matter entirely." He looked down at Kaitlyn who was watching the two of them with interest.

"You know?" she asked.

"I do now." Gordon said. "Don't worry - his secret is safe with me." Kaitlyn nodded contentedly and settled back down on her bed. Bruce looked up at Gordon.

"Congratulations - usually I'm the only one she'll talk to."

"Well, I have been told I'm good with kids." Gordon rolled his eyes. "Of course, this is my wife who said it about my son. Of course he's going to listen to me a bit more than he listens to her." Bruce chuckled. "I think, once Kaitlyn gets old enough, Gotham's going to have its hands full."

"Of course." Bruce agreed. "Would you expect anything less from her?"

"Not really. I was just wondering if she was going to be Batgirl or forgo the mask and cape and join the cops." Gordon flashed him a grin. "If she joins the cops I call dibs."

Bruce burst out laughing at that. "I'm not sure. But that will be up to her when she gets ready." His gaze turned back to his daughter, and Gordon didn't miss the open affection in the young man's eyes. It had come as a bit of a shock when he finally made the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman, but now he was glad he was in the know. It would make it a bit easier to contact him, and besides - it showed that there was more to the rich kid than he thought. "I'll let Alfred and Fox know you're in the loop." he added. "They've been wondering when this would happen."

Gordon gave him a look. "Did they really think you would tell me?"

Bruce shrugged. "Either that or I would deliberately slip up and show you. But I wanted you to find out on your own."

Gordon nodded. "I need to get to my family. My wife is going to kill me if I'm late."

Bruce laughed. "Go ahead."

The cop almost left, but he turned around at the last minute. "When Kaitlyn heals, you should come over for dinner sometime." he advised. "I have a daughter about her age. I think they would get along nicely."

"Thanks, Gordon."

The End

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