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Just 100 word drabble. Normally, I wouldn't post drabble as a stand alone unless I planned on adding more... but FFIII needs more love. shrug


"Salina's waiting for you at home, you know."

She fights to keep bitterness from seeping into her words. If Refia's honest, she couldn't care less about the other girl, because she's rather enjoying the way Desch is laying his hands on her, caressingly (under the pretense of making sure she's wound-free, of course).

He doesn't miss a beat, deadpanning, "Canaan's not my home."

"Regardless, you have a woman waiting there for you! Why act like you don't care?"

"I'm content with the woman I have right here."

The way he looks at her then makes her heart stop.

"I – Oh."