Threads of Fate



A knock on the door made everyone jump. I looked at it confused, who could that be at such a late hour, also it being not that many people liked us, fearing us almost. I bounded to the door, everyone probably thinking a pixie. Eh, it was some what true. I sensed it right away, the scent… of another vampire. I slowly -in human pace- strode to the door, opening it a crack.

I looked at the man, he looked nothing older than 19. His head was bent down low, and when he looked up, I saw his eyes. Not like my families who's was a bright topaz. They where a bland crimson, with a bit of gold in it. He looked at me sullen. I gasped at him. Why hadn't I seen this in my vision. But I also gasped again, at what was in his arms. A girl, looking not much older than 15, was slouched in his arms, un-conscious He looked as if he could try, and he did.

He is a vampire and he was crying. It was so weird, so much weird… He looked into my eyes and said, to quick for human ears, "Take care of her, my sister. Teach her your ways and keep her away from them even if you have to risk your lives." He put her in my arms and I looked at her. She was so adorable. When I looked back up, the man was gone. I walked into the living room and saw everyone was looking at me, at the girl in my arms. Esme got up quickly and took her from my arms and I noticed I was crying. Me to, huh?

It was 3 days later that she woke up, and we looked at her. She had bright red eyes. We knew she wasn't a newborn, because she knew what she was and who the man at the door was. When I asked her she smiled at me.

"Momo?", she asked, probably thinking. "My brother, he is a vampire as well." I looked at her, she had said countless times that she couldn't remember anything about her past. She only remembered her name, and her Brother.

"I don't know, it could be", I concluded. So little time to find out this mystery. I remembered something.

"Your name?", I asked. She smiled at me.

"Rita! My name is Rita. Im 50 years old!", she giggled. 50, such an old age, yet she looked forever 15 and acted as such. I turned around and went to the door.

"Rita, we will adopt you. Carlisle agreed. Also we must protect you-- at all costs.", I left. I felt so bad for her, because she was so much like me. Not knowing her past.

And it remained that way-- for more than 20 years.


Ah, a new sotry. Why do I keep starting new ones? I don't even know. I probley will love this story more than ever because I was day dreaming it all day! Yay! Oh, by the way, its after Bella was changed. No Renesme either. Uhm, the Volturi will be in the story A lot in the future so if you don't like stories about them, then don't read the rest. Thank you.

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