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Threads Of Fate

Chapter 2


"My what?", I asked, clearly taken aback. He chuckled at my expression and I heard the whole family growling in the background. They where seriously pissed, and didn't believe Marcus as well. You know, its not everyday a Royal from the Volturi comes to your house claiming he is your husband. Sigh.

"Your husband Rita. We're married", I could tell he was getting such a laugh from this. He is probably joking with me. I turn to Momo, who I noticed sighed. He looked up at me.

"Rita, its true. He is your… Husband. I took you away from the Volturi 20 years ago on Marcus's orders. You see, I stole away your memories -that's my power- and with these memories locked away deep in your self, your second power was sealed as well", he went back to gazing at the floor. He took my memory away… and my powers?

"Tell me Momo, what is my second power?", I was on the verge of tears. I could feel the un-welcomed moister building up in my eyes.

"The Threads of Fate… or You call them the Threads of Love. When you will it, you can see these invisible threads. They connect two people to each other. They are, what you call, soul mates.", he continued ", Red are human, Black are vampires, White are Werewolves. There are many different combinations as well."

I just gazed at him, in utter shock. He knew so much about my second power. I felt the tears roll down my eyes. I stared at him strait in his eyes. "Tell me, Momiji", I said sourly saying his full name ", Who am I. What is my past." He looked at me, then sighed heavily. Marcus looked at me caringly and I heard Carlisle clear his throat.

"May we have this discussion inside", he said mentioning us into the living room. I quickly ran into the living room. Pulling Alice and Jasper to sit next to me. They chuckled when they saw what I was doing.

"Okay, tell me Momo, Marcus. Who am I and what is my past?", I growled. Momo looked at me straight in my eyes.

"First, Rita, Im not your Brother by blood", he stated. I felt my non-beating heart break. "I will start from the day I found you in the forest.

"The date was February 16, 1893 and the place was London England. You where only 15 at the time. I was keeping an eye out for you because of orders from Aro. He obviously saw great potential in you. You where a very cheerful girl. You loved to eat, sleep, and act so lively. That is probably where you get your human traits from when you got turned.

"You where such the romantic as well, always believing in soul mates and the like. You also took a liking in reading, as your human family was very rich you where supplied with the best education. But when your parents wanted to get you a fiancé, you got very, very angry with them. You knew it was coming. You where a rich girl and your parents wanted you to marry for business. Of course, you knew your soul mate was out there.

"You ran out of your house, shedding buckets upon buckets of tears. You didn't notice it at the time, but you ran into a very dense forest, about 4 miles from your home. Of course, I was right beside you, out of your sight.

" I noticed the scent of about 4 vampires. They where increasing there speed, obviously noticing your scent. 3 of the went of in one direction, another in the other direction. I took off after the 3. And that left you alone with the other.

"He walked up to you. You where scared. He had red eyes, and was going to show no mercy. He started toying with you. Giving you kisses. But you where not effected, and tried to push him away. He got annoyed at you so he bit down very hard and started draining you of your blood.

"I arrived then, he was almost done. I took him by the throat and threw him up against the tree. Of course, he didn't expect me. And he didn't know what to think of when I spoke to him.

" 'You dare hurt someone protect by the Volturi?! The one who is destined for greatness. By the order of the guard, you are to die.' He looked at me with fearful eyes. You see I was the leader of the guard at that time. I quickly ripped him to shreds and burned him right there on the spot. I turned to you. You had began the transformation. I had sighed and picked you up and ran all the way to Italy.

"There I told the Masters what had happened. They where surprised as well and told me to stick with you till the end. At the end of 3 days you woke up. You looked around, then at me. I was shocked what I saw then. Tears, flowing down your cheeks. You looked up at me and asked what the string on mine and your finger was. I had shrugged and then you said you where going to follow yours.

"You followed it all the way to the thrown room and stepped inside. What you saw was Aro, Marcus, And Caius. They looked at you and smiled. You followed your string all the way to Marcus, then hugged him.

"' I have a feeling we will get along real well', you said, still holding onto him for dear life. He just looked at you. That was the day he never got bored anymore." I stared at him, this was my past and my powers? I willed the strings to come and I looked around. There was strings. I looked at mine, then saw it connected to something. That something was Marcus. I started crying. No. No no no no no! I ran out of the house crying.

I ran in the forest, then caught a very bad smell. It smelt like wet dog. I almost gagged at the smell. Then out of the bush's came a boy looking no older than 15. I stared at him, then I noticed his eyes went wide.

"Who are you?", I asked, scared for my dear life. He just kept staring at me, obviously knowing I'm a vampire.

"Seth Clearwater. I-I think I just Imprinted…."

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