Rock & Blood :

Don't Answer The Phone. Don't Open The Door. Don't Try To Escape.

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Chapter 16

-Aww , we had fun right Mitch? -he touches her cheek-…it was me , he was already out of the picture some days after camp ended -

-I can't believe this…it was you all the time , you were at my house you were at school-

-Yep , you are a pretty good kisser too…my name is Shawn by the way …

Scared and overwhelmed for the recently events she shook his head while running a hand through her hair even more dirtier for the dry , thick blood . He looks at him , Shawn , his twin , they are so much alike , of course they are stupid they are twins…but they are more than twins , they are each others replicate , not any single distinction…except for their heart, Mitchie is sure about that…Shane , her Shane wouldn't do this and this mere piece of trash who is his sibling has ruined their life . Then her trembling gaze goes to Jason…the talented , sweet , and innocent boy that she thought was her friend…everybody's friend , the one who wouldn't kill a bird , let alone a human .

-Why?-she asks again .

-WHY? Did you hear that, Jason? I think she still wants more motives. Hmmm...Every one have a motive?- Jason plays along, shaking his head. -Nope.

-You see, it's scarier when motives are not quite understandable - Shawn replied .

-I still don't understand…-she says fighting tears .

-We did your mom a favor, Mitchie. The woman was a slut bag whore who flashed her shit all over town like she was Angelina Jolie or something. we helped her a little …let's face it, your mom was no Angelina -Jason cracks up over this while Shawn turns very serious. -Is that motive enough for you? Or how about this? Did you know your slut mother was sleeping with my dad in the time my parents were trying to fix things .-

A sudden silence. Mitchie is rigid with shock, his words resonant with truth.

-What?-she asks and even Jason is surprised with his seriousness.

-You broke my family apart , so I broke yours. Big sympathy factor. Being across the country not to mention without a father who look up for causes serious shit problem behavior…and it made you have fall inlove with a psychopath.-

-That's right and now you gotta die , this still our game - added Jason .

Shawn sits the gun down on the table near the foyer. And then moves to Mitchie with the butcher knife in hand. -Pretend this is all just a movie, Mitch. How do you think it's going to end?- Mitchie doesn't respond. -This is the best part, Mitch. Shawn's got it all figured out. Why do you think we kept your father alive so long? Why did we save you for last? What about loving boyfriend Shane?-

-Please don't touch him! -she cries looking at the boy , his eyes are slightly open and tired for the beats up .

-You know what time it is, Mitch? It's after midnight. It's your mother's anniversary. We killed her exactly one year ago today. -Shawn turns to Jason with the knife. They eye each other. -Ready? -Yeah... -Shawn pulls the knife back and brings it forward quickly, slicing into Jason . He stumbles to his knees, wincing in pain. -Jesus...fuck, that hurt.-says Jason.

-Stop it!

-Time's running out. What's next baby? -

-Come on, Mitch. Think about it. Your father is the chief suspect. We cloned his cellular. The evidence is there……-says Jason .

-What about Shane? What is left to do with him now , huh? -she asks .

Shawn takes the knife and slashes at Jason's arm . -Forget about him-he cut off .

-What if your father snapped? Your mom's anniversary set him off and he went on a murder spree, killing everyone... -

-Except for me and "Shaneee" ...we were left for dead...

-And then he killed you and then shoots himself in the head. It's a perfect ending.-

-Everyone dies but us.

-You sick fucks , the fame and jealousy has gotten over you! -. Shawn looks at her, bent over, crazed.

-Oh Mitch , don't fame and jealousy ...those ones don't create killers , fucked up rockstars-

-That's it, Shawn. I can't take any more!

-Get the gun. I'll untie daddy.- Shawn moves to Mitchie's father.

-Where'd you put it?- Jason is searching the foyer for the gun. -It's on the table. -No, it's not.-Shawn hobbles over. The gun is gone.

-Where the fuck is it?-Shawn screamed .

-Right here, dear brother.- Shawn and Jason look up in unison to see... SHANE standing in the front door way, gun in hand. His body tattered and bloody.

-I thought he was fucking tied .-says Shawn . The real Shane holds the gun firm, in total control.

-I've got an ending for you. The troublemaker , selfish and oh so handsome Shane Grey left for dead in the kitchen floor comes to, stumbles upon you two fuckers, finds the gun, fumbles your plan, and saves the day and gets his girl - Mitchie steps forward.

- I like that ending.- Shawn lunges at his twin brother , but he holds steady. Shawn and Jason eye each other.

-He can't get both of us.-says Shawn . In a mad rush, they storm Shane, heading straight at him. He pulls the trigger, but nothing happens...the safety is on. Shawn charges forward, grabbing hold of the front door, slamming it shut . It catches Shane in the face, knocking him backwards out the door. He goes down...out.

-Cool move.-says Jason . Shawn steps out the front door and retrieves the gun from where his twin lays. Then he turns back inside the house to find... MITCHIE GONE .

-Where'd she go?- Jason looks around, staggering now, bleeding heavily...Mitchie has completely disappeared. Only her father, bound and gagged remains in the living.

- I don't know Shawn but I'm hurtin'.

-Where the fuck did she go? Suddenly, the phone rings. Jason and Shawn look at each other. Completely surprised. Shawn scrambles over to the phone. -Hello?

-Are you alone in the house? -she asks through the phone .Shawn looks to Mr. Torres. The cellular phone is gone. -You bitch--where the fuck are you?

-Not so fast. We're gonna play a little game. It's called GUESS WHO JUST CALLED THE POLICE AND REPORTED YOU ASSHOLES ? -Shawn looks around the living room. -Find her. - he ordered and screams at Jason who has fallen to his knees. -FIND HER YOU DIPSHIT!

-I can't... you cut to deep. -Shawn throws the phone at Jason. He mouths to him, so Mitchie can't hear. "Talk to her..." Then Shawn takes off for the kitchen. Jason takes the phone.

-So Jase, what's your motive? Shawn's got one. The police are on their way. What are you going to tell them?

-I'm way to sensitive.-the guitarist explained . Shawn flies back in the room, grabbing the phone from his friend . He's completely nuts now, staggering, bleeding, totally insane.

-I'm gonna rip you up bitch. Just like your slut whore mother. -

- Gotta find me first, you stupid mommy's boy.- Shawn starts ripping the room up, overturning furniture in a mad fit of rage...when he notices the hall closet. Touche! He smiles deliriously, heading for it, ripping it open as... A ghost masked figure strikes from within hitting him with a coat hook .Shawn stumbles back, stunned, as the ghost comes at him again...the hook lodges in his chest, and he goes down. Mitchie rips the mask off her head. She looks at Shawn, disgusted, throwing the mask on Shawn 's now still body.

A movement behind her sends her reeling around to find... Nate slowly sitting up. His body drenched in blood. He's alive...barely. He looks to Mitchie through pain...

-You know what I hate most about horror movies? The final just goes on and on...and it gets so stupid…- Nate manages to stand when a figure comes leaping at him, completely's Jason ...barreling into him...they fall back into the living room. Mitchie grabs the gun next to Shawn and turns to the living room to find... Nate and Jason rolling across the floor in a dead lock, fighting, both seriously injured. .

Mitchie tries to find aim when a hand grabs her ankle, toppling her to the floor...once again she finds Shawn on top of her.

In the living room Nate and Jason pound at each other, beating and clawing .While Mitchie fights viciously, attacking with everything she's got , Nate is desperately trying to pry away from hi band mate ...he grabs hold of the television set and tries to pull himself off the floor out of Jason's clutch .His hands find the top of the TV he yanks on it, gripping it with his hands, bringing it around with force crashing the tv into Jason 's head. Jason drops.

As she digs her hand into Shawn's open chest wound. Her other hand brings the gun up to his face...but he head bunts it out the front door...suddenly a flash of silver appears above the girl. Shawn has grasped the butcher knife...he rises it high above Mitchie ready to strike...when a bullet strikes Shawn knocking him back into the living room. Mitchie looks up to see... SHANE , holding the gun in a death grip as smoke rises above the gun's chamber.

Mitchie sits up as Shane moves to her, helping her. Their eyes meet in the longest gaze .

Shawn and Jason lay face up, head to head. Mitchie and Shane move over them, staring down. Nate joins them.

-Good to see you again brother -says Nate looking at the real Shane .

Mitchie nudges the death bodies. They both stir.

-Careful…they always come back -added Shane . Mitchie grabs the gun from him.

-Not this time. She positions her foot on Jason's chest and aims.

- This is for my Mom, asshole.- She shoots him in the forehead, a clean and perfect shot. The she aims the barrel at Shawn who's eyes suddenly open, blinking up at her, blood bubbling from his lips. He's not yet dead. Their eyes lock but Shane grabs the gun again

-And this Shawn is for messing with my little brother and girlfriend - Nate smiles while Shane fires a perfect shot. They're both goners. Mitchie drops the smoking gun, standing silent over the bodies. A quiet moment when suddenly... a figure lunges at them . Both Mitchie and Shane and Nate scream in epic, final scare proportions as Mr. Torres leaps forward, still bound and gagged. Mitchie catches her breath, relaxing.

-Oh Daddy... -She rushes to him, untying him...while Shane goes to his brother , they hugged for a moment while Nate found the hidden camera .

The sun is shinning in the horizon while they got out of the house , the cops and ambulances are already there…Jack and Rene are alive with several cuts but being attended .

Nate helps Mitchie with her father and both of them go to the ambulance . This give Shane and Mitchie a moment alone .

-This is probably an inappropriate moment, but you think you'd want to maybe go out with me sometime... like on a real date?- Mitchie looks at him, dumbfounded.

-Maybe catch a concert?- A long moment as Mitchie's face goes from disbelief to resignation to the slight trace of a smile , she gets closer to him touching his bruises slightly still not believing that is him…it's Shane .

-Only if it's a Hannah Montana one .-she smiles .

-You got it.- he smiles at her offering his hand …they are finally back .



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