When she first heard about the possibility of going to a school that she could improve her musical talent, she immediately jumped for the opportunity. And now she found herself staring at a building which read 'Gorotsuki: School for the musical arts'. She was looking up, saying the title to herself several times. The building was huge and gated; she could see there were many other smaller buildings behind them. She took her suitcase, running up to the gates, grabbing them.

"There it is! My chance to show the world Sakura Haruno!" Sakura said to herself, her eyes light up staring at the school as if it was the most beautiful thing she has every seen.

"Well, I'll meet my goal if I never enter the place." She said tugging her case with her up to the gate. She pushed the gate a little, and to her surprise it opened. "Not very good security I guess." She thought to her self while walking up to the building. She put her hand to the door knob and gulped hard. "You can do this Sakura girl!" She inwardly encouraged herself. She pulled open the door and walked into the air conditioned room, which felt so nice on her skin.

She looked around the room a little; she immediately knew the room must have been the main office by the setup. She walked up to the desk where a girl with short black hair sat.

"Umm…Excuse me my names…" Sakura began but was cut off.

"Oh! Miss Haruno…" The girl looked up at Sakura.

"Uhh Yeah! How did you know my…"

"Not a lot of people applied had your pink hair." She said slightly laughing. Sakura immediately blushed, feeling embarrassed. She girl handed Sakura a packet of papers.

"There is a map of the school, your class schedule, room number along with a key. There is also a guide and over review of the classes you'll be taking, along with a rule sheet and probably anything else you'll need." The girl said smiling at Sakura.

"Thank You miss…" Sakura said trying to get the girls name.

"Shizune. If you need anything else that doesn't happen to be in the paper, please don't hesitate to ask." The girl said smiling again.

"Thanks again!" Sakura smiled back.

"No Problem." Shizune said getting back to whatever she was doing at her desk.

Sakura walked down the halls looking for room 67; which was the room she was assigned to. It took her quite awhile; she nearly walked into the boy's dorm rooms! That would have been a big mistake! "64, 65, 66…67!" She excitedly thought to herself as she found her room. She was kind of scared now, she knew she had a roommate and was worried what they where like. She silently prayed that the person wasn't an overly-friendly lesbian or a Satanist.

She sighed putting her hand to the door. "Well…there's no turning back now." Sakura encouraged herself as she usually did, opening the door.

She took a couple steps in, and immediately saw her roommate. She was a small pale girl, barely had a chest and extremely skinny, the sick type of skinny. She had long, silver-pale blonde hair; it was as long as Sakuras before she had cut it with full bangs. She also had a pair of light pink eyes with two grey circles descending from her pupil. She wore and knee length black dress outlined in hot pink and wore a grey shirt underneath it. She also had a dark pink ribbon wrapped around both her neck and wrists. To Sakura she looked like a porcelain doll.

"Erm…Hi…my names Sakura, Sakura Haruno, I'm your roommate." Sakura said to the girl, who just looked at Sakura. Sakura felt awkward with her just staring at her, and decided to take her suitcase to the open bed. She lifted it, placing it on her bed. She then sat, looking at the girl who was still staring at her.

"So, umm what's your name?" Sakura said trying to start conversation. The blonde looked away, sighing deeply.

"Chihiro Acheina." She said. "But, I would like you to know, I don't live up to my name like you do." She said looking at Sakura again. (A/N Chihiro means 1000 questions) "Man this sucks." The blonde said standing up walking over to her suitcase. Sakura immediately noticed that Chihiro was shorter than she had thought.

"Uh…Chihiro-san, how old are you?" Sakura said trying to start conversation once again.

"I'm 15." She said searching for something in her bag. "OH MY GOD! SHE'S 15?!" Sakura thought inwardly trying to get past the fact she was only 15."HELL YEAH! SHE LOOKS MORE LIKE SHE'S 10!!" Inner Sakura screamed.

"Why?" Sakura's thoughts where broke when Chihiro spoke to her. "How old did you THINK I was?!" She said turning slowly, with an angry tone.

"Oh well…You know…I just…" Sakura tried to find the words from preventing to make her new roommate kill her. But, just then, as luck would have it music started to blare. Chihiro turned around, and desperately tried to find the source of the noise. She finally found it was her cell found, and she had just received a text message. Sakura noticed the music that was playing.

"Is that Dead in the Water by Hawthorne Heights?!" Sakura asked Chihiro eagerly as Chihiro clicked off the song reading the text.

"Yeah. What of it?" Chihiro said looking at the cell phone.

"Nothing, I just love that song!" This shocked Chihiro, as she slowly looked up from the phone.

"Really? Me too." Chihiro said in a little happier tone. Sakura smiled at Chihiro, as Chihiro dropped her head once again looking at the text.

"Shit." Chihiro said through her teeth, looking at the text.

"What?" Sakura said as Chihiro put away the phone.

"Nothing, my brother and his crazy friend are coming that's all." Chihiro said lying back on the bed. Yup defiantly anorexic.

"You have a brother?" Sakura said trying to keep the conversation going.

"Eh, kinda. He's the same age as me but he's not my blood brother. He adopted me into his family, not literally because he can't legally adopt me we just lived together." Chihiro said in a bored tone.

"Oh…so he's kind of like your friend who you consider your brother?"

"Pretty much. He's a real prick though, very formal. His friend drives me nuts; he's always trying to get with me." Just then there was a knock on the door. Chihiro grunted as she pulled herself off her bed towards the door.

She opened the door revealing a red-haired man and a blonde-haired man with long hair. She let the two men come into the room.

"Sakura-san, this is my brother Sasori." Chihiro said gesturing towards the red-head.

"Pleased to meet you." Sasori said slightly smiling.

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