After the class ended, everyone began to talk which was really quite annoying when you're trying to think. 'How am I going to ask? I barely know him…' Sakura thought to herself as she sat in her seat, deep in thought. As she thought, Deidara moved over to where she and Chihiro where sitting.

"Hey Ch-" Deidara began saying raising his hand to wave to them when Ino cut him off.

"Oh Deidara-kun!" Ino said standing up placing her hand on the other table so Deidara couldn't pass through. Deidara stopped in his tracks and gave the girl a brief disgusted look.

"Oh hey Ino-san can I ge-" He began dropping his hands when Ino cut him off once again.

"I was wondering Dei-kun, would you like to do the Saezuru Singing contest with me?" She asked ever so sweetly. 'She is so fake' Sakura thought to herself.

"Well, um, I'd love to un" He lied through his teeth. "But I'm already doing the contest with Chihiro un." Sakura laughed slightly to herself, as Chihiro slowly stood up.

"What?!" Ino almost yelled. Chihiro lightly placed her hand on Ino's arm, pushing it downward so she could pass, which she dropped. Chihiro walked passed and they both walked away together out of the class room. They saw Chihiro whisper something to Deidara who then started laughing out loud. Sakura stood up and walked next to Ino who was in shock.

"They really are a cute couple." Sakura smirked at Ino, who returned the comment with a death glare. Sakura chuckled and proceeded to go to the rest of her classes till lunch break.

'Let's see…131, 132, 133, 134!' Sakura thought to herself as she stopped in front of the boy's room. Quickly she knocked and waited for Sasori to answer the door. She heard many sounds from the other side of the door; footsteps, door closing, something failing against a drum set and muffled 'fuck'. 'Maybe I should come back later…' She thought turning to walk to her room when the door opened. She turned, not ready for what her eyes laid upon.

There Sasori was, hair dripping wet and the only thing to cover him was a towel wrapped around his waist. (A/N: ZOMG! FAN GIRL MOMENT xD) A blush as red as Sasori's hair spread across Sakura's face. 'HE'S SO HOTT!' She thought to herself.

"Ah! GOMEN! I shoul-" Sakura started to panic.

"Don't worry about it, come in." He said calmly stepping aside for Sakura to come in. Sakura hesitated at first, she wasn't too comfortable about being in a room…alone…with someone practically naked, but she finally did. Sasori closed the door and walked over to Sakura.

Awkward Silence.

"I'm going to put something more appropriate on, wait here for a moment." Sasori said breaking the silence walking to the bathroom.

"O-Okay." She stuttered as Sasori closed the door. As she waited, she decided to snoop. Many pictures where so neatly setup. She observed them, most of them where of Sasori and other people. 'Geeze, he's a really popular guy…' She thought to herself, till she got to this one frame. It wasn't a picture, more of just a quote, it read; 'Forgetfulness is the same as Ignorance'. It was so plainly written in black, she wondered why Sasori would have something so dull when all of his other portraits where so elegant.

Her curiosity got the better of her. She picked up the small frame, another picture that must have been on the inside, slipped out. She picked up the picture and observed it. It was a very detailed pencil drawing of a girl with long flowing her in an evening gown on a balcony, the scary thing was it looked a lot like her.

"Sakura." Sakura's whole heart sank. She turned around, still holding the picture and the frame. Sasori slowly raised his hand grabbing the picture from Sakura. He walked over to his bed stand, opened it and gently set the picture in it.

"Please, never touch that again."

"I'm so-"

"No apology needed. I would just like that picture to not be handled; it holds a dear memory to me." Sasori turned to face Sakura and started walking towards her, then sat down on Deidara's bed (A/N: It was closer to her than his). Sakura set the frame back where she found it and sat down next to Sasori.

"Now…where should I start…" He brought a finger to his lips in a thinking pose.

"How about the beginning." Sakura suggested. Sasori looked at her.

"Alright; well you see, my parents died when I was really young so I was raised by my Grandmother but she was always so busy that we hardly got to do anything together…" Sakura nodded, understanding.

"So some days I would leave and to other cities for days without her even noticing. One day, I went to a very rough part of my city. Since I am born into a rich family, I had never been into the rough part of the city. That's where I met Chihiro and another girl named Sachi, that's the girl in that picture, she was my age…" Sasori paused for a brief moment. "Sachi and I where lovers." Sakura's eyes widened.

"Wh-What happened to her?" She asked, trying not to hurt his feelings.

"I'll get to that; Chihiro's parents where abusive and treated her like she was nothing. One time they even tried to burn her alive. Sachi had been abandoned by her parents; we where all hurting, we became friends rather quickly. We thought it would last forever; until that faithful day…Sachi get caught in the cross fire of a drug deal gone bad and was killed instantly. So Chihiro and I did something very stupid…"

"Wh-What was that?"

"We preformed witchcraft to make us live forever…"

"Did it work?" Sakura asked curious.

"Yes, but there is a downfall…"

"What would that be…?"

"The farther we get away from our significant other, we lose all feeling. Basically, we turn into human puppets…Once we find our significant other and admit our feelings to them, we can turn back into human…"

"That's horrible!"

"Yes, and that is why Chihiro cuts herself, to know if she still has feeling. It was the worst mistake I would ever make…A year and a half later, I met Deidara in another town. Half a year later, he came to live with me and my grandmother. Chihiro ran away from home a few weeks later to live with us. That was about 3 years ago…"



"So you need to find your destined other?"


"How will you know when its them?" Sasori shrugged.

"That is why Chihiro cuts herself, if she can feel she is near them, but if she can't he is farther away."




"May I ask you not to tell anyone? Deidara doesn't even know"

"Yes, I promise."

"Good…Hmm…Have you ever gone clubbing before Sakura?"


"Would you like to go clubbing with me tomorrow evening?" Sakura blushed, he had just blankly asked her out!

"Su-Sure…" Sasori smiled at Sakura, making her blush more. He chuckled at this.

"Um..I have to go, I have one more class…"She said standing up feeling very uncomfortable and walking to the door.

"Alright, see you tomorrow Sakura…" With that, she walked out of the door, leaning against it let everything she had just heard set in. Then it hit her, she forgot to ask him to sing with her. 'Fuck. Well, I guess I will just ask him tomorrow.' She thought, then walked to her last class.

This chapter was a real rollercoaster! I told you all it would have all going on xD I was actually going to write their clubbing date in this chapter but then it would be TOO long, so the next chapter; Sasori and Sakura go on their first date! How will it turn out?