A/N: New story! YAY! Takes place after Breaking Dawn, so obviously there's some spoiler action going on. I noticed at the end Leah didn't get a happy ending like everyone else, so I made her one! It's way better if you ask me, so yeah.

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Pain. Gripping, shocking, brain-blowing.

That's what I felt when Jake told me he had imprinted. Okay, so we all knew the kid was messed up. But to imprint on your "true love's" DAUGHTER? What the hell was up with THAT? Can we say "eew!" here?!

Little did Mr. Tear-your-heart-out-and-watch-you-bleed know is that he's not the only one who imprinted. Yeah, that's right. I'm a masochist too. I freakin' imprinted on a guy who's fixated on the half-vampire spawn of two full vampires! I mean, come on, stick with your own species for crying out loud!

It's just that no one understands me as well as Jacob. He was a great leader when he wanted to be, loyal, honest even when you didn't want to hear it, and so many other things! He took care of me and my brother. He helped me out with Sam. We both empathized and helped each other with the pain; mine being with weird, wolfy imprinting, and him with being rejected time after time. Both problems went deep. Only Jake would go as far as that. It made me feel loved again.

I first realized my insanely stupid love for Jacob when we went running together for the first time. The sun shone brighter than it ever had, the breaths I took were deeper, my veins rushed with flowing life. My body and soul was all tied to him. I was no longer earth-bound. I was werewolf-bound.

Damn. And here I was trying to avoid those darn labels.

I will forever be known as "Leah: The masochistic werewolf who no one loves." How's that for a catchy title, huh? I think it's pretty snazzy myself. God knows it's true. Actually, everyone knows it's true. It's happened twice now. I'm never good enough for anyone and I will never will be. Shame. I was going to get a kick out of Sam and Jake's expressions when they found out someone loved me. Not that they will now. Because there's nothing to find out. Because now I've imprinted and there's no going back. I'm in it to win it.

So, I'm setting myself up for another whirlwind of pain. Jake didn't love me like that. Probably not at all. You ask me how I know? I'm in his head all the time, remember?

I'm going to be stuck all alone in this rotting town with my brother, who WILL get married and imprint and all that crap. But for now, I'll be Jacob's friend. What else can I do, right? I already know he's imprinted on someone else. Like he said, I'll just be waiting on the sidelines. Ooh, sounds fun, no? I'm depressed. I need to go run, blow off some steam.

Leah: The masochistic werewolf, out.

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