Edward's Equal The Twilight version of The King's Equal Summary: Basically this is the Twilight version of the fairy Tale the Kings Equal everyone's human and slightly OOC

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Chapter 1: The Blessing

Once upon time in a kingdom far away there was an old king named Carlisle who lay dying. He was a good ruler, honest and fair and his subjects were saddened to learn that he would soon be leaving them. However the king's subjects were more concerned with the fact that Carlisle's son Prince Edward would take control after the kings passing. Edward was handsome, rich, and very well educated like a prince should be. The King had assembled tutors from all over the world to teach him the people should have been happy to have him as their ruler instead they were fearful for he was also arrogant, greedy, selfish, and rude.
"Look at his hands" the subjects whispered to one another "see the grasp of one who thinks everyone else's goods are his to take." "Look at his mouth" they said "and see the sneer of a man who believes everyone else to be incompetent"
"look at his eyes" they said "and see the cold glare of a man who looks down upon those poorer than he and cares for no one except himself" and so it was that these whispers and fears eventually reached the ears of the king.
So in order to allay the fears of his subjects Carlisle called Edward and his two most trusted council members Emmett and Jasper into his chambers. "My dear son" the king began "when I die you must rule the kingdom for that is the law and it can't be changed. So with these final words I give you my blessing"
"Well it's about time!" Edward sneered The king continued "you will rule the kingdom when I die but you won't become king and wear my crown until you marry a woman whom you admit is your equal in wealth,
intellingence, and beauty"
Edward stood in shocked silence for five seconds before exploding "WHAT?" he cried "that;s no blessing it's a curse! How do you expect me to find a woman who is equal to me in every possible way? I demand you take back this blessing!" but before the king could say anything more he took one last shaky breath then holding his wife Esme's hand he died.When asked if there would be a period in which to mourn the beloved old king Edward merely snapped"No tell everyone to go back to work there will be plenty of time for a holdiay when I become king"
and so with heavy hearts Emmett and Jasper announced there would be no period of mourning for King Carlisle. The people were saddened by this but took comfort in the possibility that Edward may never find a wife.
Let alone declare her to be his equal.

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