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When they got to the palace Edward had the three of them use the servants entrance. When people took a good look at the way they were dressed they were sure to be sent out. As they passed the kitchen they heard singing it was one of the songs the wolf had taught them. Pushing the door open a crack they peeked in to see Bella with her sleeves rolled up her face pink form the heat singing softly as she was making bread. Upon seeing their friend the girls eagerly ran in to embrace her while Edward stayed back in the shadows. For he could never even hope to be half as glorious as she was, here he was standing in his own kitchen dressed as a Sheppard while she lit up the entire kitchen with her heavenly glow. Her eyes traveled over to where Edward was standing and a smile lit up her face Edward she spoke in her musical voice has the year gone by already? I brought the girls to you just as you wished was his only reply. She started to go towards him when she stopped oh she said as a light blush crept onto her face I forgot my circlet. You are even more beautiful than I remembered" he spoke softly with a reverent tone creeping into his voice. She laughed and said I don t know about that but maybe it is you who has changed yes he replied excitedly as he thought of the mountain and all that had transpired there over the last year yes the mountain has changed me I have found friends and I ve learned so much " he trailed off as Bella crossed the room over to him and gently stroked his hair a man who has friends she whispered so only he could hear truly is rich yes he replied as he stroked her cheek lovingly I see that now, I also see that I am not quite as handsome or wise as I once thought I was. I wish I had something to give to you that could show my appreciation for all you have taught me, but as you can see have brought nothing with me except Rosalie and Alice and they are your friends to begin with. As he turned to leave the kitchen and go to his chambers he said I almost forgot the wolf sends you his love before he could take another step Bella was in his arms her soft hands gently wrapping around his waist don t leave she said to him please and with that he leaned down and kissed her. Ever since he had seen her that first night Edward had dreamed of holding her in this way, of kissing her. It was the thought of this moment that had kept him going the last year. Now that it had finally come, it was better than he ever could have imagined. His every thought,action,and movement now was focused on Bella. Her scent her warmth her blush, her everything. When the two finally broke apart she looked up at him sheepishly with a light blush on her cheeks ducking her head she turned to go. "Wait" Edward called "Don't go"

Edward and Bella were married that very night in the castle and were crowned king and queen of the entire realm. As for Rosalie and Alice they too were married in time to Prince Edward's Two closest advisors Emmett and Jasper. The kingdom became peaceful and prosperous again and remained that way for many years to come Although to this day it is rumoured that when the first snow of the year comes King Edward,Queen Isabella,and even their children after them go off into the mountains to visit an old friend.
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