Rainy Nights

Rainy nights in Winchester, such as these, were not safe for a girl like the one wandering around now. She was maybe around 10, even she didn't know, but it was somewhere around that. No matter her age she was still very under-nourished and small, probably no more than 4"3', 4"5' at the most. Her white blond hair had not been cut in many years, it now hung around her mid thigh very unevenly. Nor had her hair been washed, so she looked more like a brunette then a blond, but it still slightly showed. Her eyes were blood shot so badly the green coloring was hardly visible. But it was there.

She approached the towering wrought-iron fence and looked to the other side. She could she shelter! There was a piece of the roof of an old building sticking out, away from the building creating a space where the down pour of rain couldn't get at her. She worked her way slowly around the fence finding the entrance. When she did, she didn't like what she saw. There was a huge electrical lock on the door. It was a simple number code but without the number she couldn't get in and this was no cheap lock. Hitting it with a rock would only work to get off the cover.

And thats what she did. With one good bang the cover fell to the ground and the inner workings were exposed. Wires criss-crossed everywhere in every color, as she had thought it would be it was complicated. Her fingers worked quickly pulling at the wires and taking certain ones out of their attachments all together. After about only a minute of tweaking the gate swung open quietly and racked against the fence as it hit it.

She snook silently on to the property and closed the gate behind her. No one would need to know she was here. She would leave early in the morning before anyone could find her at her hiding spot. She circled back to where she had seen her spot and something was there that wasn't there before. A roll up mat and inexpensive sleeping bag were rolled out as if waiting for her. Who could have known she was there? She didn't care about that at the moment. She had a dry place to sleep and if someone saw her coming and put out a bed they obviously didn't care if she slept there.

She lay down in the warm sleeping bag and was asleep in seconds. A shadow emerged from around the corner of the building and sat down beside her.


An old man stared out the window of his old run down orphanage for the gifted. Outside that window he saw his next candidate. A thin, blond haired girl. She was completely lost and alone. He could tell she had caught sight of their make-shift rain shelter, a glimmer of hope for those smart enough to get inside the premises. She made her way to the gate of the orphanage and the elderly man followed, watching her through various windows. She made quick work of the sophisticated lock. This was obviously the next candidate for L's successor.

"Near. Would you mind going to place those sleeping things out under the ledge." The old man commanded. A young boy, probably the same age as the girl he was going to help, got off the ground. He had a little toy robot in his hand which he dropped to pick up a rolled up mat and sleeping bag. He stepped out of the room closely followed by the man himself.

As the girl let her head rest on the ground to sleep, the man stepped around the corner of the building.

"Yes, you are next in line."