Hinata opened her eyes. She looked out through the window opposite to her bed.


She felt Sasukes chakra to her right side and turned her head. He was looking at her with eyes too hard to read. She was not in her room, and did not recognize her surroundings. She gave a mental shrug and realized that she really couldn't care less at the moment. She laid back and stared at the white ceiling. Her mind was still empty.

She sat up and looked at Sasuke. He just kept on looking back. Though the silence between them wasn't all that bad, she thought. It wasn't tense, nor was it empty like it had been with Tsunade. She knew that he understood her and what was on her mind. It was always nice to know one wasn't alone, especially when you thought you had lost everything. She had thought 

that the entire village had been destroyed at first. She sighed with both relief and sorrow. It was still a loss to great to fathom.

'Twilight', she thought once more.

Sasuke looked at her like he could hear every thought she was thinking. She looked away, eyes scanning the floor. Her eyes got caught on a small, blue jigsaw piece. She furrowed her brows. Sasuke just did not seem like a man who laid jigsaws. Then she heard an ever so tiny knock on the door, and it carefully opened. And what Hinata saw made her smile.

A small child, eyes on the floor, quietly stepped inside the room. Hinata couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl, but from its length it was probably four or five years old. When it spoke, Hinata felt heartbroken, the voice was so small and lost. It brought her thoughts to what she had been like when she was a child.

"Daddy? A piece of the sky is missing, have you seen it daddy? We can't find it anywhere..." Hinatas heart melted. Sasuke quickly took a look around the room, found the blue jigsaw piece, picked it up and handed it to the small child who looked up at his father with joyful eyes. Sasuke smiled. Hinata frowned.

'Sasuke smiles?'

He picked the child up and gave it, or him, as Hinata saw now, a loving hug. Sasuke looked so different. He looked... happy? And who was this child? Sasuke wasn't married, and he hadn't adopted anyone, she would have found out about that, no question. Then the child's voice broke her thoughts.

"Thank you daddy," he said with a small happy voice. "And daddy, who is she? May I say hi?" He met her eyes but quickly looked back at his father with a questioning look on his face. "And what happened to her eyes? Are they like yours and mine daddy?" Sasuke looked at Hinata as if asking permission, and when she nodded, he turned to the little boy again.

"Yes Itachi, her eyes are like mine, and yours, except for that she belongs to the Hyuuga clan and their eyes are white, not red. And they can see anything." He paused and little Itachi gave a little squeak of excitement.

"Anything daddy, anything? Through doors to?" He smiled at her happily.

"Yes Itachi, even through doors. Now, would you like to say hi?" Itachi nodded enthusiastically, and Sasuke put him down on the bed next to Hinata who had sat herself up.

"Hi," he said shyly. She smiled at him.

"Hi," she said in return.

"My name is Itachi, what's your name?" He asked, blushing slightly.

"My name is Hinata," Hinata said with her sweetest voice. "How old are you?" Itachi blushed a bit more.

"I am this old next week..," he said and held out a hand showing five fingers. Hinata smiled softly again.

'He was so adorable...'

"Well, then you're soon a big boy then! I hope you have a happy birthday." He smiled happily and hugged his father tightly.

"Daddy said he'd get me a present! I have the best daddy in the world..." Hinata felt a sting inside but didn't show it. She suddenly realized how much those lessons with Ibiki really had meant. She would have to thank him later. So thanks to Ibiki, Hinata just kept smiling.

"I'm sure you do Itachi, wait, I might have something for you right now..." She looked through the pockets of her jacket that was hanging on the armchair beside the bed, and she smiled when she found it. "Here you go Itachi... Happy birthday!" His eyes looked with wonder at the little ball of glass she held in her hand. She had originally bought it for Hanabi, but since she was gone and Hinata already had one, she might as well give it away. She handed it to Itachi, who carefully accepted it. He looked from it to her and to his father.

"What does it do?" He asked, knowing there'd be an interesting answer to it. Hinata smiled at his cleverness.

"Do you see the dust inside it?" She asked, and he nodded, anticipation all over his face, Sasuke smiling with amusement. "Shake it with all your might, and see what happens." And he did, and it started to glow. He squeaked a happy little squeak as he saw how the dust made its own little storm and sent light dancing on the wall in the white room. Then the dust in the glowing glass-ball started to make figures on the wall, cats and dogs and bunnies playing, seemingly running on the walls. Itachi gasped, unable to speak a word or tear his eyes from the walls. Sasuke looked from him to Hinata.

"You're spoiling him," he said with amusement in his voice, glancing around the walls. "But he sure loves it..." And so, Sasuke smiled, again. A calm smile that went all the way to his eyes. "You know Itachi; it's time for a nap now. Come on." And though Itachi sighed, he started to climb onto his father again, but stopped. He turned to Hinata and gave her a big hug, which Hinata returned warmly. She could feel him smiling on her shoulder, and then he whispered 

"Thank you Hinata-chan," quiet as ever, and climbed back to his father, still smiling. Sasuke looked at him.

"I assume you thanked Hinata-chan for that, yes?" Itachi nodded, as did Hinata. "Good Itachi. I will be back soon Hinata; I just need to put him to bed." She nodded and laid back down in bed.

'That was really quiet strange... but what a lovely child. Though I'm quite surprised that he would name a child after his brother. And who is that child anyway? This is all just quite... strange.'

Her thoughts were once again broken by the sound of the door opening, but unlike what she had expected, it wasn't Sasuke who came through the door. It was another child. A little girl who looked the same age as Itachi.

'What on earth is going on here?'

The child stopped dead in its tracks and dropped her jaw when she saw her. Hinata had no idea of what to do, so she just sat up on her bed.

"Um..." Hinata said. "My name is Hinata; I'm your father's friend. Don't worry, everything is safe, I won't hurt you..." The child seemed to relax a little, but still didn't move.

"You know daddy? You know where he is? I can't find him and it's getting dark... I don't like the dark..." She looked at the window, and Hinata smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, come on. I'll help you find him." She got out of her bed slowly and offered her hand to the child, who instead reached both of hers up towards Hinata. "Alright," Hinata said as she lifted the girl up and held her in her arms. "So, what's your name then?" The little girl yawned a little and leaned her head on Hinatas shoulder.

"Tomo, what's your name?"

"Hinata," answered Hinata softly. Then she started to walk out of the room. "Tell me Tomo, do you sleep in the same room as your brother?" Tomo nodded her head. "But they thought I was asleep on daddy's bed so they forgot all about me..." She sounded sad.

"Tomo, they didn't forget, don't worry. Can you show the way to your room? Daddy is in there." The little girl nodded and pointed to a door on the left.

"That one," she said sleepily. Hinata nodded.

"Thank you Tomo." She knocked softly the white door before she opened it quietly. Sasuke had just put Itachi to bed. He looked at her in confusion, and then realized what was going on.

He pointed to the right side of the bed that was still made and Hinata gently put Tomo down, who was already sleeping. Sasuke waited by the door and closed it behind them when they were outside. He looked at her as if nothing had happened.

"Tea?" He asked her in a voice that revealed nothing. She wanted to laugh at him, but it seemed all her laugh was gone.

"Sure Sasuke-sempai." A sudden flash of memory hit her. She was the only one who got to call him sempai, and it had its reasons. (A/N You'll see why later on, don't rush it...)

They walked down the long corridor to the kitchen. It wasn't quite as white as the old Hyuuga-manor, but still very, very white. The kitchen was just as white as the rest of the house, beside the fridge that was covered in crayon pictures. Now she smiled. She really couldn't help it.

Then she had her second realization that day. She was hot. Not as in hot, (A/N you pervo people out there...), but she had a fever. And a headache, a terrible headache. Once again, it seemed like Sasuke could read her thoughts. He put the cup of tea in front of her and told her that it was made from herbs that would bring her fever down. She nodded and thanked him. This was all so strange in her own head.

He sat across the table from her, studying her with his piercing black eyes. Then he suddenly spoke.

"So, what are you going to do?" He knew she wasn't one for small talk. He knew she was just as annoyed by not getting straight to the point as he was. Even though they had never been friends, he knew her through work. She didn't take shit, she didn't fool around, and she was one of the few people in the world that held Sasukes respect.

She had surpassed almost everybody at everything, and never made a deal about it. Not even the day she beat Neji for everybody to see the day he'd challenged her. She was easily on the same level as Naruto and himself, she'd passed Tsunades healing abilities as a medic and her chakra-control had long passed Sakuras. No wonder everybody in ANBU was begging for her to be on their team. It was close to impossible to fail any mission with her around, and when she and that Nara boy worked together, it seemed like nothing could ever go wrong. Though it had been a long way to get there, he knew it. Everybody knew it. Her training sessions made rock lee look like he went easy on himself. It was quite amazing. He was broken off his line of thoughts when she answered him in a cool, steady voice.

"I am going to kill them."

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