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The Switching Plate

Optimus stood staring across the desert with Scavenger, Hot Shot, and Blurr. It was like every other time that they found themselves in the middle of nowhere. They had gotten the alarm that a minicon had been found. Alexis pointed them in the right direction, but nothing seemed to be here. It was a barren wasteland. As they peered, apparently Megatron had gotten the signal too, because here he was with Thrust, Sideways, Starscream and Wheeljack. Hot Shot instantly growled at seeing Wheeljack there. Even though they used to be friends, Hot Shot still was determined not only to bring Wheeljack down, but to make him pay for tempting Sideswipe's fate at the old factory where he had him chained.

As the Decepticons closed in, knowing there was a minicon around here somewhere, Prime took in who all was there, and he didn't see the other Decepticons anywhere at first. Cyclonus and Demolisher weren't far off, as always and Tidal Wave was back at the base. They hadn't brought him because he was under extensive repair due to an accident at the base on the moon.

"Megatron, I figured I would find you here," Optimus called out to the other leader.

"I would never pass up the chance to get my hands on a minicon, Optimus," And Megatron raised his hand, "Decepticons, attack!" he called, "I know the location of the minicon! Demolisher, retrieve it!"

Optimus and Megatron went head to head, and this was nothing new. Both happily going about beating the scrap out of each other and throwing insults, although Optimus was always more timid in the way he went about attacking Megatron. He wanted to offline him, but he saw no reason to be brutal about it.

As the two fought, Starscream went for Hot Shot, who was aiming his weapon at Wheeljack, knocking the younger bot on his aft. Hot Shot recovered quickly, turning to aim at Starscream as he called Jolt to his aid, he came around for another go, his weapons on full as he fired wildly. The battle became very heated, very quickly and both of them called for reinforcements. Red Alert arrived with the kids and Jetfire and Sideswipe who was determined to go just to help Hot Shot, his idol.

The ever sure Thrust spoke, "With this tactical advantage, we will get the minicon, with no problem," He announced to Cyclonus who was firing at Red Alert. Red Alert was busy with the kids, protecting them as he dodged incoming fire. The fight seemed to be going even the Decepticon's way, and Demolisher had managed to get the minicon they were after. He grabbed it and called to Megatron that he had it, but as Megatron went to engage the warp gate, something happened. Something much unexpected. There was a whirlpool of light above all of them, and the surprised caused everyone to stop fighting and suddenly look up. The bright light changed colors several times and then just like that it disappeared, blue sky taking its place as if nothing happened. What no one had realized is something different about many of the Decepticons and Autobots alike.

Hot Shot had Wheeljack pinned, preparing for a point blank fire when suddenly he stopped immediately to find someone who he had never seen under his grasp. Wheeljack was no longer the black Decepticon that he was engaging, but this white, green and red colored bot, his chest and he was no longer wearing the Decepticon Insignia. On his shoulders were rather large shoulder mounted cannons. In fact, both insignias was gone off of his chest altogether and he pulled up off of Wheeljack, who looked dumbfounded around, curious where he was, when he was and what in Primus was going on.

Starscream was also gone, and this white F-15 jet was in his place, flying low, and out of confusion or a possible sudden glitch had crashed to the ground, getting the attention of Thrust, who was no longer the tactician they had in the first place, but a maroon and dark grey jet of unknown origin, who also crashed from the sky.

From where Megatron and Optimus were standing, Sideswipe was no longer a blue bot, but instead he was red, had the hood of a Lamborghini on his chest, and was looking around confused, the large cannon on his shoulder was still smoking from a recent firing. Blurr, who had been prepared to fire on Starscream, was also gone, and in his place was a smaller bot, light blue in color, and he was also looking around perplexed.

It was if the entire world had come to a standstill as everyone looked at each other. Curious if the other was hostile or not, who they were and why they were.

The kids who were being protected by Red Alert, found themselves under the body of a grey and red guy who was about the same height as Sideswipe. He wasn't sure why he was cowering, and he stood up, not even seeing the children, looking around at all of the transformers in front of them, paranoia setting in hard. Cyclonus, who had been firing at Red Alert was now down in the sand, and instead of a helicopter type being there, it was some kind of futuristic jet of types.

Things had gotten a whole lot more confusing, and Optimus and Megatron both looked around at their soldiers, "What is going on around here?" Megatron asked, backing a step away from Optimus to survey his troops.

Sideswipe was rubbing his head as he looked around, curious where they were and what had happened, "Wheeljack, you dolt!" he cried out, and Wheeljack looked to him, tilting his head before taking in all of the others around him, "What? It was supposed to just blow up the Decepticon Space Bridge!"

"Well it didn't just blow it up, instead, it blew us somewhere else!"

Wheeljack moved quickly, looking to all of the new Transformers who were looking back at him just as curious. With all of the confusion, it was Optimus and Megatron who backed away, looking at each other and then back at all of the others. What had just happened?

"Uh guys? What's going on?" Carlos asked from beside Red Alert's foot. Red Alert suddenly looked down, raising his foot from near the one who spoke, a bit surprised, "Who are you?"

"The question is who are you?" Rad asked as he brushed himself off. Alexis looked at all of the new bots, unsure of even what to say.

"Decepticons, retreat!" Megatron called, knowing full well that in the confusion they could get their asses handed to them, but it seemed that the Autobots had some confusion of their own. And he vanished. Starscream, Cyclonus, and Thrust all vanished, leaving the Autobots standing there.

The minicons were also confused, looking at these new guys who were just almost dumbfounded, beeping and twittering at them curiously, "Wheeljack, where are we?" Sideswipe asked, looking around.

"You're on Earth," Optimus suddenly said, finally curious himself who these Autobots were.

"Who are you!?" Sideswipe suddenly asked, noticing the red and blue leader for the first time.

"I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots,"

Wheeljack, Blurr, Red Alert and Sideswipe all glanced at each other, then back at Optimus, "You… you can't be Optimus Prime!" Wheeljack suddenly said, "Although you do resemble him in a lot of ways,"

Optimus regarded the engineer curiously, wondering where he had come up with that notion, "Where are you from?"

"Earth," all of the replied almost simultaneously.

Red Alert moved from the children, walking over to where Wheeljack was standing, "What have you done now, Wheeljack?"

"Where are we? I mean, we aren't at home, so that means we are somewhere else, and if we are somewhere else, it might be dangerous, and if it's dangerous then we are in trouble!" Blurr suddenly babbled.

"Shut up, Blurr!" Sideswipe chided, man that bot talked too much sometimes.

"For crying out loud," Rad suddenly spoke, getting the attention of all of the Autobots, "Why don't we get back to base and figure out what is going on? The Decepticons got that last minicon, anyways,"

Optimus nodded, and engaged the transporter drive, bringing all of them back to the base, where they stood in the transporter chamber, staring at each other. Wheeljack, Blurr, Sideswipe and Red Alert didn't move. They weren't sure what was going on at all, and were also staring at the minicons and the kids, "Where is Spike?"

"Who?" Scavenger asked suddenly.

"Our human friends, where are they?"

"Wait," Optimus suddenly said, "Who are you guys and where are my soldiers?" He didn't miss that all of them had the Autobot insignia, including Wheeljack, who was supposed to be a Decepticon now.

Wheeljack decided to answer, "Well, I had made a special plasma bomb to blow up the Decepticon space bridge, and instead of that, we found ourselves here."

"Space Bridge?" Jetfire asked.

"Listen, all I know is that I was prepared to fire on Screamer and poof, next thing I know, I am standing in the desert with you freaks!"

"Freaks!? Who are you calling freaks, you overgrown red tin can?" Alexis suddenly asked. The minicons, confused but curious went up to the new Autobots, looking at them strangely, they beeped and twittered, but none of them understood what they were saying. Wheeljack leaned down to have a look at Highwire tilting his head as his fins flashed, "Well what are you, little guy?" Highwire tilted his head at Wheeljack and beeped again.

"They're called Minicons," Rad answered looking up at the Engineer, the fins on his head that flashed was rather interesting to see. Wheeljack looked to Rad, "And you are…?"

"My name is Rad,"

"I'm Carlos!"

"And you can call me Alexis." The girl stood next to Optimus, staring up at the new giants.

Both Billy and Fred stood further away from the fray, curious to the newcomers, but yet as always they were suspicious, "Billy and Fred here!"

"Well, Alexis," Wheeljack said with a hint of amusement, "I am Wheeljack, Engineer for Optimus Prime,"

Hot Shot's mouth about fell to the floor, "No way, man, the Wheeljack I know is now a Decepticon!"

"You know someone named Wheeljack also? Isn't that strange," Wheeljack commented. These humans and Autobots sure were weird.

"And you," Optimus looked to the other Newcomer Autobots, "You names?"

"My name is Red Alert, head security officer for the Autobots, stationed on the Ark," Red said as he peered around the base, immediately noticing how bad the security was.

"What's the Ark?" Scavenger asked.

"My name is Sideswipe, Autobot Assassin, at your service." Sideswipe answered with a grin.

"The Ark is the ship we crash landed with on earth a few million years ago. We were woken in 1984 when the volcano became active." Wheeljack supplied.

Assassin? "Since when do the Autobots need an assassin?" Rad asked.

"It doesn't look like we are in Kansas anymore, Dorothy," Sideswipe mumbled.

"Since Megatron – Galvatron, whatever," Sideswipe answered casually, "Speaking of which, I wonder if the space bridge blew up like it was supposed to," Sideswipe gave a sharp side glance at Wheeljack who shrugged.

"Well hopefully it did, because if it didn't, Shockwave will get a really big load of Energon, and if they get that, then the Autobots stationed there are doomed, doomed, doomed I tell you!"

"Blurr shut your trap, already!" Sideswipe glared.

"You know, these guys all seem to have the same names of the soldiers that disappeared. Blurr, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Red Alert." Hot Shot said as he looked at them all.

"Well, I am not sure what has happened, but I will get on it to fix it as soon as I can get my hands on another Negifier."

"A what?" Optimus asked.

"A Negifier. The main piece I used to make the weapon,"

"Uh, good luck with that," Carlos said as he scratched the back of his head.

"This is all too weird," Rad said, watching the new Autobots curiously.

"Yeah, and I have a feeling it's gonna get a whole lot weirder." Alexis chimed as she typed away on her computer, using the main computer to bring up information on the new Autobots, and reading it all silently.

Jetfire looked at all of the new Autobots, "What is your purpose?"

"Our purpose? To stop Megatron from getting the Energon he needs to take over the Universe!" Sideswipe answered quickly.

"Well, at least our goals are the same," Optimus deadpanned, "except with the Energon."

"What do you mean?" Wheeljack asked.

"Well we are trying to stop him from getting the Minicons," the leader said gently, "If he manages to get his hands on them, he will use them to take over the universe, and we have a job to do, liberate them all."

"What exactly are Minicons?" Sideswipe asked, looking at the smaller bots curiously.

"They are smaller bots from Cybertron, used for millennia to help with Cybertron, but the Decepticons only use them as slaves, and think nothing more of them. Tools for war. They don't want to be used as such, so it is our job to free them." Optimus supplied, "Some can form larger weapons, which reminds me, Starscream disappeared with the Star Saber Sword."

"The what?" Red Alert asked.

"The strongest weapon in the universe, beside the Requiem Blaster and the Sky Boom shield," Jetfire explained.

"Megatron has the Requiem Blaster, so thankfully that wasn't teleported to wherever they went,"

"Starscream will be unstoppable with the Star Saber Sword," Scavenger commented, noting that wherever the menace had gone, he had a lot of power.

"So, You mean to tell me that these tiny little transformers help you in war?" Sideswipe asked, reaching a hand out to Highwire, who regarded him curiously.

"Not by choice," Jetfire said, "these ones help us knowing there is no other way to stop the Decepticons."

"Man, if they were teleported to our world, things are gonna get really messy," Sideswipe said, leaning up to give Optimus a look.

Beep? Highwire stared up at the new Autobots curiously.

"If Starscream has the Star Saber Sword, and he uses it against the Autobots and he doesn't have the Sky Boom shield to protect them, then the Decepticons are going to win the war, hands down. If they win the war, then the Autobots will lose, and if-"

"Shut up!" Sideswipe growled at Blurr, who lowered his head.

"Did he over-energize on too much sugar?" Alexis asked, looking up at the young bot who they called Blurr.

"No," Wheeljack sighed, "He's always like that,"

"Well look at it this way, at least this 'Blurr' is more talkative," Carlos grinned, trying to make light of the situation.

Wheeljack gave Carlos a pitiful look. If only he knew how annoying Blurr really was, he wouldn't be saying that, "At any rate," Wheeljack started, "we need to get back home,"

"Yeah, and get our guys back!" Rad suddenly said, "I wonder what happened to the Decepticons? I saw a few of them different when they disappeared."

"Yeah, I think Thrust, Starscream and Cyclonus ended up coming through also." Red Alert said.

"I am concerned for our other comrades," Optimus said, turning slightly, "Wheeljack, do you think that they are where you were?"

Wheeljack shrugged, "It's quite possible, but I don't know for sure,"

Back at the Decepticon base on the moon, Megatron was livid. He was sitting in his seat, staring down at the three transformers that were still in their alt modes, apparently still offline. Sideways was standing over them, curious where they had come from and who they were.

"Any way to wake them up?"

"I'm looking now, sir," Sideways answered, then thoughtfully leaned down and grabbed the nose of the F-15 fighter, which abruptly woke him. He transformed and stood there, bewildered, "Where are we?" his screechy voice asked.

"On the moon of Earth," Megatron answered, "Who are you?"

"My name is Starscream, second in command of the Decepticons!" Starscream answered, "And just who are you?" he asked the behemoth who was in front of him.

"I am Megatron!" the leader answered, "Where did you come from? Where are my soldiers?"

Demolisher meandered up next to Cyclonus and Thrust, he picked up Cyclonus and as he did. The purple Decepticon woke up and transformed, sitting on the ground as Demolisher dropped him. He rubbed his head, "Wh-what happened?"

Starscream glared at Cyclonus, "I don't know, Cyclonus, but I bet it can't be good. These…. These imposters here are saying that this is Megatron!"

"Megatron is gone, it's Galvatron now, and you know that. Or at least you should after he blasted you to smithereens." Cyclonus stood slowly, his deep baritone voice cooed with sarcasm.

"As you can tell, I am not gone. Who is this Galvatron you speak of?"

"He's was Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons," Cyclonus answered, "Reformatted by Unicron,"

Sideways gave a dirty but curious look to Cyclonus. How did they know about Unicron? He would need to speak to them all later about it.

Thrust then finally woke up, standing slowly, he peered around. "Where am I?" he asked.

"This guy here says we are on the moon," Starscream answered, "I can only suspect that the space bridge teleported us here, Stupid Shockwave," Starscream hissed, "He also claims to be the leader of the Decepticons!"

"You, shut your trap!" Megatron growled, "Give me names! I want names!"

"Well," Starscream answered, "You know my name. That over there," he pointed to the purple Decepticon, "is Cyclonus, and the other bumble head is Thrust."

"Hmm," Megatron stared at them a long time. They had the exact same names as his own soldiers. How could this be?

"Demolisher, Sideways, Tidal Wave, put these ones in the brig until I know what to do with them. I want to know where my soldiers went and where these idiots came from,"

Starscream gasped, "What? The brig? Why?"

"Who knows what you three will do to my base! I don't know who you are!"

"We are loyal to the Decepticon cause," Cyclonus answered, "Under rule of Galvatron,"

"We will see about that," Megatron sneered, "Away with them, now," he waved his hand at them, "Perhaps I will find use of you three later." His attention went to the minicon that he had in front of him, completely oblivious to the ones who he now sentenced to the brig.

"You can't put me in the brig! I'm the second in command! This isn't right!"

"You are squat here, Starscream," Sideways answered as he held his gun out to Starscream threateningly. Even though Sideways wasn't really a Decepticon or an Autobot, he still wanted no chance of his plan going to waste. He had things to do still, and he didn't want anyone, no matter what universe standing in his way.

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