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At the Ark, everyone was getting used t the fact of the new soldiers slowly. Cliffjumper had his suspicions, but kept them to himself right now. There was another with an issue... Related to the incident, but his condition deteriorating rapidly. Sunstreaker was often times found alone. No one dared question him, as his mood was even worse than before. Spike was curious however, and decided to ask. Sunstreaker was in his and his brother's quarters when a knock came, he glanced up at the door, "Go away," His growled.

"Sunstreaker, I just wanted to talk to you," Spike's face was twisted in concern, something Sunstreaker did not miss.

"I don't want to talk,"

The door opened anyways and spike stood there. For a long while he stared at the vain twin. He had never seen him so down trodden. Sunstreaker had been a mess. Dirt and grime was all over his body, there was no shine to be found. Scrapes and dents were up his body which was so unusual it was more likely that Megatron join the Autobots than the yellow warrior would be seen like this. He seemed famished and appeared weak. His optics were dimmed and he was sitting on the floor in the corner, staring at the wall, "What is wrong with you?"

"Didn't I say I didn't want to talk?" Sunstreaker gave him a deadly glare, but Spike ignored it, walking slowly towards the angered mech, "I want to help,"

"You can't – no one can."

"Why not?"

Sunstreaker breathed out a sigh, "I can't find my brother. I can't feel him, but I know he's alive."

"He's… oh… Ohhhh…" Spike caught on quickly and stared at Sunstreaker, "Don't worry, Sunstreaker, we will find them,"

"I… I can't feel him, but I know he's alive." The yellow warrior repeated, this time his voice almost a whisper, his optics went to the floor, defeated.

"Listen, I won't pretend to know what you're going through, but I can't stand to see you like this." He held out his hand, "Look at you, you're a mess,"

"I don't care," came the curt and simple reply. That was so unlike Sunstreaker, Spike knew.

Spike attempted to step closer to the warrior, "Listen, I know you were confined here for your own safety-"

"My own safety? What are you talking about? Haven't you noticed? I'm here because I'm a danger." Sunstreaker's optics showed how he felt betrayed, "I attacked Hound, I think you mean their safety." He nodded towards the door in disgust, "They're afraid of me, afraid of what I will do in this state of mind." He knew why he was placed here. He had been banned to his quarters since he outright attacked a fellow Autobot. It really wasn't his fault, he knew, but nonetheless, the was quarantined until something could be done about his erratic behavior. They knew he was unstable and was prone to violent outbursts, and that proved true when Hound said something wrong to the warrior and was violently attacked. They confined him when he then went after Sideswipe. Now it was even more apparent. Spike knew he was taking a big risk in coming in here in the first place, "I want to help," he said again, his voice held a plea that either Sunstreaker chose to ignore or just didn't hear.

"Leave before I do something rash, I don't want to hurt you, Spike,"

"Listen to yourself, 'Streaker!" Spike's voice rose an octave, getting tired of Sunstreaker's pity party, "You're one of Optimus' greatest warriors now look at you! Yo can't let a single accident bring you down like this,"

"I cannot function without my brother, you don't know what it's like,"

"You know what? You're right – I don't know what it's like, but being confined to your quarters isn't healthy, it's bringing you down." Spike hesitated, unsure how far to push the mech "When Perceptor figures out how to fix this, you really think that Sideswipe is going to enjoy seeing you like this?"

"I don't doubt he's going through the same thing," Sunstreaker looked away, "I can feel his pain, Spike,"

Back at the Decepticon base, Galvatron was sizing up his new 'recruits'. It was a shame that Starscream hadn't gone with them, he could use that kind of power that Decepticon held in his hands. He was deciding how exactly to get the Star Saber Sword from Starscream, but he knew it wouldn't be an easy task.

"Cyclonus," He called. Said Decepticon stood at attention, "Yes Mega – I mean Galvatron, sir?"

"Find me Starscream, take Thrust and Ramjet with you," He waved him off.

"But… but he'd as soon kill me than talk to me, Galvatron!"

"Not my problem," Galvatron glared, "I want him found and I want him brought back to base immediately!"

"But the Star Saber Sword! He's invincible with that thing!"

"Cyclonus is right, Galvatron, with that sword no one is a match for him." Thrust suddenly said, "Perhaps if you go with them, you might have a chance in… convincing him to join with the rest of us, hmm?"

Cyclonus turned a sharp optic to Thrust, cackling like a madman, "You know better than that, Thrust. He tried to overthrow Megatron, what makes you think – Haha – he will listen to this Leader?"

Galvatron glanced at Cyclonus, seriously thinking Hook should take a look at him, his optics went to Thrust, "Didn't you tell me that the sword was composed of three smaller bots?"

"Y-yes, sir, I did," Thrust answered.

"Then separate them. Without the sword, Starscream is nothing but a mocking fool, go find him."

"You know how hard it is to wake them up once they are combined?" Thrust said, "Nearly impossible!"

On the outskirts of the city, Starscream was standing. Three minicons were standing at his feet. This was all so new to him and he wanted to learn what he could. He knew that the neither Autobots nor Decepticons posed any threat to him since he had such a weapon as the sword, so instead he decided to stay away from the Decepticons, "Any idea where we are?"

"No clue, Wheeljack,"

"Any idea how to get back?"

"Nope," Starscream paced as his small minicons followed him closely, mimicking his pacing, "Would you three stop that!" He suddenly yelled. All three minicons suddenly stopped, looking up at Starscream questioningly. They beeped and twittered at him. They considered him their boss, even though they weren't happy about being used, but protocol was protocol.

Back at the Autobot base, the others were getting to know their new comrades. Sideswipe was almost too anxious to help around, and made it clear by his rigidness. Every time his name was brought up, he went to attention. That guy really needed to calm down. Red Alert was working with fixing things up, as he really had nothing else to do with his time and Blurr was… well no one really knew where Blurr went. The others realized how stern of a mech he really was, and even found themselves missing their Blurr. At least he was more friendly than this version.

Red Alert was with Optimus, filling him in on what was going on. He was explaining everything in more detail then when they first arrived, especially the sword, which he told them was their biggest threat. Optimus noted how their wars weren't all dissimilar to each other. How the Decepticons were still the jerks of the race. Optimus also filled in Red Alert on how different Galvatron was.

"He…He's a basket case!" Red Alert said, shocked.

Optimus nodded, "Everyone seems to see that, but no one will challenge him, so he remains in the lead."

"I wouldn't want Starscream in the lead, Optimus, he's nasty. Although there was this one time that he considered joining the Autobots, but it seemed the promise of power was just too much for him." Red Alert replied, "It turned out disastrous,"

"What would be our next course of action? Any suggestions?" Optimus asked, turning to Sideswipe and Red Alert.

"Optimus, sir, I think we should try to get the Star Saber Sword from Starscream." Blurr suddenly said.

"As you guys put it, he's nearly invincible with that sword,"

"perhaps, but he can be tricked, I am sure of it. It just takes a little conning on our side. Or we could beast the tar out of him."

"Yeah, and who can standup to that kind of power?"

"I know someone who's probably itching for a fight. Get me Sunstreaker, he will go with you, Blurr."

Blurr nodded and headed for Sunstreaker's quarters.

And just HOW do they plan to get the sword from the Seeker? Guess we will have to find out and see... And it seems the Autobots just might have some competition in that area.