Midgar's Only Flower Bed

Midgar's Only Flower Bed

A One Shot

Reno, in his few encounters with the vegetation, hardly offered the flowers decorating the floor of the Ancient's church any reverence whatsoever, never dithering on his decision to stomp all over them.

But today wasn't one of the days he particularly wanted to, really.

He'd been lingering, collapsed into the pew situated just before where he imagined an alter could go, had there ever been any real practices here. For once, he regarded the flowers with an inconsequential spark of interest, brow furrowed just enough for any passerby to note his concentration on the matter of the yellow and white flowers—not that anyone was around.

What was so great about a flower anyways?

Moments passed in still, gravid silence at the question he posed to the lonesome church before he leaned forward, plucking a stray on the outskirts of the cluster, twirling the pastel-yellow flower between his index finger and thumb, jaw at a slight jut of curiosity, brow still furrowed. Gradually he lifted the blossom to his nose and inhaled, frowning.

"Smells like that frickin' ancient."

A low, disruptive creak from behind him alerted the Turk to none other than that Ancient herself passing through the wooden doors, smiling in her white and blue dress.

He stood, casting the flower into the bed carelessly, hands slithering into his pockets as she approached. "Why are you here?"

Two reasons he hated surveillance: her voice and her lack of really nice cleavage in that dress.

"Tseng couldn't make it, Rude's a wall flower, Cissnei's… off doing something," Reno clarified with a heavy sigh, observing her with a vapid expression, procuring from his pocket a cigarette and a lighter that, when lit, caused the girl to frown greatly.

"We're both just going to have to suffer." A smirk played on his face, his lips settling around the cigarette to take a deep drag, exhaling the smoke into the air in quivering, perfect circles.

Her question wasn't entirely answered and her church smelled heavily of tobacco, yet Aerith was determined in all her best efforts to set aside the uncouth man's behavior and tend to her flowers, discovering Reno's discarded blossom and sighing softly.

"You should have kept it." She outstretched her slender hand that gripped the flower with the tender care of a mother towards him.

"So I can put it in my hair?" The suggestion was soaked in sarcasm, yet she laughed and nodded.

"That's exactly what you should do."

"I'll consider it."

Then again, maybe it wasn't too late to just step on a few…

Playing Crisis Core, I couldn't help but think of the "Don't step on the flowers!" scene and wondering if Reno ever hung around the church before. The whole "We Turks stalk Aerith!" thing made that scenario kind of easier to explain away so I decided to heck with it and wrote this!

I hope you didn't want to eat your own face after reading it or anything, I'd appreciate some feedback!

Thanks for reading!