A/N: This is an idea I came up with after reading Breaking Dawn

A/N: This is an idea I came up with after reading Breaking Dawn. Hey has anyone read Breaking Dawn? If you have not

then I recommend that you not read any farther.Some-Spoiler


Bella is 16 years old. She was raised, and lives with Tanya's Clan, the Denali's, in Alaska. But, Bella is not an average

vampire. Her mother was a Were-Wolf and her father was a Vampire. So she is half of both species. Her parents were

both killed by the Volturi. Her father was once close to Aro, like Carlisle, Aro had sent some guards to see how he was

doing when the guards stumbled upon Bella. She had only been 2 months when they appeared so they immediately

thought she was an immortal child, which broke a very important Volturi law: no child shall be bitten and changed for if

they do it meant immediate death for both creator and child. Before her father could explain, they were attacked. Her

mother quickly gave Bella over to one of the elders and was told to leave her in the care of either the Denali's or the

Cullen's. Her mother and Father both were killed but protected the secret of Bella's existence by killing every Volturi guard

that was sent. Bella was given to a young Were-Wolf and told to go to Alaska, since they could not track down the

Cullen's. The Were-Wolf reached Tanya and her clan and immediately explained everything. Carmen, Kate, and Tanya

immediately fell in love with Bella she was so adorable and Eleazar agreed because he was close friends with her father.

They took Bella in and promised to take care of her and tell her about both her Vampire and Were-Wolf side.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Obviously never happened.

Bella, is much like how they explained Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, completely understands the difference from right and

wrong, she knows not to hurt humans and has enough control that she can deal with them. Her heart beats and blood

does run through her veins. She is able to phase into a wolf and had been able to since she was a year old. She does

have powers, as in more then one, one power is she can teleport herself anywhere she wants(like in the movie Jumper),

her second power is that she can mentally communicate, like talk to you mentally and can hear thoughts only directed or

about her. Her third power is a mental shield, like in Breaking Dawn.

Plz review and tell me if I should make this into a story. I cannot decide if the pairing will be ExB or AxB, recently I

have been hooked on Alice/Bella fanfics. If you are interested in AxB pairing I highly recommend the following

stories: Crestfallen Souls by Jocelyn Torrent, Future sun by Black-Rose-Of-Night, Vision Unexpected by RoseShield.

Even if you are totally team Edward I would still recommend these stories they are well written and my story has a

great chance of being AxB. If anyone has not read Breaking Dawn but chooses to read this, if this does turn into a

story, then ask me and I will fill you in. I also have no idea what Bella's parents name should be. Oh and her mother

was part of the La Push pack, so Jacob and the pack are involved in the story but there is NO JxB only Brother and

Sister love and nothing more.