Pairings: This chapter contains Hisagi x Hinamori, Hisagi/Kira, Renji x Rukia, and very slight Hisagi x Matsumoto
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Hisagi stepped out of the 9th Division and started to walk toward the 1st Division as the wind blew gently against his face. This was the last day of his life here as they were to march off to war today. He looked around to see the Soul Society for one last time, seeing his men walking up and down the streets, silently bowing to him as he continued to walk toward the building. All of them didn't say a word as they looked at their captain, knowing there was a chance that he was never going to return to the Soul Society, all of them expecting to have a new captain soon.

Every movement he made closer to the 1st Division, he could see his men bow to him one by one as they all knew that he was going away from them, most likely never to return. As all of them bowed to him, he closed his eyes tightly, all of the fear of war coming back to him as he realized that his life would soon be over. Yet he kept moving as the bows continued, trying to ignore the sorrow that was bubbling within him, this was the choice he had made.

He walked by other divisions, seeing the captains all start to walk to the 1st Division, none of them glancing at each other. Hisagi looked over at Kira to see the 3rd Division captain looking at the ground, not even paying attention to him as his body shook with sorrow. Not even Hinamori could look at him as they walked forward, no one wanting to make any feelings that they could develop make the separation harder. He was no longer a captain to them, he was a warrior. He was as good as dead.

As they arrived to the building they walked through the door silently all of them lining up in order as Ukitake stood in front of them. The tension was high as the war was already starting to erupt around them. Aizen had left the Soul Society in a mess after he died all of the loose ends that he had left coming to haunt them as they tried to put all of the pieces back together. Sacrifice had to be made to make their lives whole again, so as they all looked at Ukitake they knew that this was the first sacrifice that had to be made.

"I think you know why we've assembled here today," Ukitake announced as he looked at his captains. "Today is the day that we send two of our very own captains to war."

Hisagi looked around the room to see the reactions of all of the other captains, not liking what he saw. He saw blank expressions from all of them, as they kept their eyes on Ukitake, waiting for the captains to be announced, Hisagi closed his eyes as he waited to hear who he'd be working with, his body trembling.

"Who are the captains that you want to send?" Kyouraku asked, not having any problem trying to get information out of Ukitake.

Ukitake looked around the room. "I think that they should tell you," he smiled as he looked at all of the captains. "Will the two captains that I have chosen please step forward and come before me?"

Hisagi moved out of formation and walked up to Ukitake, hearing the gasps fill the room. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt a presence standing next to him, recognizing the reiatsu. He opened his eyes to see the man standing next to him, his heart breaking in the process. It was Renji. After all of the moments where he prayed that it was not going to be Renji, here he was before Ukitake when he summoned his captains.

"Abarai no," Hisagi shook his head. "Rukia…"

Renji was silent, not looking at Hisagi as he turned to look at the other captains. Hisagi looked back at the captains as well as he knew that he wasn't going to get a reason for this out of Captain Abarai, he looked at the other captains, seeing their looks of shock, trying to ignore the tears welling up in Kira's eyes.

"You're a fool, Ukitake," Zaraki scoffed. "You're sending Aizen-chan right into the center of his kingdom."

"He's the only one who can defeat the hollows," Komamura explained. "With Aizen's power it gives him the advantage over him."

"And he's not going alone," Renji explained. "I have been empowered by Ukitake-soutaichou to exterminate Hisagi-san if he is to lose control of himself. I have had a month to come to terms with the death of Hisagi-san at my hands, and I am willing to do it."

Hisagi shook his head. "Abarai…"

Kurotsuchi chuckled. "I'd like to see that happen…"

"Shut your mouth!" Kira stepped forward. "This is insane! You're making it sound like Hisagi-san is going to lose control of himself! He's not Aizen just because he has his heart."

"There's always a chance," Hitsugaya breathed. "A chance that we shouldn't be willing to take. They chose Abarai because he has the most sense in this department whereas a lot of us would kill him if we got him alone in Hueco Mundo. Abarai knows that there is a chance, but he's only going to take it if there is no guarantee that we can get him back to the way he currently is."

Kira shook his head. "You son of a…"

"Kira!" Hisagi called out. "It's alright. I myself have had more time than all of you to come to terms with this. I lost my life once, losing it again isn't going to be that upsetting for me. If I become Aizen, I want to die. I don't want to be a vessel to him…"

"You see," Kyouraku explained. "He's smart."

"That doesn't mean that he supports what you want to do to him," Komamura hissed as he took a step forward. "You monster…"

Ukitake took a step forward, finally taking control of them. "This is not up for discussion. I didn't bring you here to discuss what you are going to do to Hisagi-taichou. I am in charge and as long as I'm in charge none of you are going to touch him," he shook his head. "I have had it with all of you attacking him. I've had it with all of your plans to try to get him to step down. You are going to have to deal with it, and if not then I will be more than happy to take your resignation!"

The room was filled with silence as Hisagi bowed his head seeing Kyouraku go back into place in the line. All of the words that had been said to him didn't even affect him anymore; they were only words upon deaf ears. He looked around and knew that the majority of this room wanted him dead, and in the first time in his life, he no longer cared.

"I called you here to tell you that all divisions will offer men to this war, and these two are going to lead them," Ukitake announced.

"Hisagi Shuuhei is going to lead men?" Kurotsuchi asked. "I don't think that he or Abarai is ready for such a task. You should send more powerful men such as Kuchiki and Kyouraku."

"I would have refused even if he had asked me to," Kuchiki argued. "We need strong men here as well. If we send our most powerful captains into Hueco Mundo and they were to die, then what chance would we have for survival?"

"That's precisely why I chose these two. They are strong, but they are still developing. They also understand that there's a chance that the two of them will die, something they are comfortable doing," Ukitake announced. "Now we have to choose who you want to lead your divisions during this war."

Hisagi looked into Renji's eyes seeing the fear within them as they heard those words. What did the other captains have up their sleeves at this moment? Kurotsuchi was going to be Abarai, as was Zaraki, or were they going to do the opposite? Were they going to pick Hisagi along with Kyouraku so that they knew they could have him killed in action and decorated as a war hero to cover it up? He looked at the three captains hoping that there would be others stop this before it got too out of hand.

All of the moments flashed before his eyes as he knew that this was it, looking at Hinamori and then Kira seeing the two of them staring at each other, a war happening between the two of them. He looked at the other captains as he saw how the moment since Aizen died had changed them more than he had hoped. Everyone was against each other; no one could trust anyone as they went through their everyday lives, so how could they choose who they wanted to control their men?

"Soi Fong-taichou," Ukitake announced. "Who do you choose?"

Hisagi watched as the 2nd Division captain took a step forward. They had talked about her feelings toward him. She thought that he was still on their side until she was given probable reason that he was not. As she stepped forward, she looked at Hisagi and then she looked at Renji, the two of them freezing in place as they heard her choice.

"Hisagi Shuuhei," she answered, Hisagi almost choking on his own breath. "I want Hisagi Shuuhei to lead my men to victory."

Ukitake smiled as he looked at her. "Kira Izuru."

The two of them looked into each others eyes. Kira was mad at Hisagi. All of the moments that they had been through, all of the wars they had fought against one another were flashing before them as they kept their glance. Hisagi looked deeper and thought for a second that he saw a tear in his eye as he looked at him, his glance moving away as he made his choice.

"Hisagi Shuuhei," Kira almost whimpered. "I want Hisagi Shuuhei."

Hisagi bowed his head as he looked at Kira backing away. There were still more to come.

"Unohana will send Isane with some 4th Division healers to take care of the wounded," Ukitake announced.

"We already have them prepped and ready," Unohana answered.

Ukitake didn't waste a minute and got right back on task. "Hinamori Momo."

As Hinamori took a step forward, Hisagi closed his eyes tightly. She had been avoiding him for the past couple of days as if she were trying to adapt to a life without him. She had tried top block out all of the pain in their life, but at that moment he knew that this was going to be difficult for her. The two of them only argued these days, about what happened with Kira, about the war, about anything that they could possibly think of. They had grown apart, and it was only at this moment that the two of them knew what they had done to one another.

"Hisagi," she breathed. "I choose Hisagi."

He knew that it was because she was worried. He knew that she wanted her men to look after him. This was all just to save him from the powers that wanted to destroy him. This was only to protect him and as he looked into her eyes, he knew that she understood the situation fully. She knew that he was going to die, and it broke his heart to see that look in her eyes. After all of the progress that they had made, after all of the moments that they had shared, it was all taken away for a war. He remembered back to the day in the cell, the first day their lips touched one another. It was all slowly fading away as he looked into her eyes. That moment he realized that he had to live, he had to be stronger. He had to make it home.

"Kuchiki Byakuya."

It was obvious who Kuchiki would choose. Kuchiki and Renji had been a team for almost a year. As they looked at each other, Hisagi didn't have to think twice as he heard the words come out of his mouth.

"Abarai Renji," Kuchiki announced.

Ukitake looked at the next captain. "Komamura Sajin."

Komamura had always wanted to protect Hisagi. And on the day that Tousen had left with Ichimaru, he had made a promise to him that he was going to save him from the dark fate that he had been condemned to. As he looked at Hisagi he answered the question, the promise being up kept.

"Hisagi Shuuhei," he breathed as he looked at them.

Ukitake then took a deep breath. "One for Abarai, four for Hisagi," he then looked at Kyouraku. "Shunsui?"

"Abarai Renji," Kyouraku answered immediately.

Kyouraku was the one who had the biggest problem with Hisagi; he was the one who didn't want him to go to the war. Kyouraku Shunsui wanted Hisagi dead; he obviously didn't want his men to serve under him.

Ukitake only nodded. "Hitsugaya Toushirou?"

Hitsugaya looked at Hinamori and then he looked at Hisagi. Hitsugaya didn't like the fact that Aizen was within him. He agreed with everyone else that he didn't deserve the privileges he had while he was Aizen. But with that in mind, it surprised Hisagi when he heard his name pass his lips.

"Hisagi Shuuhei," he breathed.

Hisagi almost fainted as he heard that, looking at Ukitake as he made the final decisions. "Then Kurostuchi Mayuri and Zaraki Kenpachi will be under the control of Abarai Renji, as will my men," he looked at the two captains. "May the two of you lead our troops to victory and close this chapter of fear within the Soul Society."

As Hisagi looked around the room, he knew that this was the last moment that he was going to spend here, even if he did come back these were not the people he was going to return to, he was going to return to a different group. They were all changing and as he moved closer to the door, he knew that there was no denying it


"What do you think will happen if we don't come back?" Renji asked as he looked over at Hisagi.

Hisagi shrugged his shoulders. "They'd replace us. No matter what, we don't mean as much as we think we do, we're nothing but pieces of meat to them, that's all we'll ever be," he looked over at the other shinigami as they walked closer to the gate. "Any regrets?"

"What?" Renji asked as if he didn't understand him.

"Any regrets? Anything that you wished you had done before you left?" Hisagi asked. "You never married Rukia."

Renji sighed as he took a moment of silence. Both of them looked at each other, both of them reminiscing on the lives that they had left behind. At that moment, both of them knew they were going to give up everything to serve their society. But it was the first time where neither of them were scared of losing. Whatever happened, they were going to be alright.

"I don't want to make her a widow," Renji sighed. "There's not guarantee that I'm going to live or die. I can't take that chance. What about you with Hinamori?"

"I don't even know if we still exist as a couple," Hisagi breathed as he looked at him. "After what happened between me and Kira… there's nothing that I really regret. There's nothing I would do over. This is all that I have ever wanted to do."

Renji smiled. "Then shall we go?"

Hisagi nodded, only to hear a voice call out soon after.

"Shinigami," he turned around to see Matsumoto standing there.

"Rangiku-san?" Hisagi asked as he watched her walk closer to him, a sad look upon her face. "What are you doing here?"

The moment became tense as he saw the lieutenant walk closer to him. As he looked at her, he wished that someone else had come. He wondered what happened to Kira and Hinamori, did they still even care? As he thought back on it, he knew that they didn't, they couldn't. He looked into Matsumoto's eyes seeing the words that were about to pass her lips.

Her fingers moved to the back of her neck and undid the clasp that held her necklace shut, removing it from her neck. He watched her hands tremble around the chain of the necklace as her hands moved closer to his own grip. She then placed it in his hand, his fingers wrapping around the chain as her hand slowly moved away.

"Come back, shinigami," she breathed as she closed her eyes tightly. "Don't fade away."

He looked down at the necklace. "Rangiku…"

"Bring back the necklace, don't let it leave your neck until they day you return, or the day that you die," she looked into his eyes before turning to Renji. "Look after him."

Renji nodded. "I will…"

"Don't you die either," Matsumoto smiled. "After all, Rukia's waiting for you."

The 13th Division captain smiled. "I will be back, and so will Hisagi-san."

Hisagi bowed his head as he thought back to those important to him. "How is Kira?"

"Kira's fine," Matsumoto sighed, realizing that Hisagi had said nothing of Hinamori. "Goodbyes are hard for him."

"I know…" Hisagi looked back at the gate, trying not to show the sorrow that was within his eyes as Kira was brought up. "Everything's changing, isn't it?"

"It is," Renji smiled. "But maybe this is good for us. After all we have to come back," he looked at Matsumoto. "Or die trying."

"I will wait anxiously for your return… my captains," she closed her eyes as she watched them both turn around.

The three of them closed their eyes as the two captains walked through the gate, Hisagi wrapping Matsumoto's necklace around his neck as he moved to the gate, to Hueco Mundo. Everything was going to change for them, nothing was ever going to be the same ever again, but they knew that the moment they came back, their lives would finally make sense, it was all falling into place.


"He's gone isn't he?" Kira asked as he looked out the window, Hinamori walking into the office.

She nodded as Kira turned to her, trying to block out the pain that Kira was feeling, trying to forget the kiss that he had shared with Hisagi. "He is."

Kira closed his eyes tightly as he placed his hand up against the window. "Do you think he'll come back, Hinamori-kun?"

"I do hope so, Kira-kun," Hinamori answered as all of the anger for Kira's passion for Hisagi became more obvious to her, she was starting to hate him. "For your sake."

Kira looked out the window at the sky as the sun began to set. Everything that they had been through, every sensation that he had ever felt with Hisagi was all coming back to him like a sea of memories. He thought back onto their relationship seeing the kaleidoscope of good and bad, the darkness and the light of their relationship. As he saw the glass spin in front of him, he could feel his heart sink as he thought to the future. Hisagi Shuuhei had to come back. There was not other option.

"Isai-san," he closed his eyes. "I swear that if you die… I swear…"

He closed his eyes tightly as the first tear fell, his hand trembling against the window.

"I'll die as well…"

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