Lorne entered the gym a few minutes before seventeen hundred, the time he had agreed to meet Ronon for their sparring match. There was already a mat on the floor and he wondered how long it would be before he was flat on his back on top of it. He bent down to untie his shoes and before he had finished Ronon had joined him. The large Satedan was grinning and Lorne guessed that Ronon was really going to enjoy slamming him into the ground. He forced himself to remember that he and Ronon were friends and that he would never hurt him on purpose, at least not seriously.

"You ready?" Ronon asked in his deep voice.

Lorne swallowed, his throat was closing up so he nodded.

With barely a warning Ronon's fist came at his head, he instinctively threw up his left arm to block. But as he was focused on the fist, he was surprised to find himself falling backwards, having had his legs knocked out from under him.

"Redo." He exclaimed, jumping back onto his feet as quickly as he had fallen off them. He wasn't going to give up that easily.

They started again. This time Lorne lasted about thirty seconds before Ronon once again had him pinned to the ground. The Satedan's elbow was in his stomach and half his body was across Lorne's keeping him on the mat. Lorne had the impression that he was being studied before in a flash Ronon had pulled him back to his feet.

The third time around Lorne thought he might actually be getting better. He felt as if he had the upper hand for a split second, but then his right arm was twisted painfully behind his back and his other was pinned between himself and his opponent. Lorne's twisted arm was becoming incredibly painful when at last Ronon let go.

"That was good." Ronon grunted moving to the other side of the mat. Lorne was sure that it hadn't been 'good' at all, but recognized that Ronon was trying to make him feel better and appreciated it.

Ronon was pacing on the other end of the mat; he didn't even look at Lorne as he said, "Now this time remember to keep your weight off your back foot."

It was basic advice, something Lorne already knew, he was just having trouble following it. Every time that the Satedan came at him, his muscles taut and his eyes burning, most of Lorne's energy went into not running in the opposite direction. He wasn't scared of Ronon, not at all, but seeing the six foot four man running at him was a bit intimidating.

He nodded to Ronon, letting him know he was ready. This time Lorne found an opening easily and aimed a kick to the man's stomach. Keeping his weight on his back foot he got ready for his next hit. A split second before Lorne's elbow made contact with Ronon's chin he knew that there was something wrong, but it was too late.

Lorne moved immediately forward when he saw Ronon massaging his hurt jaw. "Geez Ronon, sorry about that." And he really did feel sorry, but also he was glad that he had finally managed to get one up on the sparring master. "Are you okay?" He had connected pretty hard.

Ronon mumbled that he was fine, but knowing that Ronon was one of those people who hid pain Lorne decided he better find out if there was anything wrong himself. He put his hand gently on Ronon's chin, feeling a slight bump swelling underneath the short beard. Lorne fingered the area around the lump and saw Ronon close his eyes, wincing in pain.

"This doesn't feel too good-" he started but broke off when Ronon opened his eyes and fixed him with his intense green-eyed gaze. "Sorry," Lorne muttered again but he didn't back off as if Ronon was holding him in place.

"I guess that's why you shouldn't spar with the person you have a crush on."

What? Had he heard that properly? His mouth had fell open and then it all clicked. All the times he had run into Ronon unexpectedly, all the looks, all the touches, Ronon's awkward behavior… Why hadn't he noticed before?

He took a step back and tried to get a handle on his emotions. "Oh, um…" He shut his mouth. It was his turn to be flustered. "That is-" What exactly was it?

Ronon dropped his head to stare at the ground, "No, that's fine. That's-"

"It's great." Lorne cut him off. He was thinking back on the last couple weeks. He'd never appreciated until this point how much he enjoyed Ronon's company. He was a good listener and not even slightly judgmental, but he was always honest. Not to mention he was very easy to look at.

"Really?" Ronon was examining him in the way Lorne had become accustomed to.

"Yeah." His stomach was fluttering as Ronon beamed back at him. They each took a step forward, bringing them close enough for Lorne to be able to make out each individual hair in Ronon's mustache, close enough he could smell the sweat on Ronon's body…


Ronon had been looking forward to today since they had agreed on a time to spar two days ago. He strode into the gym knowing somehow that today would be the day that he finally was able tell Evan how he was feeling. He just hoped that he wasn't the only one suffering from a serious crush.

Evan was removing his sneakers next to the mat on the floor. He was wearing a black t-shirt and Ronon was momentarily distracted by how Evan's dark hair was complemented by this combination.

"You ready?" He knew that he was grinning like an idiot but he couldn't stop, not that he had tried too hard. He waited for Evan's nod before launching towards him. The man was on his back for a split second before he had sprung back up. Ronon admired his tenacity.

This time he waited until he knew that Evan was truly ready and then moved. Ronon was glad to see that his opponent had learned from his first mistake and it took a few more moves before he was on top of Evan on the mat. Ronon enjoyed his position of dominance as he scrutinized the military man as if trying to read his mind. Evan was staring back in confusion and Ronon quickly got back up, taking Evan's hand and hauling him up as well.

The next time they fought Ronon had intended on letting the major having an open shot, but his competitive nature took over at the last second and he was suddenly holding both of Evan's arms and pressed up against his back. Ronon found that his nose was practically in Evan's hair and as he breathed in he was able to detect a slightly spicy scent. The arm he was holding twitched and Ronon immediately released his hold.

"That was good." He said, forcing himself to walk away from a remarkably tempting situation. He told himself to be careful, if he got that close to Evan again he wasn't sure he'd be able to restrain the urges he'd been ignoring for the last few weeks.

"Now this time," he said to change his focus back on sparring, "remember to keep your weight on your back foot."

He let Evan get in the first hit, feeling it was only fair as he'd already knocked the man on his butt twice today. Evan didn't hesitate as he took full advantage of the opening to kick Ronon in the midriff. He was just getting ready to block the next attack when his renegade mind took that exact moment to notice how cute Evan was when he was concentrating.

He never saw the elbow coming straight for his chin.

Ronon staggered back from the blow and his hands automatically went up to check the damage. His jaw was definitely sore, but it didn't feel like there was any lasting damage.

"Geez Ronon, sorry about that." Evan was standing in front of him peering at him through concern filled eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine." Ronon said shaking off the pain. Evan apparently wasn't convinced, however, and reached up to examine Ronon's jaw himself. He ran his fingers over the spot where Ronon could feel a bruise forming. Ronon closed his eyes involuntarily, relishing the feel of the other man's touch against the sensitive skin. If that's what it took for him to get touched like that he'd take a hit to the face any day.

"This doesn't look too good-" Evan broke off and apologized again, but he still hadn't removed his hand.

"I guess that's why you shouldn't spar with the person you have a crush on." Ronon watched carefully to gauge Evan's reaction to this. It was a long moment before realization dawned. The spell was broken as Evan dropped his hand and moved backwards from him. Evan was scrambling for words and Ronon regretted having confessed his feelings, the heat was rising to his cheeks.

"No, that's fine." Ronon said, wishing he could take back his outburst. He found a speck on the floor to stare at so he could avoid Lorne's eyes. He tried to say that he hadn't expected Evan to reciprocate, that it was okay that he didn't feel the same way, even though it wasn't, but Evan wouldn't let him.

"It's great."

"Really?" He was suddenly aware of his heart beating, as if it had just started working again.


They were moving towards each other, the gym was beginning to blur as Ronon lost sight of all but the man directly in front of him…


Teyla had been on her way to her sparring appointment with John when she was stopped by the sight that met her in the gym. Lorne and Ronon were wrapped around one another as they stood in the middle of the mat. Sparring had been completely forgotten as they were busy doing other things with their hands, like exploring one another's bodies. Teyla averted her eyes as Ronon's hand made its way south.

"Hi Teyla." John greeted her as he walked towards the open gym door. Teyla acted quickly cutting off his path.

"John, I'm afraid we will have to spar later."


"The gym is" she searched for the word, "occupied at the moment."

"It's a big gym." He told her looking doubtful. He tried to move towards the door again but she stood in his way.

"Why don't we go get some food?" She didn't give him any opportunity to resist and led him forcefully towards the commissary, far away from the two men who were lost in one another's kiss.

The End

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