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Song - When It Was Me by Paula DeAnda.

When It Was Me

Ziva arrived at the squadroom to find it empty of people.

Tony was around somewhere; his things had been thrown behind his desk as usual.

"Well, I don't know, what do you..." Ziva could hear him. On the phone. With her.


She's got green eyes and she's 5'5"

Long brown hair all down her back

Cadillac truck

So the hell what

What's so special about that


Thing had been like this for months now. Tony always on the phone or disappearing or daydreaming or doing something that involved her.

Jeanne. Her name was Jeanne.

Ziva only knew this because she'd 'overheard' a conversation between the two of them.

It was weird. Tony was hers. Had been since long before Jeanne.


She used to model, she's done some acting

So she weighs a buck o' five

And I guess that she's alright

If perfection's what you like


Ziva had never actually seen Jeanne at the office. Just the odd photo that Tony would leave on his computer screen.

Jeanne was pretty, there was no denying it. Ziva could see why Tony had fallen for her.

What was her job? Maybe she worked near the hospital. It would explain Tony's eagerness to always go there.

Maybe she was the doctor he always went to see.


And I'm not jealous, no I'm not.

I just want everything she's got

You look at her so amazed

I remember way back when you used to look at me that way


Ziva could remember all the times she and Tony had been dangerously close. When they were undercover together, when they were trapped in the container, even just sitting in the squadroom together.

She had convinced herself that she wasn't jealous. Disappointed was more the word. She had lost her chance really. Tony was so in love with Jeanne.

Love. He had actually said that to Jeanne when they were hanging up the phone.


Tell me what makes her so much better than me

What makes her just everything that I can never be

What makes her your every dream and fantasy

Because I can remember when it was me


"Hey, Ziva," Tony said as he walked back to his desk. Ziva quickly busied herself with paperwork; she didn't want him knowing she had been standing in the middle of the officer listening in on his conversation.

"Hi Tony."

What was so good about Jeanne?

Then it hit her - maybe it was because they were opposites.

Ziva killed people. Jeanne the doctor saved them.

Again, Ziva found herself staring across the room at Tony.

"Ziva? You alright?" he said, catching her.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," she mumbled back.


And now you don't feel the same

I remember you would shiver every time I said your name

You said nothing felt as good as when you gazed into my eyes

Now you don't care I'm alive

How did we let the fire die


Ziva stared at her hands. She remembered their connection when she had first joined the team. She remembered when Tony would come to her house after Gibbs had left to make sure she was alright. He was sweet. But now that he had Jeanne, he had no time for her. No time after work for a drink. No time during their lunch break. He always disappeared to see her.


When it was me

That made you smile

That made you laugh

Me that made you happier than you had ever been

Oh me

That was your world

Your perfect girl

Nothing about me has changed

That's why I'm here wondering


Ziva had been the one who watched Tony bounce back from Kate's death. She watched him go through his multiple relationships. And now that he was with someone else, she wanted it to be her more than ever.

Nothing had changed about her, had it?


Tell me what makes her so much better than me

What makes her just everything that I can never be

What makes her your every dream and fantasy

Because I can remember when it was me


Maybe one day Ziva would get to meet this Jeanne. Maybe one day Tony would introduce them.

But until then, she would sit back. Because watching Tony be happy was worth everything in the world.

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