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I let the warm water soak my skin, drown my hair, and calm my fast pulse. I exhaled slowly, poured strawberry shampoo into my palm, and lathered it into my scalp.

Edward and I had spent the entire day alone together at the Cullen house. Of course, after several hours of looking into Edward's deep, honey colored eyes, I was in major need of a nice, long shower to reduce hyperventilation. I had to be the luckiest girl alive to have Edward; the mere thought of his name sent spasms through my airway. I turned the water temperature up impossibly high, hoping the warmth would soothe me.

At long last, my breathing steadied. I toweled myself dry, and reached for my brush on the marble counter.

"Crap," I murmured as one my awkward limbs knocked the brush down. I bent hastily to get it, and when I straightened up, my reflection was not alone in the mirror.

In the doorway, stood my fiancé.

"Oh! I… I didn't see you!" I felt my face turn a deep shade of scarlet. I was, after all, near naked. Only a towel separated him from my warm body.

Edward bent down to pick up the brush that clattered to the floor out of my frozen hand. He replaced it on the counter so swiftly I wasn't sure if it had jumped there itself.

My personal angel wrapped his arms around my bare shoulders, resting his head against my neck. I wasn't sure if I should be angry or grateful for the towel that kept me clothed. I didn't have much time to ponder that, however-- Edward began rubbing his cheek slowly over my collarbone; his hand glided to my waist and pulled my very exposed body closer to him. I wasn't going to protest, but this was definitely crossing the line I thought Edward had established.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I panted, completely dazzled, when his feverish lips searched for mine.

"I'm having an intimate moment," he said, tracing his hand on my waist to my bare thigh, and added, "with you." His hand slid down behind my knee, and he hoisted my leg up from the floor like it was weightless. He hitched it around his waist.

So much for being calm. My heart rate increased rapidly as I grew more and more surprised by his behavior. We had never been so close to going all the way before. Just one thin layer of towel stood between him and my damp, naked body…

I gave an alarmed squeak when he picked me up into his arms. My towel clung desperately to my still-drying figure. Edward carried me bridal style out of the bathroom, out of his bedroom, through the hallway, and, to my confusion, into Emmett and Rosalie's bedroom.

"Edward!" I shouted harshly, "What are we doing in here?!"

"Don't worry, my love," he said gently, nuzzling my lips with his own to silence me. I looked into his golden eyes, utterly smothered by their breathtaking beauty. He smiled my favorite half-smile and released me from the grip of his iron arms, plopping me onto Emmet and Rosalie's giant bed. The mattress, slightly worn from excessive use, sunk down around my weight.

I watched, confused but entranced, as my Greek god dimmed the lights and pressed a remote on the night-table. Something began to hum, and the whole bed began shaking. Emmett and Rosalie had a vibrating bed?! My thoughts raced furiously, wondering what Edward might be planning.

Edward crawled gracefully up the side of the bed, and it was then that I noticed the collar of his shirt was unbuttoned, exposing an inch of his pale chest.

"Bella," he purred, his eyes dancing at the sight of my curled up body. I backed up against Emmett's soft pillow, realizing that I was almost afraid. How ridiculous of me.

"What," I panted as his sparkling eyes took my breath away, "are… you… d-d-doing?"

He crawled closer to me, finally settling a foot away and crossing his legs. He settled his hands in his lap, and looked down. This was the calm, collected Edward I knew.

"I've been thinking, love, and I've decided that perhaps I can… make an exception to our little accord. Maybe I don't have to be so traditional… you are, after all, the best thing that has ever happened to me. You deserve something in return for your devotion to me. I love you, Bella, and I think that it is finally the right time for us to try."

My jaw hung open. He couldn't POSSIBLY be serious! My months of pleading had not changed his mind about this matter, but he had now given in on his own? I had to be dreaming-- this was crazy. But the rocking of the bed was all too vivid for sleep; the way his eyes flickered around the room was astonishingly un-dreamlike.

Edward took my hands, and I immediately melted at his touch. He guided my wrists up to his half-unbuttoned collar.

"Is this really wha-wha-t you want, Edward?" I asked him, my fingers flying swiftly down the buttons; I was proud that I didn't stumble on them.

"Isn't this what we both want?" he asked, smiling down at me.

"Y-yes." I stammered, at last eyeing his bare chest.

"Then hush," he said firmly and immediately closed the distance between us. His arms wrapped around my torso, and his lips were everywhere- at my neck, my checks, my shoulders. Everything that was kissable he kissed, until, finally, I was in dire need of a break. While he waited for me to catch my breath, he slid his wrists out of the cuffs of his shirt and threw the garment over his head, across the room. He embraced me when he heard the pace of my heart slow. Our arms wrapped around eachother; an interesting combination of body heat. This was the moment I had been anticipating for months on end…

The careful way he had always handled me was absent. In place were his urgent lips, impulsive movements, and heavenly caresses. My conscience fell apart, but the back of my mind registered great pleasure, and a joyous sensation I had never felt before.


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