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When I awoke the following morning, sunlight was kissing my eyelids. I sighed contentedly and waited for Edward to say something. He kept me waiting, until finally, a whisper.

"Bella?" His voice was as smooth and seductive as the red satin bed sheet that had been so violently ripped from our bed the previous night.

My eyes opened groggily, and I was shocked at our closeness. I had used his bare chest to nestle my head in like a rock-hard pillow (thankfully, there was no cramp in my neck) and my hair trickled down his torso. My own chest- equally bare- was pressed against his right arm. Our legs were a tangled mess, the only way to tell whose were whose was by the bright Australia sun trickling through the glass roof, making Edward's legs shine. His left arm snaked around my body, his hand resting on my thigh, which covered his abdomen. My left hand was flat on Edward's stomach; my other arm draped behind his neck, my fingers weaved between his tousled tresses.

"Good morning, Edward," I slurred, my voice still thick with sleep. He began to pull away, to reclaim his privacy from my wandering limbs, but my fingers automatically knotted in his hair. I realized with chagrin that his extreme bed head was due to my heavy abuse last night.

Edward succumbed and fell back into my miss-matched embrace.

"I love you," I told him.

"Mrs. Cullen," he replied, his mouth turning up into a heart-stopping grin, "You are my life now."

"I believe I have heard that somewhere before," I laughed. He nuzzled his cheek in my flowing hair. I peeked up at him, and pressed a kiss to his cold chest, moving up, over his neck. When I reached his face, Edward pulled infinitesimally away again.

"Bella, you have to eat something," he protested, but from the look on his face, I could tell his words were half-hearted.

"No, I don't," I rebutted. "Don't you want this as much as I do?"

He couldn't say no, of course, but he still managed to dodge the question. "But there are other things… places to see… picnics to take. We can still do things your way, later." He lifted his head from the pillow, frowning slightly at the light bruises that were patched around my body.

"Did I-" he paused to swallow angrily, "hurt you?"

"No!" I said, because it was true. I wasn't going to let him become distracted. Edward raised his eyebrows and took his hand from my thigh to rub his face.

Obviously, he was not going to forgive himself. "Just another reason why this was a mistake. You're so breakable…"

"Don't start that again," I protested. I added in a smaller, feeble voice, "This is our honeymoon. I want you to enjoy it."

His eyes narrowed sharply. "You think I didn't enjoy myself?" he asked coldly. "Bella, do you ever think of yourself? I can't have you covered in bruises!"

"But… I… need you," I said.

"It's not that I don't want to, Bella-" there, he was cracking- "but why not, just, later?" Without waiting for my reply, he asked, "What do you want for breakfast?"

My next pick-up line came completely out of the blue. "I want you for breakfast." I immediately blushed. What would Emmett say if he had heard that?

Edward's eyes shifted around the room, on anything but me, and he sighed deeply. I noticed the corners of his mouth twitching, whether in amusement or desire, I could not tell. His marble tongue slipped out to wet his swollen lips, and finally the heavens opened up. He smiled his breathtaking crooked smile, his anticipatory golden eyes like fire inching closer to the tallest tree in the forest. "As you wish," he purred. His eyes danced fiercely.

The following passages are rather risk-ay for T. Read at your own risk.

We untangled our limbs, and I held very still as he inched his pale mouth closer to mine. When our lips touched, it brought back the mood of our night, which only inspired a frantic spree. His tongue dashed quickly between my open lips, making an exploration not so conservatively. I smiled into the kiss, excited to see him trusting me. The tip of my tongue dipped dangerously out. He parted his soft mouth to my surprise, and I traveled cautiously within, not wishing to make him uncomfortable.

The violentness quickly dissipated into a soft, whispering kiss. I brought my hand up to cup his freezing cheek, stroking his high cheekbone in small circles with the pad of my thumb. His large hand, pressed to my shoulder blade, shifted, rubbing unhurriedly along my back. His quick fingers traced patterns along my spine, by instead of the gesture inflicting goose bumps, it only made me warmer, and anxious to be closer to him.

As if a switch was flipped, our kiss jolted from sweet to heated. His sharp teeth were gentle enough to not break skin as he took hold of my lip and pulled gently. My heart skipped a beat at the endeavor. Edward's sweet, nauseating breath intoxicated me as a his chuckled at my reaction. He slid his cool hand over my heart, feeling each time it jolted through the kiss.

The tables turned, and our lips were less urgent. I stroked his jaw line, and Edward's hand slid around my neck to tuck behind the crook of my knee. He brought my leg around his hip, never breaking the kiss.

It amazed me that his lips could be so feverish and soft at the same time. The kiss escalated to its previous urgency, and our bodies became tangled up once again. His hand slid down from my neck to tuck my leg comfortably over his hip. I rolled us, so I was pinning him just slightly down.

Edward slid his hand from where it had been resting on my breast, over my heart, counting the ecstatic beats. He moved both hands to my waist and with his strong, cold grip, lifted me so that I was limply angled above him.

"Bella, are you alright?" Edward asked softly, hearing to spike in my heartbeat.

"Mm, hm," I replied, but despite the perfection of the moment, I was still nervous. It seemed foolish to be afraid, but as Edward kissed easily down my neck, all fear vanished. I could only think of him, all around me; us.

My breathing hitched as he drew me closer, and, for the second time, fulfilled his promise to me.

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When at last we broke apart, I thought I truly did need breakfast. We lay, panting on our backs, side by side. My stomach growled painfully, and of course Edward heard.

"I'm sorry," he said, sitting up. A lock of hair flopped into his eyes, and he brushed it carelessly back with a granite hand. "What would you like to eat?"

"We have food here?" I asked. The first time he had implied this I had been too preoccupied with getting my wish to notice.

"Of course," he replied, gesturing smoothly to a regular looking cabinet on the wall. "We can't forget that you're human. There are only enough provisions to last for a few days. Everything else we'll have to get on land."

"Land?" I asked, as if I had forgotten what it was.

"We'll be making a few trips to and from, here and there. But not just Australia. I'll be taking you... everywhere." He smiled crookedly, which nearly made me drool. My heart spasmed until I questioned whether it would return to a normal pace or not. I looked away from him so that I could regain my composure. Then I stood from the bed, swaggering slightly on the lush carpet, and stood over the dresser, gathering some clothes. With my back turned to him, I was able to talk like a regular human being.

"Isn't your family worried about expenses?" I asked, but already knowing the answer. The Cullens had a seemingly unlimited supply of cash. I supposed I would have to get used to it.

"No," Edward said simply. As was usual with vampires, I didn't hear him come behind me, so I spooked when his voice was so close. He kissed my neck, and for once, I was the one unresponsive. I couldn't handle embarrassing myself with another bout of heart failure, so I ducked away and laid the most conservative outfit Alice had packed, which was still rather risky for me, and laid it on the bed. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he found some clothes of him own and hung them on a rack in the bathroom. In a second, though, he was gone from my perpheral vision and when I turned to find him, cursing his speed, I noticed my clothes disappeared from the bed. They were hanging on the same rack as his, and Edward was turning on the shower.

"Care to join me, Mrs. Cullen?" he asked, appearing again behind me. I considered my recent resolution- not to embarrass myself- and wondered if I could possibly agree to his suggestion without blushing profusely the entire time. Edward did not wait for my reply. He picked me up, throwing me haphazardly over his shoulder, and carried me into the bathroom.

I had been trying to avoid my reflection, but in the bathroom, it was hard to escape with the giant mirror. To my relief, the bruises were not terrible or even noticeable if you did not know where to look. Edward had just been being Edward when he pointed them out.

Before I could stare at myself, or compare myself to my much more beautiful husband next to me, Edward began to fiddle with the shower knobs. "Ideally, a vampire's shower would be as cold as our skin, but I think that I can make an exception." He touched the water, and it didn't escape my notice that he shuddered. I felt the water myself, and it was barely mild. He made to turn the knob further, but I protested and touched his icy arm to stop him.

"I don't want you to be uncomfortable," I mumbled. Edward turned the knob.

"I've had worse."

I didn't want to go down without a fight, and took advantage of his lack of experience with human senses. "This is all right," I told him, feeling the water through my fingers. It was only slightly colder than my regular shower would have been.

He smiled. "After you." I stepped into the box, and he joined me. I opened my mouth, catching the steam and stray droplets on my tongue. Edward smirked, but then said disapprovingly, "We should have had breakfast first. You're thirsty."

I shook my head and made the obligatory joke. "You're probably thirsty, too."

Edward chuckled and stepped into the line of target from the shower head, hogging the water. When I tried to push him teasingly away, he shook out his sopping hair on me. I shrieked girlishly and squeezed my hair, turned dark by the water, out on his chest. He relented and let me share the water after stooping to plant a light kiss on my forehead, which of course, sent me blushing.

I slipped several times, but each time, Edward drew me close into a secure embrace and rightened me back onto his feet when my blush was gone. I managed to get out of the shower unscathed, with my strawberry shampoo from home that Alice had been so kind to pack. It was probably the only thing that I had with me that was my own. I certainly did not consider the lingerie and skimpy outfits in my suitcase "mine." I sighed, and Edward and I dried off and dressed in our suite.

"Breakfast time?" Edward asked when my bermuda shorts, tight mahogany shirt, and beaded flip-flops were all on. I glanced at the analog sailor's clock on the wall.

"More like lunch time," I said. It was later than I thought, nearly noon.

"I'm sorry," Edward said ashamedly, "I can't believe I made you skip a meal."

"I'm not as delicate as you think," I replied gently, clipping a few barrettes into my hair to keep my wet hair in place. I would let the sun dry it today, rather than a dryer. I strode over to him and kissed him happily. "But, yes, I think I would like to eat something."

Edward smiled and led me to the seemingly ordinary cabinet he had gestured to earlier. When I listened closely, I realized that there was a very faint humming, like a refridgerator, stemming from it. When he pulled back the door, sure enough, it was stocked like a normal fridge. He covered my eyes with a frozen hand and I heard him fumbling around with the food. When his hand was removed, he clutched a picnic basket hiding all of the food. Edward slid back the walls of our room, which bunched like curtains at the seams of the room. The cabinet was the only thing accessible. This revealed the lovely glass that peered out into the surrounding ocean. I couldn't see land anywhere.

"I have something to show you," he whispered, leading me through the screen door and into the baking sun. His sparkling skin practically acted as an SOS signal. In the light, it was then that I noticed what he was wearing. It was a simple white t-shirt, tailored exactly to fit the contours of his chest, but I was unaccostomed, of course, to seeing Edward in any negative color, and it always took my breath away. His baggy designer shorts hung to his knees. Definitely a delicious breakfast, I thought, and then blushed again.

I followed Edward into the captain's room, and was intrigued when he climbed a ladder on the wall with one hand, the other clutching the picnic basket. He returned to the ground basketless, and helped me up the ladder, then went up behind me.

We were standing on the glass room of our bedroom, looking down with a bird's eye-view over the suite. I hadn't noticed Edward make our bed, but it was neat when I looked down on it. Edward opened the basket, which was abandoned to the side, and pulled out a red-check, classic blanket. He spread it across the glass and began to unpack our food.

Miniature egg salad sandwiches. Lemonade. Strawberries. Brownies. How was that even possible? We were in the middle of the ocean, and yet, here was a perfect picnic meal.

"Esme took care to stock up. I couldn't let you see what was in there because our dinner is in plain sight."

"And it's... a special dinner?" I asked.

"Yes." Edward grinned, eyes and skin twinkling. I grinned back, not quite minding in that moment that he was so spectacular and I was so... average. We belonged together. That had been established. I dug in to my picnic food, and he watched, the beautiful smile never leaving his face. I made my heart flutter to think that I was the cause of that smile.

Edward took a miniscule crumb of brownie and sniffed it, then made a repulsed face, but touched his tongue to it nevertheless.

"How do you stand that?" Edward asked, flicking the crumb away. I took a chunk of the brownie and stuffed it into my mouth- it was perfect, of course- in response.

"What was the wedding cake like then, I wonder?" I asked, and it shocked me that I was able to discuss the idea that we were married, finally. After months of anticipation, and the fair share of dread, for the wedding, it felt odd to say something of the sort.

"Terrible," Edward said. "Tanya was rather agitated that she had to eat a bit out of courtesty," he added, chuckling.

For once, the mentioning of Tanya was acceptable to me.

"I'm sorry you had to eat it," I said politely, "But I thought it was delicious. Alice really did do a phenonmenal job."

"To tell you the truth, I happen to know that Alice threw her cake into the forest when no one was looking."

I giggled into my triangular sandwich. "Good for her."

"Lucky her," Edward corrected.

We sat in silence for a few moments, Edward occassionally summoning up the courage to put a bit of human food on his tongue.

"What do you say to going swimming with me after you finish?" he asked.

I looked skeptically at the water lapping quietly at the sides of the boat.

"It's safe," Edward assured me.

"I know," I said, "I was just thinking how embarrassing it would be if we found my bikini floating somewhere."

Edward laughed freely, tossing his head back into the sun. "I'm afraid that it may not be in one piece. I untied it rather roughly, if you remember."

I didn't remember, to be honest. The entire night was a blur. I could only remember him.

"Supposing that Alice packed me an extra suit, I would love to." It did seem odd that Edward and I had only just showered and dressed, and we were going swimming, but I didn't worry. Alice had packed me enough clothes to last through winter.

I took the last sip of lemonade and Edward packed all of my trash into the basket, then helped me down the ladder. I dug through my suitcase and found a maroon bikini with ruffles on the bottoms and sighed, knowing that this was the only "safe" bikini. A pile of sixteen other "unsafe" assorted tops and bottoms lay on the floor. I grabbed them and stuffed them into the compartment, out of the way. Sure, Alice had packed enough clothes to last me through winter, but I was afraid to estimate how many of the garments I would approve of wearing. Seriously, Alice was going to pay for this. I slipped into the bikini, and, yes- someday, somehow, she would definitely pay.

Edward had changed in the bathroom. He emmerged in yellow trunks with blue hibiscus flowers scattered about them. That was perfectly acceptable, but obviously something had compelled my sister-in-law to make my wardrobe the complete opposite.

"That color looks gorgeous on you," Edward said, coming from behind to slink his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek. "You are so beautiful."

I spun into his embrace and looked up into his glowing eyes. "You're beautiful," I said. He kissed my cheek again and nibbled lightly on my ear, then chuckled into my hair.

"You don't know your worth, Bella," he said, releasing me. We went back onto the deck, where Edward promptly flung himself over the side of the boat in an impressive dive. He insisted on helping me down the ladder, although I pointed out that I hadn't used it the night before. He waved away my complaints, and I supposed that I should have been glad he did not let me jump over the side. If I couldn't climb down a ladder with Edward's hands on my waist without loosing my balance, I wondered how I would have faired leaping. Badly, something told me.

Edward demonstrated his superior skills in swimming by diving to the bottom of the ocean and, minutes later, bringing me back up a handful of sand as proof. He flushed the sand off of his hand, dripping the slimy goop into the ocean until his fist closed around nothing. But when he opened his palm, he presented me with a beautiful Pecten Raveneli shell. Smiling, he tucked it under the biggest barrette in my hair.

"Well, mermaid," he said, eyes twinkling with unmistakable fondness, "Would you like to see the local fish?"

I nodded, automatically looking down into the water as if to spot one. Edward scaled the side of the boat easily and returned with a snorkel and a pair of goggles. He gave them to me, but as I felt too ridiculous to put them on, he had to fasten them for me. Sensing my discomfort, he disappeared once more and returned with a set of his own, and plastered them goofily over his perfect face.

"Unnecessary, maybe," he took out the snorkle to say, shrugging his perfectly contoured shoulders, "but we match now." He replaced the mouthpiece and took my hand underwater, almost dragging me away from the boat. I had no idea where we were swimming to, but then again, only half the time I was swimming. The other half Edward carried my on his stone back as if he were a raft. His speed and agility never ceased to amaze me, and here in the water! I speculated for the millionth time if there was anything this man couldn't do.

Finally, Edward stopped zipping through the water and treaded in place. He slipped me off his back. "Look down," he whispered, his voice still perfect behind the snorkle. I did, and gasped, half expecting the mouth piece to flop right out of my mouth.

Below us was a magnificent coral reef, filled with fishes of all sorts of colors and shapes and sizes. I had always been fascinated by the sea, with tidepools, and the creatures that resided in them. This was like a dream, and I was proud to say that while Edward was able to name each of the species that swam underneath us, I could help out.

"Look!" he said, pointing through the water, "A clown fish."

"Nemo," I laughed. Edward pointed to a flock of molluscs and an animal apparently close in relation to elephants in the distance, called a dugong. His intelligence was endless.

Many times we dived through the refreshing water, although I was only able to be underwater for less than a minute. But Edward was not discouraged. He showed me the ins out outs of the reef, and the various fish even stopped swimming away from us after a few missions.

He found abandoned pearls on the ocean floor and in the crevices of the reef, collecting them in his pockets. He claimed that Carlisle knew how to string them together without harming the pearl using some of his medical gadgets, and promised that he would learn from his father figure so that I could have a souviner of the magical day.

About an hour before sunset, Edward said, "This is the time when sharks come out." I squealed in fright without meaning to, immediately becoming paranoid of the fish that were touching my ankles.

"Bella, Bella! It's all right," Edward soothed. "We can go back if you want." I couldn't imagine why in the world anyone would not want to go back to safety after being informed that sharks were on the prowl, and I nodded a little too vigorously. He smiled and slipped me onto his back, them took off, zooming through the water. My heart raced as I noticed a fin emerging slowly from the surface of the water, coming closer and closer towards us.

"Edward!" I shrieked as something hard nudged my foot. "Edward, it's a shark!"

The fin disappeared for a moment and returned above water, in the form of a dolphin leaping gracefully through the air and splashing back down. False alarm.

Edward surpressed his laughter by dunking his head under the water, but I could feel his back shaking.

My breath caught as the dolphin ventured toward us. I stretched my hand out to touch it's smooth grey skin, amazed. Renee had once taken me to Sea World despite our low income, but I had never done anything so upclose and exhilerating. More dolphins followed us back to the boat, and continued swimming around the Bella Marie while Edward and I wrapped white, fluffy towels around our bodies. He left me on the top of the glass roof for a few minutes and I looked around at the ocean, occasionally smilling as I spotted the fins of dolphins- now happy sights rather than ominous.

Edward returned with the same picnic basket and set it down on the floor. He first unpacked... candle holders?

I watched in awe as he lit two tall, white candles in the center of the blanket. He placed his hands over my hands, which gripped a lighter, and guided them to each wick, helping me light it. He smiled at me, pressing a kiss to my lips. When I blinked, the entire blanket was set up. I noticed a glass of champagne and its bottle. Two crabcacks were stacked on my white plate, as well as a lobster tail dripping with melted butter. The food was steaming, and I supposed that a microwave had escaped my notice in our bedroom as well.

"How did you...?" I asked, but Edward put his cold finger to my lips.

"Look," he murmured, nodding to the horizon. I realized then that the sky was a perfect pink, the clouds fluffy purple. Red sunlight trickled through the sky like veins. The magnificent yellow orb of sun was half-way below the ocean. Edward encased me in his marble arms, rubbing my bare shoulders.

"They say..." he purred, "that at sunset on the ocean... there is a green flash... that means true love... is in sight." I closed my eyes as he kissed my jawline. My mouth twitched into a smile.

Edward pulled me into his lap, and there I sat, laughing as his lips fluttered in I situated myself on top of him; he groaned, tossing his head back, but I pulled him back by knotting my fingers in his hair. I pulled his lips back to mine, urgent. He nibbled at my lower lip seductively, and I in response took fistfulls of his hair,my hair, until the sun set in a brilliant, utterly and fabulously romantic spiral of colors. And, was it only me, or was there a green flash?

Yep, another "scene". It's rated M, so beware.

Edward did not let me start on my dinner when this was over. Instead, he pinned me on my back, then rose on top of me, showering me with kisses for my eyelids, my cheeks, my throat, and, especially, my lips. When he finally settled on my mouth, I returned the kiss with as much passion as I could muster for my tiring day.

It turned out that I had quite a bit left in me.

Our tongues danced back and forth like the candles' flame in the corner of my eye. When the wind picked up, sending shivers down my spine, Edward's spectacular closeness turned the gooseflesh back to normal. Surprisingly, the candles did not die or falter. Their stands did not fall or teeter, even as Edward and I rolled about every inch of the cushioned blanket. I feared knocking something over, or banging my head against the glass, but no such thing happened. I should have known better, as I was with Edward.

I was a bit surprised to feel his hands, impatient as they ripped the strings of my bikini top off. I hadn't thought that this moment would come so soon, but I did not hesitate to rip his trunks off, and worm out of my bottoms. Edward tossed the clothes off to the side, uncaring. I situated myself on top of him, rubbing deliberately against his abdomen. He groaned, throwing his head back. I took fistfulls of his hair, pulling him back so that our lips touched again. He nibbled at my lower lip, while flipping himself on top of me. In response I tightened my grip in his locks, and then clawed at his back furiously.

"Isabella Swan, you will be the death of me," he whispered, before grinning slyly and sending my heart into a fluttering attack. Our puzzle pieces fit together as perfectly as ever.

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By the time I got the chance to return to my meal, it was cold. I decided that I could heat it up the following night, because my stomach was already full- of butterflies.

Edward lay on his back on the soft blanket, and I fell next to him, resting my head on his well-muscled chest.

The last thing I saw before drifting into a deep sleep was Edward's beautiful face illuminated by faltering candles.

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