This is a sort of A/U fic-taking place in the middle of the fairly odd games-A few games after Jorgen was knocked out-scores

This is a sort of A/U fic-taking place in the middle of the fairly odd games-A few games after Jorgen was knocked out-scores




Now let's began-with the team that all of my friends and me rooting for-winning this time. A cookie to whoever figures out whom the girl is-Hint: She's only been mentioned I the show and always by the same person.

The girl poffed in the middle of the game and took one look at the scoreboard.

"Thank goodness I'm here right on time!!" She said.

"Hey-who are you?" Our pink hated hero demanded of the girl.

"Me-I'm your...daughter from the future-Something Awful happened at these games, so I took a wand and I wished myself back here to set it right." She said convincingly. Timmy automatically thought of the bet and paled

"My Daughter-Who's the bride?" He stared her up and down-She did look like him...but only him-short brown hair, pink cap and tee-shirt with jeans, blue eyes, buck teeth-a tomboy version of Timantha.

"Betty-A pixie, that's what I'm here to say-cheat against the pixies, the Anti Fairys are no problem-but the pixies-make sure their about two points behind at all times. Something was wrong

"You don't look or sound like a pixie" He realized with a start-staring her up and down

"Of course not-I, used magic to look like this. Duh I don't look or sound pixie-you'd be scared."

Timmy nodded his understanding and started choosing out people for certain events-his daughter sat on the sidelines and watched. A gentle smile on her face as Timmy took her advice-he MADE SURE the pixies were always a point or two behind any cheat they did was bounced back to them, any cheat the anti fairys did was only used to stop pixies-not caring about the anti-fairy's slowly but steadily climbing score. He watched his daughter sometimes out of the corner of his eye-the only time she moved was once to gloat to a Sanderson. Chip off the old block. Till suddenly it was the last event and the scores read




"WHAT!! How did the Anti-Fairys reach 20?" Timmy Screamed at the scoreboard and inadvertently at the girl standing only a foot away from him.

"Calm down-when it ends in a tie-the celebrity hosts decide-and that would be you, dad. I already know that...Wandicimo is going to win the race for you.

"Why haven't you faded?" Timmy asked staring his daughter down. "When I did something like this to dad my godparent's disappeared, you should have at least faded."

"I guess I'm special" The girl smiled convincingly again. Timmy narrowed his eyes at her-but shrugged it off. She went to gloat to a Sanderson again...or was making Fun about his head-Timmy couldn't tell. He put Wandicimo in the race-just as she said and he came in first-just as she had said.

"And the winner of the first Fairy games is...a tie!!

"Not at all" came the measured out, emotionless, cold voice that was H.P. He continued. "The Pixies will be dropping out of the race-and leaving our points to the Anti-Fariys." All at once the scoreboard changed dramatically as to accommodate the new teams and points.

"WHAT-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Timmy shouted in his over dramatized way.

"Oh-posh, don't be so Melodramatic-dad." His daughter called to him while sipping some tea.

"But...a, It's like you saw this coming" He stuttered first then accused her before he could get his head screwed on right-just as he was going to apologize for that she scoffed at him

"Well of course I saw this coming-I warned the pixies twice that they weren't going to win and that they could at the very least make you miserable by sending you off with the Anti-Fariys rather then have you choose the winner and be happy forever...or at least till you were sixteen."

Timmy was at a loss for words-"but, but, but, WHY-You're my daughter" He decided on at last

She laughed cruelly; doubling over, tears streaming from her face, couldn't breath laughing. "You Buck-toothed moron I'm not your daughter". She then composed herself still wiping tears from her eyes shrugged her still shaking with barely suppressed laughter "As for 'why, why, why' Part owed my Uncle a favor, Part was down on my Quota, Part...just wanted to see you squirm." She smirked. "Oh but my pardon-you don't recognize me"

There ya go-would be longer but I wanted to see how people would like it and who guessed right for the girl