Disclaimer: As most everyone knows by now, the writers of this website do not own rights to the ideas and characters that our

Disclaimer: As most everyone knows by now, the writers of this website do not own rights to the ideas and characters that our stories are based upon, I am certainly not an exception.

Prologue: Littlefoot's Awakening

Littlefoot had been having strange sleep stories for quite some time now. They weren't exactly scary, but they weren't exciting or happy either. They were simply… strange, almost indescribable, and whenever he awoke, he always had the faintest impression of it but he could never remember it with crystal clarity or even the major events of it. Tonight was no different, the sleep story came, ran its course and awoke him with a jolt and that same vague feeling that he had just seen something ground-breakingly important yet he couldn't remember what. Unlike any other nights though, he had a sudden feeling of loneliness and fear. He closed his eyes and listened for the sound of his grandparents' melancholy and steady breaths of sleep or the wind gently rustling the leaves and the grass. Only silence met his expectant ears, he opened his eyes and focused on his surroundings more carefully. With horror, he realized he was nowhere near his nest, nor in a place that looked even remotely similar to the Great Valley. He jumped to his feet thinking, "Did I sleep-walk into the Mysterious Beyond?" The ground at his feet was hard and cracking dirt, this bleak, flat earth stretching miles beyond Littlefoot's line of sight no matter what direction he looked in.

He forced himself to not panic, "I simply can't see because of how dark it is," he nervously tried to convince himself, "Yeah, the mountains of the Great Valley are probably right in front of my face I just can't see them because of the night, that's all." A hot gust of wind stung his face and a low rumbling growl vibrated around him. He gulped and found himself unable to suppress his urge to run. He ran as fast as he could, but the threatening growl pursued him, never showing any sign of getting nearer to him nor farther away. He ran until the only thing fueling his tired legs was adrenaline coursing through his body, until daybreak finally began illuminating the area. At least he thought it was daybreak, it seemed an odd colour to be the light of the Bright Circle. Suddenly a fiery explosion blew the ground near him and almost scorched him with its hot tongues of flame, the growling became louder. Littlefoot let out a single cry and ran harder, the light from the fire died and he was left in darkness once more. Then he came across the smooth rock of a mountainside, its inclination much to steep for him to ever climb; he was trapped. He turned and saw a monster unlike anything his eyes had ever laid themselves upon.

The thing stood on two legs with long thick arms downs to its thighs, its tail edged with razor-sharp spikes. It's mouth opened, releasing a bloodcurdling roar, fire emanating from its fanged mouth, its face unlike any dinosaur, not protruding, and lacking of a snout. Balls of fire formed in both of the taloned hands of the creature, forming the light Littlefoot had earlier mistaken as the Bright Circle rising. Littlefoot's ears pounded with the rapid sound of his beating heart, his anxieties freezing him to the spot. The clouds above parted and light of the Night Circle flooded upon him, and suddenly, the fear was gone, he felt oddly energized. When the beast threw it's burning projectiles at the young Longneck knew what to do. A beam of white light shot from the Littlefoot's mouth and neutralized the oncoming attack.

The thing was fast though, and it had closed in on Littlefoot, tearing a single deep gash on the top of Littlefoot's snout and then a few slashes on the Longneck's back. It was bearing down on him once more, his pain distracting him. His instincts took over once more and that white energy exploded about him as he yelled. Littlefoot's attacker was sent flying into the air, stunned by its prey's sudden outburst as it hit the floor unconscious quite some distance away. Littlefoot staggered, bleeding and with every muscle in his body aching. Tired and sore, he too, collapsed.

Later, he was found lying in the grasses near the entrance of the Great Valley. With his injuries and not conscious he was rushed to his grandparents who took care of him. He later woke up, still sore and tired. His worried grandparents questioned him, he had no idea how he had left or returned, but he described the incident as best he could, even though he saw the unbelieving faces of his audience. At the end of his story he said, exasperated, "Look I know this is hard to believe, but it happened, it HAPPENED!"

"Shush now little one, do not get yourself so riled, you are still weak and exhausted and should rest," Grandma Longneck spoke softly and affectionately nuzzled the boy.

"Yes, Grandma is right, you shouldn't push yourself, just rest," Grandpa Longneck added.

Later, when his grandparents had left, he turned to his friends, who had been there since he was brought back, "You believe me don't you?"

They all looked at each other then Ducky finally said, "Well… I believe that you believe, yep yep yep."

Petrie added encouragingly, "Yeah, me think so too."

Spike grunted and started eating the nearby shrubbery.


"Littlefoot, I think you're just you know-," she, for once was trying be nice to her injured friend, "well I think you're just confused, the attack must have been really frightening and all and so you're just upset by it and imagining things."

Littlefoot had a tart retort to this but he didn't feel like arguing, so he rested his head on the ground and pretended to sleep, his mind buzzing with what had happened, and that power he had tapped into. What had happened to him?

That night when everyone was sleeping, he felt much better, so he slipped away and headed for the Mysterious Beyond. Along the way, he stopped by a waterfall to get a drink. The cool water washed of the leaf-bandage on his nose and he saw with great surprise that his wound was healed. He tore the ones of his back with his tail and saw they weren't completely healed yet, but they were deeper and they were at a point that normally would have taken him weeks. He grinned and hurried for his destination, where all of this had started.

No one in the Great Valley saw Littlefoot again until the Night Circle had completed three cycles (which should be three months) and on his return, he brought with him abilities, friends, and a story that changed the Great Valley forever.

That's good for the intro, now this has been a brainchild of mine since I was like… seven, Littlefoot and gang were my imaginary friends (it happens when you don't have any real friends) but it has naturally been refined through the years (I hope)