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Chapter 7: Arise

Terra was able to heal herself so she didn't have to keep draining the plants. Her ribs were still broken and her muscles were stiff. She wrapped her chest with woven leaves the way she'd seen in the Valley and supported the broken area with a sturdy branch. When she was up to it, she did simple stretches and exercises. Littlefoot came and told her that the meeting seemed to go well, but no one had volunteered. Outside of him, she had no visitors. She didn't particularly want any either. This changed not too long after Littlefoot's meeting.

He was nervous, that much was certain. He did a good job of hiding it with his bravado, but she was able to pick up the subtleties, the way his eyes didn't want to lock on to hers, or how his tail occasionally twitched.

"You're the last one I expected to come see me," Terra greeted the three-horn who had brazenly confronted her when his daughter had tested positive for having a power.

He replied gruffly, "You were the last one I expected to need to see."

She smiled, "Fair enough. So, what brought you up here?"

He paused but finally said, "I know you want to awaken the power in Cera."

"Yes, and I know you don't want me to do it."

"I don't want my daughter caught in the middle of some-"

"She's already caught in the middle and you know this."

Mr. Threehorn growled but continued talking, "If my Cera is caught in this I want to be able to do something about it."

"You want me to try and awaken your power."

He grunted, "Exactly."

Terra paused for a long while and then grinned, "Fine, but one condition."

Mr. Threehorn shifted his weight from one to another, and grumbled, "What?"

"I wake your daughter's power too." Terra expected him to disagree immediately, probably with anger and then storming off. He didn't.

"Why?" Mr. Threehorn asked.

Terra shrugged, "Several reasons. One, she will be targeted- I'd rather she fight for herself then rely on you or another soldier to protect her. Two, the awakening can kill you, so she needs the independence. Three, we need as many warriors as possible. Four, it would set a good example to the others and hopefully convince them to let their powers be awoken too. Five, and most important, I think Cera is a special power. You saw Littlefoot's special power, it's called a Golden Power. I think Cera has another Golden Power."

Mr. Threehorn's facial expression twisted, a war raging in his thoughts in between anger, logic and pride. He finally answered, "Fine."


Littlefoot sighed and sat down in the middle of the meeting place. He'd announced that he would be there every day right before the bright circle disappeared behind the mountains, waiting to test any volunteers. No one had showed up.

"Slow day?" Someone said behind him as she plunked down on a rock, wheezing.

"Terra!" Littlefoot exclaimed, surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, you may have the ability to no who has latent powers, but you can't make the seed to wake them up."

"I figured I'd just get them from you if anyone showed up." Littlefoot looked at the empty meeting place. "Honestly, I don't think anyone's coming anyways."

Terra smiled, "Oh? Then I think the people of this Valley are about to surprise you."

Before Littlefoot could ask what she meant, he heard Mr. Threehorn yelling, "Hey now, get in line and wait here!"

A great number of local dinosaurs formed a line starting under the arches and stretching farther than Littlefoot could see. Cera bound next to Littlefoot and sat down next to him, smiling.

Terra nodded a greeting, "Thanks for coming Cera."

Mr. Threehorn walked up to them, "Well, they're here, now how do you want to do this?"

"Hmm, send them in one family at a time, I'm sure the parents will have questions."

Mr. Threehorn nodded.

"Thank you Mr. Threehorn, I'm in your debt." Terra added.

Mr. Threehorn shook his head, "No, I owe you." He walked off to start letting dinosaurs in.

Littlefoot was awestruck, "What?"

Terra smiled, "The Valley is rising Littlefoot, thanks to Mr. Threehorn and Cera."

Cera smiled and puffed out her chest, "You were right by the way Littlefoot."

"Rising? And right about what?"

"I do use fire, so does my dad." Cera snorted a small ball of flame.

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