Author Notes: This story centers mainly on Zero Kiriyu and Hanabusa Aido pairing. Kaname Kuran and Akatsuki Kain appear as well.

Pre-requisite: This story assumes that Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiriyu are already blood bonded and lovers, although all is not yet resolved between them. The unlikely but delicious pairing of ZeroxAido was inspired by some very interesting posts in the Character Relationships thread in Blackened Wing's forums. Again, I have based the characters and personalities of Kaname and Zero on Blackened Wing's excellent VK fanfic Crimson Door story and touched on another story of hers as well. You'll know which one it is when you come to it :D And if the characters and personalities fail, well, that's just me again.

Appreciation: Thank you to Blackened Wing, AgateLinks, Dark Huntress Rikali, Sologirl102, shinigamiami, TwoFacedPhantom, Altariel-Jaina and a few others (my apologies if I've missed you out!) for encouraging me in one way or another to start this story. Thank you again to AgateLinks for looking over the prologue as well. Appreciate all of you very much!

Rating: 'M' rated. Please do not read if you are underaged, or if you dislike yaoi.

Disclaimer: The honour of owning Vampire Knight belongs to Matsuri Hino. This story is also not related to my other VK ones i.e. Hold Me, No Matter What, Taking the Next Step or Brief Reflections.

Summary: Kaname and Zero are already blood bonded and lovers. But an overlooked detail leads to an accidental blood bond between Zero and Aido.

-- Chapter Start --

This chapter is just a prologue and more of a teaser than anything else so yes, it is short. But the forthcoming chapters will be much longer, I promise :D


Something no one could or would ever understand

This craving, this want, to claim you to be my mate

I now long for the very one I could not stand

I now adore the man I wanted to just hate


Could we wish for a love for two souls and no more

Knowing it would hurt the someone we hold so dear?

Could we betray the only man we would die for

When we would kill merely to stop a single tear?


Yes, you and I both can wish upon the full moon

Hoping that one day it turns purple, dark or pale

But that will never happen, not anytime soon

And so our story remains an 'If Only' tale


-- Chapter End --