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Set after the season finale.

Rated T: for language

"I just can't believe he never showed, S" Blair exclaimed into her phone, "I thought, well, I thought he really cared about me, maybe even loved me. At very least he owed me an explanation for that awful text from Gossip Girl about that interior designer."

"I know B, I thought he really cared too. But he is Chuck Bass and you had to know there was always a chance of this with him. Plus, you weren't exactly willing to accept an explanation" She added with a slight sigh. "Just forget about Chuck, forget about him and come stay in the Hamptons with me." Serena really was worried about Blair. It seemed as though this whole thing with Chuck was really getting to her. Ugh, her step brother was so not worth it and Blair would see that if she would just come to the Hamptons.

"Seriously Serena, he waited a week to call me, a full seven days, there was no way I am going to let him think that I was just sitting around waiting on him to call. No, that is not okay for a Waldorf and I am a Waldorf." Blair spoke defiantly. She refused to let Chuck see her looking weak and pathetic. "And as far as coming to the Hamptons goes, I'm happy here with Marcus. No reason to return to a world with Chuck Bass in it any sooner than absolutely necessary. I thought you would understand Serena, I mean you left the city to get away from Cabbage Patch."

Serena sighed and knew she was about to have to admit what she didn't want to. Yes she wanted Blair here because she didn't want Blair to have a lonely summer, but she also wanted her hear because she herself was having a lonely summer. "Okay okay, I guess you're right but Blair, this isn't about me and Dan, this is about the fact that you are missing out on all of the great parties and gossip here and B, I miss you. I don't want to spend the whole summer without my best friend." Serena paused to see if Blair would say anything, when she didn't she continued. "And about Marcus, B, how well do you even know this guy. You and I both know that you are just dating him with the hopes that Gossip Girl will somehow find out and Chuck will be jealous."

"Serena, actually, I am quite fond of Marcus, he is such a gentleman, I mean he even has a title. Chuck doesn't even begin to measure up to that." Now if only I could believe the things I'm saying maybe I could convince everyone else thought Blair even as she tried to proclaim Marcus's good traits. "As for the Gossip Girl post, I am way ahead of you S, before long everyone will know. So you see there really is no reason for me to come."

"Please Blair, please, I just I really need someone here with me right now. Bart and Lily are fighting already, Eric seems to have a crush on the pool boy, I haven't seen or heard from Dan since the wedding, my only company is Nate and he is back with Vanessa, so she is here too. I hate being the third wheel, I need you." Almost as an afterthought she added. "And what did you mean about it being taken care of Blair?"

Thankfully Serena was playing right into her hands. Sure Blair wanted to go to the Hamptons but she had to make sure Serena was desperate enough to have her there that she didn't mind that Blair was bringing Marcus with her because if Marcus wasn't there she wouldn't be able to exact her revenge on Chuck. Oh yes, Serena was giving her exactly what she wanted without even knowing it. "Okay, I'll come, under one condition, Marcus is coming with me. About the rest you'll find out soon enough."

"EEEEK, OMG, thank you thank you thank you. We are going to have so much fun. I'll tell my mom to have two of the guest bedrooms fixed up immediately. I love you B and thanks again."

"I love you too S." She replied effectively ending their very productive conversation. Immediately after hanging up with Serena, Blair prepared for phase two of the revenge she had planned. She had already had Roman take the pictures on her phone, now all she had to do was send them to Gossip Girl with a little teaser of information. Chuck Bass better be ready when she arrived in the Hamptons, because the games were about to begin.

Serena was lying on her beach towel about to fall asleep. She was so excited Blair was coming to the Hamptons that she had totally forgotten about Blair's little remark about Gossip Girl until she heard her phone beep.

Seems like our Queen B is having plenty of fun of her own without our favorite Upper East Side playboy. Apparently she's found herself quite the tasty European. My sources say he is none other than the Lord Marcus, 9th in line for the British Crown. Looks like a keeper B, wonder what C is going to have to say about this?

Serena looked down at the picture of Marcus and Blair holding hands and walking through the Vineyard and another of them kissing as they watched the sun set. Blair must really mean business, Serena thought to herself as she looked down at the text from Gossip Girl. Blair is really good, she even looks like she has genuine feelings for this guy, which is completely impossible when she is clearly still in love with Chuck. How else could she explain Blair's reluctance to come to the Hamptons and her near break down on the phone.

Either way, she was just glad Blair was joining her. If Blair had something up her sleeve they could deal with it later, she could not stand another moment alone with Nate and Vanessa.

Nate Archibald was lying on the couch in his family's media center watching some indie flick with his girlfriend Vanessa when the text arrived. "Vanessa, you are not going to believe this Gossip Girl blast."

"Nate, you know I don't follow all that stuff, that's your world not mine" She was a little disgruntled that Nate had interrupted the film just to bring up Gossip Girl.

"Ha, you're going to have to start caring if you are going to be going to Constance this fall." He replied with a smug smile on his face. After a lot of begging and pleading with Vanessa and the Board of Trustees for Constance and St. Judes, Nate had succeeded in getting Vanessa a scholarship to attend school with him next year so that they would be able to spend more time together.

"Yes, Nate I am going to school with all of you Upper East Side trust fund babies but it doesn't mean that I have to get interested in all this hype about Gossip Girl"

"When it comes to something that affects us I think you do." Nate stated as he passed Vanessa his phone. As Vanessa read the text and looked at the pictures, Nate couldn't help but think that he was lucky. He couldn't believe that he had found a girl as chill and laid back as he was. Thinking about how they had ended things at the beginning of the summer made him cringe a little because he couldn't imagine his summer without her in it. Even though it had taken a little stalking and a lot of flowers to get her to give him another chance, he knew that it was worth it, they were worth it. Vanessa's voice snapped him out of his little zone out.

"Nate, I just don't see how Blair getting a new guy has any effect on us, unless you are thinking that you want the Queen Bitch back." For the first time in a long time Vanessa was actually worried about her relationship with Nate. Sure she had made him work for it but she had known from the beginning that she would take him back. There had been a few times where she was jealous because Serena knew him better than she did but nothing like this, if Nate wanted Blair back she didn't know how she would handle it.

"No, Vanessa, no." Seeing the concern cross her face he jumped to make her understand. "I just mean this is going to affect Chuck and what affects Chuck affects . . ."

Nate didn't even get to finish his sentence as none other than Chuck Bass himself stormed into the room yelling "Nathaniel!"

"Who does she think she is, I mean I'm Chuck Bass. Girls don't leave me, I leave them. If she would just f'ing let me explain we would already be back together. I am going to kill that little British pansy, I don't care how far up in the line to be king he is, as soon as I get my hands on him, I will make him wish he had never been born. No one touches my girl and gets away with it." Chuck exclaimed with a murderous look on his face as he stood in front of the couch holding his cell phone so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.

Vanessa whispering in Nate's ear, "I see what you mean."

"Scram Punky Brewster. Nathaniel and I need to talk." Chuck snapped with a look of distaste covering his features.

Vanessa did not tolerate being spoken to in that way, especially not by the likes of Chuck Bass; of all of Nate's friends he was the most detestable, even more so that Blair Waldorf and she didn't have many kind words for her either. "Excuse me, what did you just say?"

"Chuck" Nathaniel said in a warning tone. "Be. Nice."

Ugh, Chuck thought, why can't Nathaniel get over his little obsession over the river, to think there was going to be another Brooklyn at their school next year. "Fine, Vanessa I'm most deeply sorry, what I meant to say was, could you please give myself and Nathaniel a moment."

"Whatever, I'm going to hit the beach Nate, see you later." And with a quick kiss she was gone.

"Really Nate, I don't know what you see in her, what does she have you watching anyway?" Chuck replied as soon as the little artsy girl was out of earshot. At the same time, he took the remote from it's place on the coffee table and turned off the stupid film.

"Chuck, we've been through this, I like Vanessa and that's that, you are going to have to accept her eventually. I take it you've seen the latest Gossip Girl post?"

"No shit Nathaniel, did you think I just came barging in on your little love session here because I wanted to join you in watching this awful film? No, I came to tell you that you have to help me get Blair to the Hamptons, once she's here I know that we can fix this."

During Chuck's rant, Nate's phone buzzed, hmmm a text from Serena.

OMG N I finally convinced B to join us in the Hamptons! The only bad news she's bringing her new fling LM. I still can't wait!

Love always,

Nate chuckled as he looked up at Chuck. "Doesn't seem like you are going to have to wait too long."

Chuck took a minute to respond. "If that's how she is going to play it, game on."

Spotted: B and LM getting on a plane to JFK, we knew you couldn't stay away for long B. C breaking up a little love fest between N and V, we might just have to thank him for that one, those two are getting way too lovey dovey lately. Hmm I wonder how C's taking the news about B and her new boy toy, can't be good and with everyone converging in the Hamptons you know there's a scandal just waiting to happen. Let the games begin. Until next time,

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