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Esme's POV

My heart beats loudly in my chest, protesting, disbelieving in spite of the outstanding evidence. My breath quickens in denial, pleading, gasping for something to hold onto. This can't be happening. My mind tries to rationalize the irrational, attempts to block the fast approaching pain, with as much chance of success as a dam against the tide. My child. Dead? The tiny soul I felt grow stronger and stronger within me, can't possibly have…died. How can something so wonderfully pure and amazing suddenly be no more? Tears streak unnoticed down my face as I speed the car ever closer to my destination. My release. Trees fly past me but I take no notice of the speedometer. I no longer care about… anything. Not the wind stinging my face through the open windows, not the hair whipping dangerously into my vision. It would only be too fortunate for me to wreck the car. I didn't have that sort of luck. I pull the car to the side of the road and just manage to put it in park before fumbling for the handle, falling to the ground outside. Dirt strains my dress but I don't care. At last my physical appearance will match that of my inside. I am guilty. My only mission in life, my reason for living, gone, and it's my fault.

I dragged myself shakily off the ground. Gazing around, lost. I can't stay here. I can't live with him and his accusing eyes, his harsh, unforgiving hands. I stifle my tears and walk levelheaded to the edge of the cliff. My sanctuary. I gaze thoughtfully over the edge and take a deep breath, shudders running through my body as I shake off the last of my tears and run my fingers violently through my hair, painfully pulling at the strands. I barely even notice any pain. Countless times since I married that scum I have stood here, contemplating, weighing my courage. I have always been brave enough to return to him, to return to the violence and the hate. But I can't be brave anymore. A tear slid slowly down my face.

He was my rock, my beautiful baby boy. He was my stability and I was living for him. Continuing everyday for him, I grew used to leaning on the promise of him to get by and now my rock is gone. There is nothing left for me to hold onto. Nothing stopping me from simply, falling.

I take a step ever closer to the edge. He's waiting for me. A child needs his mother. One more step and gravel falls, tumbling over the edge to land 50 feet below. I sigh happily picturing his perfect blue eyes, picturing us together forever.

And fall.

Sirens. Lights. Voices. Pain. Intense blinding pain was licking along every inch of my body. Why is death so painful? And who is so loud? I moaned quietly and listened.

"Five bucks says she won't last the hour" A deep jersey accent boomed loudly as I was jostled onto a stretcher. "Shouldn't even bother them poor busy docs with this one."

"Musta jumped" Another voice, whiny and trill shot from my other side. "Busted her spine all to hell and back, no use even trying" I drifted back into sweet blessed unconsciousness, drifting ever closer to the end of the tunnel. He was waiting.

Carlisle POV

"Dr. Cullen? Can I have a moment?" A nurse, Annabel as my memory serves me, called quietly from her station at the end of the hall. Her light brown brows narrowed sadly, furrowing her forehead slightly. Something was apparently bothering her. I stepped wearily over to the station. This was hour 30 on the clock. By all appearance I should be tired. "Dr. Cullen… There's a woman in the morgue that…needs to be pronounced."

My eyes narrowed in confusion. "Why hasn't she been so already?"

"Well, she has no chance and her husband… well; he said he didn't really have the money to…" I cut her off with a nod, turning around and heading toward the elevator. It's unbelievable how cruel human beings can be to one another. How unfeeling they can be towards their mates. I press the button to take me down to the basement and wait as it descends. I don't have much hope that the woman still lives and I feel only pity; to die alone in the coldness of the morgue. I sigh with real weariness this time and step out of the elevator as the bell rings, signaling my floor.

My body barely recognizes the change in temperature as I walk swiftly to the body lying on the table closest to me. I halt as I hear her heart fluttering… she really is still alive, but only just. The smell of blood permeates the air around her, fresh unlike the stale scent which usually surrounds the morgue. I lift the sheet from the woman's face and pull it gently down to rest against her shoulders. She was very beautiful for a human, and oddly familiar, with light brown wavy hair flowing around a pale heart-shaped face.

I gazed curiously as a longing suddenly overcame me. I have never felt this way for a patient before. For some reason, I couldn't bear the though of this beautiful, familiar stranger dying. Why was she so special out of all the other humans I see die on a regular basis? Whilst staring frantically down at her rapidly fading face, I make a quick decision.

I cover the woman once more with the sheet and gently pick her up into my arms. It was a simple matter to dodge the few scarce humans lounging around the hospital at this time of night and an even easier task to get her in my car. I pulled quickly out of the hospital's doctor's parking only lot and sped anxiously home. Counting her ever slowing heartbeats, and, for some reason, praying fervently that I would not be too late.

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