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"Umm... no. Sorry, mate." Emerald said. "He's not me type."

"Oh, c'mon, Em!" Laura sighed. "You need a date to this dance!"

Emerald flipped her long, wavy black hair over her shoulders. "Nope, I rather eat slugs."

Laura looked into Emerald's round green-blue eyes. "But Mickey likes you!"

"I don' wanna date a cartoon character!" Emerald snapped. "Now drop it!" She slammed her locker shut and picked up her bag. Sighing, Emerald wished she was still in Australia. At least there was adventure there. Here in America, in the boondocks, there was nothing to do! And the guys here were really....uninteresting. The most exciting thing that happened around here was the martial arts lessons her parents let her sign up for.

Laura was rattling off about another bunch of boys Emerald could go with to the dance on Friday. Emerald tuned her out. She loved Laura dearly, but the chic had a one track mind. As the pair left the school for the day, Emerald wished something exciting would happen in this boring town.


Bloth leered over the alchemist who was cowering at his feet. "This had better work," He warned in a dangerous voice.

Earlier, Bloth had caught Ren and his crew, but the boy had hidden the Compass and the Treasures and they weren't anywhere on the ship. So Bloth had decided to try a plan that this alchemist had come up with. It involved some 'magic' that would make the Compass and Treasures appear from where ever they were. Bloth was highly doubtful that it would work, but he had no time to be looking all over the surface of Mer for them.

"S-S-S-Sir, I assure you that it will work," squeaked the short, squat alchemist. "You'll have the Jewels in no time." He started to hurry in mixing his ingredients. "When I pour these together, they will appear before you."

Bloth gave a doubting glare. "Make sure the boy and his friends are locked up below. In separate cells," He told Mantus. Mantus nodded and went to check on them.


Emerald adjusted her jean shorts as she walked, then shifted her light blue tank-top. Granted, this wasn't the best outfit for jogging, but she didn't feel like changing into gym clothes. Laura was going to join her, but she had ran into her boyfriend so Emerald went alone. Tying her hair back into a ponytail, Emerald entered the park.

As she entered, Emerald was washed over with a wave of dizziness. She stopped and placed a hand on her forehead, looking at the ground. When it passed she looked up. The air was shimmering as if it was filled with heat waves.

"Huh? What the bloody 'ell?"

She let out a little 'eep!' as her feet started sinking into the ground. Emerald tried lifting one foot then the other to stay on top of the ground, but her feet acted as if they were glued. She tried yelling for help, but the passerbys ignored her-- as if she didn't even exist. A few minutes later, her head was sucked under. She closed her eyes tight and held her breath, knowing that she was about to be suffocated by cement and dirt.

But instead of what she expected, she fell. She opened her eyes with a sharp intake of breath. It was pitch black. Oh cripes! I fell into a bloody bottomless pit! Emerald closed her eyes again and let out a loud shriek.

Seconds later, it felt like hours, Emerald landed hard on her behind and elbows. She groaned and shook her head, trying to clear it. Her elbows felt scraped and her tail bone hurt.

"What trickery is this?" Asked an angry voice that was tinged with surprise.

"I-I-I dont know, sir," stammered a second voice. "It appears to be a girl of some-"

"I can see that you fool!" The first voice bellowed. "Where are the Jewels?!"

What th' 'ell are they talkin' about? Emerald thought. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock.

She was on a boat. In the middle of nowhere. Strange creatures surrounded her, all carrying some type of blade or weapon. They looked human, but most definitely were not. Barrels of.. something were tied down. She looked at the ship. Just what was it made of? Wood and bone? Disgusting! Emerald got up and started dusting herself off, examining her bleeding elbows. Then she faced the overlarge person threatening the short squat man.

"Oi!" She said loudly to get his attention. "But who are ya, and where am I?"

Bloth turned to look at Emerald. If she had been less proud, she would have shrunk under his gaze. He had this look about him that gave her the creeps. And that smile that was slowly coming across his face was one of pure evil. "You must excuse my... rudeness. Being a captain can make one forget when they have guests."

Emerald put her weight on one leg and crossed her arms. "And the answers to me questions as well, apparen'ly," she replied curtly.

Bloth's wheels in his head were turning. This new commer might come in handy. He decided to humor her for a moment. "I'm Bloth, and you're on my ship, The Maelstrom. and may I inquire on who you are?"

I am not liking this guy... He has this coldness abou' him. "Ya answered me second question wit' th' most obvious answer, mate," she said. "Give me th' right answer and I might decide to tell ya."

Several swords went to her throat. Emerald looked around at them and gulped almost unnoticeably. But Bloth saw the fleeting look of panic.

"Alrigh'! Alrigh'! It's Emerald. Now call your boys off or I'll kick their arses so hard they'll kiss the moon!"

Bloth laughed. "Hear that, men? She plans to fight you, with no weapon!" His men laughed as well. "However, we'll have to save that for another day. Put her into the cell, and put this kreld eater to the Constrictus!"

"Get yer filthy paws offa me!" Emerald yelled as they grabbed a hold of her arms and started dragging her below decks. She heard the short man pleading with Bloth to spare him and the scream as he was shoved down the Hole where the Constrictus lived.