I love the colour red.

So pretty against the dull black and white of our uniforms.

My friends are all beautiful. Beautiful and red.

Lenalee's lips

Lavi's hair

Kanda's hands as they press down on my chest, growing redder by the moment.

And their eyes, all puffy, swollen and red, glistening tears running down their faces. I smile gently, gazing up at them.

It would make them happy if I told them how beautiful they were. Lenalee would blush and smile sheepishly at the compliment, Lavi would laugh and pat me on the back. Kanda would probably hit me, but he'd still be happy.

"I love you guys," I say, "because you all look so pretty in red."

Lavi turns to me, a pained expression darkening his features. He turns to Kanda and shouts something. Something was lost.

That's okay though, I'll help him find it in the morning.

"I-I love . . ." Allen's feeble voice faded as the blood poured from the gaping wound in his chest. "Pretty, red's pretty" he murmured to himself sleepily.

Lavi grimaced, "Kanda! He's losing it!"

Kanda shot a warning glare over his shoulder. "You think I don't know that?! Shut the fuck up and hurry up with the fucking bandages!" he moved one blood soaked hand to the side slightly to check on the flow and the blood cascaded into the dirt. He quickly reapplied pressure to the wound, swearing under his breath.

"What are you doing back there baka-usagi?!"

Lavi scowled and returned to tearing Allen's discarded shirt into ribbons.

"How's he doing Lenalee?"

Lenalee held Allen's head in her lap, mopping his face with a wet scrap of fabric.

"His fever's spiking. Oh god, Lavi, is he going to be okay?"

Lenalee dipped the cloth in the bucket next to her, trying to hide her trembling hands as Lavi attempted the same, holding one of Allen's pale hands in his own.

"It's okay Lenalee, he'll get through this." But Lavi's voice shook. He wasn't sure how much longer Allen could hold out with such an extreme amount of blood loss.

Suddenly, Allen's hands went limp.

"Allen? Allen!" Lavi's voice rose and cracked as he tried to wake the snow haired boy.

"Shut up Lavi! His pulse is still there. But if you take any longer with those goddamn bandages he isn't going to last much longer."

Lavi swallowed hard and passed over the remains of Allen's shirt.

"Che, these are too thin." Kanda mumbled, but began to bind Allen's horrific injury none the less.

Lenalee crawled to her feet warily.

"I'll get clean water." She managed to whisper, before dashing out into the rain, bucket in hand.

Lavi watched her go, despair seeping in with the cold.

"Lavi!" Kanda snapped.

Lavi jumped and turned to Kanda, who was glaring over at him.

"Take lenalee's place for now. Try and get him awake."

Lavi crawled to Allen's head and lifted it into his lap.

"Allen? Allen, buddy, talk to me. Allen?"

The boy's eyelids fluttered and opened sluggishly, his usually clear piercing eyes dull and grey as they peeked through his lashes.

"La . . .vi?"

"Yeah, it's me, see?" Relief made him giddy as allens eyes focused on his face, lips curling into a faint smile.

Allen raised his hand and stroked lavi's hair.

"Red. . ." he rasped out the single word, his voice rough and harsh. "Pretty. . ."

Once again, Allen lost consciousness and his hand thudded to the packed earth.

"Allen? Allen! Talk to me buddy, Allen!" Lavi leaned over, searching he boys face for any sign of life.

"Shit" Kanda swung back to the supplies and began searching for supplies.

Allen's eyes opened groggily as tears dropped onto his face.

"Mm? Lavi . . . you look . . . pretty." Sluggishly, he intertwined his hands into Lavi's jacket and gently caressed Lavi's hair. "Lot's of red".

"Allen, please, you gotta stay focused. For us, For me!" Lavi pleaded, reaching over Allen to grab the cloth Lenalee had left behind. But before his hand closed on the fabric, he felt a tug on his coat and looked down to see Allen's eyes, bright and intense, inches from his own.

"Wha . . .?" Lavi had no time to react as he was hauled down. It only lasted a moment, by the time kanda turned back to them, Lavi was sitting up, shocked, with Allen motionless at his feet. The bleeding had slowed thanks to Kanda's bandages, and his breathing had evened out. He was still in critical condition, but a contented smile was spread across his face.

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