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FINAL CHAPTER! I think I'm gonna cry. -tear-

The train carriage rumbled along the track, jolting its occupants uncomfortably at every bump. Allen leaned against the cool glass, staring vacantly out the window at the scenery as it slid away from him, just like everything did eventually.

His blue grey eyes flickered for a moment back to his red haired companion. The bookman trainee was lounging back on the seat, reading a book, his eyes darting back and forth across the page. Returning his gaze back to the horizon, the white haired exorcist sighed.

It had been almost a week and a half since the hospital kiss and Lavi had not spoken directly to him once. Even when Allen had been released yesterday, he had not been waiting outside with Lenalee and Kanda who told the disappointed boy that his red haired companion had opted to remain behind and pack for the journey home. Lavi had asked for some space, but he didn't expect him to totally ignore him for a week and frankly, it hurt.

Allen shrugged off thoughts of his exorcist friend and pulled a deck of cards from his pocket. Solitaire would take his mind off of things, he enjoyed the simple rules, and straight forward methods used in the game, the way it never surprised him with complex emotions or personal problems.

Allen scowled. How did he manage to link cards with his relationships? Was there nothing that could take his mind off of the matter?

He pulled the cards toward him and put them away with a huff. It was almost as if everything reminded him of Lavi now. The older boy was like a plague in his mind, consuming his every thought. He needed an answer soon or he felt like he would explode.

He stole another glance at Lavi as the train lurched to a halt at the station, but the teen seemed unaffected and continued reading. Suddenly, the door was thrown open, Kanda's oppressive frame filling the space as Lenalee peeked in through the side.

"Hurry up moyashi, we're getting off." He snapped at the two of them. "And you too baka usagi, get a move on."

Lavi smirked and began putting his book back in his bag. Allen however, didn't waste any time scurrying out of the door, anything to escape the awkward silence between them.

The boat made a dull thud as it hit the stone dock and the finder at the head of the boat quickly tied it to the post, securing it so the exorcists could disembark. Kanda was the first out, stepping elegantly out of the rocky vessel and turning to assist Lenalee as she crawled out. Once she was firmly on dry land, Kanda grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the steps.

"Wha-? Kanda! Wait for All-"

"Leave them." The Japanese man cut her off sharply, startling her into silence. "They need to talk and we need to let them."

Lenalee cast a final concerned glance at Allen as he unloaded the baggage before sighing and following the samurai up the cold stone steps.

Allen unloaded the bags in silence, working quickly and efficiently as Lavi unsteadily stepped from the boat. The white haired boy avoided looking at him, keeping his gaze fixed on the floor as he muttered a farewell to the finder and turned stiffly to the staircase, dragging the baggage behind him.

Suddenly, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Allen." Lavi was close enough that Allen could feel his breath on the back of his neck. Hesitantly, he turned to the older boy. He was holding something out, an ace of spades.

"You left this on the train," He said, smiling kindly, "thought you might want it."

Allen blushed and gratefully accepted the card, before stuffing it into his pocket and pulling away. But before he could leave, a hand grabbed his arm.

"Wait, please." Surprised, Allen looked back at Lavi. A blush had formed across his face and he wouldn't look the smaller boy in the eye. "About . . . what you said."

Allen's stomach dropped. This was it, he had been too forward, too demanding. Lavi was going to turn him down. Why wouldn't he? The boy tried to steel himself for the news.

"I- can we, go to the town or something later?" he asked stiffly.

Allen blinked. Go into town? That wasn't a rejection was it? But it had to be.

"I mean, if you still . . . y'know, like me." The red head mumbled.

Allen smiled, if there was ever a time that he had been happier than this, he couldn't remember it. Suddenly, the dark, gloomy corridor seemed a lot brighter, but anywhere with Lavi was guaranteed to be a better place than one without him. And he was definitely not going to waste a moment of the time they had together.

Allen's innocent smile turned into a devilish grin as he yanked the other boys coat down toward him.

"Every moment counts Lavi." He murmured and pulled the surprised boy in for the kiss.

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