Disclaimers: None of the Harry Potter characters or places belongs to me

Disclaimers: None of the Harry Potter characters or places belongs to me. However, there are some that I made up, who I hope you will come to enjoy. Furthermore, this was based lightly on the beginning of my own holiday. We arrived at an under kept summer camp for Rhodesian Ridgebacks and all of my hopes of a nice holiday (and the opportunity of wearing my new dress) went out of the window. The holiday turned out nice though, so no worries. In my boredom, I started writing this! I had a lot of time to kill, ink to spill, and paper to fill!

Onwards with the story stuff…

Warnings: Slash and sex possibly graphic. In later chapters: smoking, drinking and bad language.

Summary: Every year, Sirius' family goes to a luxurious mansion for the summer. They sometimes invite some friends along, so it is always fun. However, as they arrived at the supposed mansion, there proved to be a slight problem. There was no mansion! What are they going to do?

Pairing/s: first Sirius/ Original Character; Later on Remus/Sirius; Bellatrix/ Rodolphus; Severus/ Regulus; Lucius/ Narcissa; and Lily/James. There's also Peter in this, but I haven't quite thought of if I should pair him up with someone. Oh, also Andromeda and Ted.

Time/Era: This is set in a future time, like…Our time, because I find it easier to write about. At least I won't have to remind myself they might not listen to this or that band back in the 70's and stuff like that. It's also A/U. No wizards!


Sirius was positively not amused. You see, every summer, he and his parents and some friends, went to a luxurious mansion somewhere in the country. Their usual place had been booked by the Carrows this year, so Walburga Black had to book a new place. This new place, unfortunately, had just proved to be, in fact, a non-existent mansion. How his mother managed to book the mansion in the first place, was something Sirius and Regulus were very, very curious about. Their moping and musing did nothing for their mother's already bad mood.

After six long hours of driving in their huge Mercedes, they arrived at a poorly under kept summer camp for families with dogs. 'I want to go home!' Narcissa whined while fanning herself with some girly magazine. Her long-time boyfriend, Lucius Malfoy, sighed deeply again. She'd said this at least five times, every ten minutes. The teenagers were feeling hot, sticky and thoroughly annoyed by now.

Hot and sticky because the blasted air-conditioning had decided to break down three hours ago. Sirius swore once more and stepped out of the hot car.. At least outside there was a nice breeze. He fumbled the inside of his jeans pocket and took out his cigarettes. He lit a Marlboro Mint and took a relaxing drag. He leaned against the car as he watched the scene before him. His mother was screaming obscenities at poor Mrs. Pettigrew, who was the owner of the camp; while his father was trying (and failing) to calm her down. After a few more minutes, Orion Black gave up and walked back to his car. Without a word, Sirius handed him his cigarette. His father took large drags and was silent until the cigarette was finished. He stubbed it out with his expensive sandal and said "Your mother is convinced Mrs Pettigrew tried to steal our money. Not that she wouldn't need it, but she doesn't even own the mansion. It's all nonsense, but you know your mother." 'Very stubborn and unreasonable. Just like me.' Sirius thought with a smile. "Hopefully Mrs Pettigrew will come up with a solution." He added. The others had gotten out of the car as well and waited for Walburga to return with news.

"What are we going to do now, Mother?" Regulus asked. "Are we going back home?" Narcissa added hopefully. Walburaga laughed humourlessly. "Of course not, we're staying here. I've not just spent six hours in an overheated car, just to spent another six hours in again!" Bellatrix's face contorted. "I don't care if you think it's beneath you, you're too spoiled anyway!" added Walburaga at the sight of Bellatrix's look of horror. "Pick a partner and then get your bags. Mrs Pettigrew has offered us some rooms in the apartments over there." She pointed towards the right. "Or you could stay in a tent, if you want to, and really experience the life of people that don't have the money for something decent."

In the end, the three sisters Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa got a room in the apartment and the boys picked their tents. They were curious about sleeping in a tent, after seventeen years of mansions and penthouses. Regulus shared with Severus, his best friend, and Lucius went with Rodolphus, which left Sirius blissfully on his own. He was extremely glad for this, because Rodolphus had a habit of loud snoring and his brother talked in his sleep. Sharing with Lucius or Severus could possibly be no picnic either, for they could be rather whiney when their girlfriends had their periods. (thus, they were left to a week of no shagging)

He set down his bag and fell down on the surprisingly soft yet rickety bed.

Before he knew it, he fell asleep.


"Oi, Sirius!" Someone was poking him in the stomach, not at all too gently. Sirius managed to open one bleary eye and saw Severus leaning over him with a smirk. "Dinner time!" Severus announced before walking out of the tent. Sirius took a moment to rub his sleepy eyes before sitting up. He mussed his hair and mentally noted he'd inform himself about a shower later on. Once he exited the tent, he was surprised by his mother holding a large pan of soup.

Why he would be surprised, you may wonder. Well the reason to that would be that Walburga Black simply didn't cook. She'd never even touched any cooking utensil as far as Sirius memory went back. "Mrs Pettigrew was kind enough to make us dinner." She elaborated at his strange look. "So I invited her son and her to join us." She waved in a general direction. A mousy haired lady stood there with a rather chubby boy next to her. He looked nervous at the sight of expensiveness that oozed of the Black family so Sirius gave him a smile that was somewhat reassuring. He could be nice, you know.

"Hi, I'm Sirius." He introduced himself to the boy as he sat down on a wooden chair. "Peter Pettigrew." The boy told him with a small smile. "I'm so glad there are other young people…Well there is this one boy, but he doesn't really like me, I think. That or he just ignores everyone but his mother in general." Peter added. "So there are no other teenagers here?' Andromeda asked, stunned.

"Not yet, no. My friend James will arrive next week though, I'm sure you'll like him. There are also some nice kids in Godrics Hollow; it's not far from here'

The soup turned out to be surprisingly edible but it didn't still Sirius' hunger.

He was a growing boy, after all. "Mum, I'm still hungry…Can't we order pizza or something?" he asked as rubbed his tummy overdramatically. His mother in reply, fixed him with a stare that told him to stop his silly behaviour. 'Just smoke some cigarettes, dear, it'll make you less hungry.' She then turned around to thank Mrs Pettigrew for the soup. For someone who'd been yelling at that same person mere hours ago, she was quite friendly now. "It was delicious yet so simple!" Walburga complimented the mousy woman. "Oh thank you. It's easy really; they sell these packets at the local supermarket. Just add some fresh herbs and vegetables, and you're done! And on Sundays, they have a market on the town's square, selling fresh foods."

Sirius tuned out the conversation and told his friends he was going to the toilets.

Peter told him the main directions and soon Sirius was relieving his full bladder.

Self-pitying still about his hunger, he returned to the tents. "What in hell's name are you doing?!" he exclaimed at the rather pathetic sight that met him. Lucius and Severus were huddled around a pile of sticks, trying to light it. "We're trying to build a campfire." Severus grumbled, fumbling with his lighter. Of course, neither of the boys had ever built one, so they were failing miserably.

Suddenly, 'The sticks are too wet.' a voice remarked, also laughing. It was Peter, he apparently had followed Sirius on his way to the tents. 'Let me do it.' He said as he went away for some wood. Once he returned, he arranged them in a neat circle, expertly lit a stick, and placed it on the circle. This was lit up the rest of the other sticks within a few minutes. "How'd you do that?" Rodolphus asked, amazed at something he for once, didn't know how to do. "Boy scout." Peter told them proudly. "I used to go there with James."

End of chapter one.

Smoking cigarettes does indeed relief the feeling of hunger a bit, at least for me :P

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