Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Sirius knew that this was wrong.

He was a boy… and so was Remus.

And still…they were kissing.

And he was enjoying himself.

He knew that he shouldn't be doing this.

So he stopped and panted. 'We can't do this…I mean…Y'know…We're…boys and…Cecilia and all…' Cecilia was a very bad excuse. She was just a girl that he kind of liked.

That he had been on five or six dates with.

Remus laughed at him.

'We can't…Right?' He looked up in those amber pools and found himself kissing Remus again.

And he couldn't stop this time.

And he wasn't supposed to like the feeling of Remus' hands travelling over his entire body.

He knew that.

But he did.

And he also knew that it wasn't right to have another boys' hands in your boxers.

Except that when Remus was the owner of the hands, it seemed so good. So right.

The small moans he made were like music to his ears, slowly coaxing into relaxation.

Eventually, Sirius gave in. There was this pain inside of his chest, that he couldn't possibly ignore. And maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but when Remus was doing this… being inside him, the pain was dulling. He didn't feel it anymore.

And when he looked at Remus, into his amber eyes , pools practically shining with love and lust he felt like finally he belonged somewhere.

Maybe he was able to find some peace now.

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