Not Just Credit Fraud

A Supernatural fanfic.

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Spoilers for Nightshifter and Jus in Bello

Chapter Three: After

Lisa Dupree was sixteen when an accident put her boyfriend in the ground and gave her a permanent limp. She was nineteen when she started pre-law and twenty-three when she applied to the FBI. She turned twenty-four the day she was accepted. Lisa was twenty-six when knowing Greek put her under the eye of a Bureau Auditor. At twenty-seven, she was working solo and at twenty-eight became a Field Auditor.

Most bureau auditors review cold cases, rerunning prints, plate numbers and names, looking for leads to cases unsolved for months, years, even decades. It's a small department and field auditors make up an even smaller part of it. Field auditors review cases where agents have died. Where things have gone so bad, no one is willing to take the case. It's rumoured it was a field auditor who charged Capone with tax fraud.

This case had ended with two agents dead, a county sheriff, deputies, a civilian aide and the two suspects. She'd heard of the case, of course. Impersonation of almost every federal agency existing, including FBI, police, even Homeland Security. Credit card fraud, grave desecration, B & E, theft, arson, murder. It's the map that gets to her. The investigating agents had tried to find a pattern to the crimes, sticking coded pins in towns across every state. Blue for fraud, red for desecration and so on. Twenty-three years, mapped out like some psychotic Where's Wally.

She goes to evening mass that night, sitting in a pew, gripping the rosary with white fingers and praying for for those dead too soon.

Lisa Dupree was sixteen when John Winchester rescued her from the black dog ripped her boyfriend from his car and killed him. She'd curled up, bleeding despite the bandage he'd wrapped round her leg, on the front seat of his car. Listening to the stories he told to keep her awake, of the things he hunted and of his sons.

The End.

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