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Why You Should Always Knock


It was a fine Friday evening when Krish Raichand walked in on a sight no child should have to see. With his eyes snapped shut and a look of utmost disgust on his face, he thought to himself that the sight of his parents kissing was something he could happily have lived his whole life without seeing.

It had happened when he had been walking towards his father's study, needing some help with his maths homework. He had heard hushed voices and giggles and in all fairness to them, that should have tipped him off. But unfortunately, for the sake of his sanity and mental well-being, he had not yet accepted Mom was not just his mother, but Dad's wife too and vice versa. So he had pushed the partially open door further. Horror of horrors.

And that was where he was now. Standing at the door, frozen like a deer in headlights, unable to move, eyes screwed shut. 'Ew,' he groaned to himself, 'ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!' The textbook he was holding dropped from his limp hand. The muffled thump it made was sufficient to break the... what word can be used here? Spell? No, that sounds too much like a good thing.

His parents hastily jumped apart from each other, looking quite embarrassed. If Krish had not been so shocked and weirded out, he probably would have found it funny that both of their faces were the exact same shade of red. As it was, he did not feel in the mood for amusement. His parents stood awkwardly, not sure what to say.

Krish shuddered, trying to rid the traumatizing image from his brain. 'My eyes,' he groaned, 'they burn.' Deciding that the best course of action to take now would be to walk away as fast as he could, he exited swiftly, having no desire to answer his parents' questions, or – God forbid! – hear his father lecture 'innocent, naïve little Krishi' about how babies were made.


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