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Chapter 1: breaking up and walking out…

"Cedric, listen" Said Cho Chang uncomfortably, smoothing her skirt down and determinedly avoiding eye contact as she talked.

Cedric Diggory looked up from the Quidditch magazine he had been reading, his brow creased with concern

"Is everything ok?" he asked, sounding apprehensive.

"Yes…well, no…it's just…I think…We need to talk." She said finally, looking fascinated by the corner of the coffee table. They were sat in their apartment in London.

There are several key phrases that will bring dread into the heart of anyone in a relationship. One such is "it's not you, it's me really" or "You mustn't take this personally" – Cedric had always been vaguely confused by the second one, he wasn't quite sure how it wasn't personal to you if it was you that they didn't like. – Most men use the just one word "Listen…" whereas girls will use the phrase "We need to talk". It is common knowledge that when one of them is said to you, the chances are, you are about to become single again.

He opened his mouth to say something but she cut across him, knowing that it would be a lot more difficult to carry on if he interrupted.

"I just don't think that it's working out any more Cedric" she said in a rush

"I'm sorry?" he said, already in shock it was incredibly difficult to know what to say. He felt sick and his stomach had just plummeted all the way down to the ground floor.

"I'm breaking up with you" she said calmly, looking him in the eye for the first time "I've decided that I like some one else"

Cedric suddenly felt furious "So that's it, is it?" he said frostily "and I assume I'm just supposed to leave now am I?"

"Well, yes"

"Who is he?"


"Who is the bloke you're leaving me for?"

"Oh. Well…"

"WHO IS IT?" He was furious now, he rarely shouted but now he was positively screaming.

Cho looked taken aback "Well, if you must know" she said swallowing "it's Harry Potter"

"What?" laughed Cedric contemptuously, "Harry's going out with Ginny Weasley, they've been together for years" He paused and then decided to rub salt into the wound by adding "If half the rumours are true, they'll be announcing their engagement any day now."

She sniffed, looking a little teary, and held her nose slightly higher "Nothing's over until they're married"

He suddenly felt guilty for making her upset and then he felt another surge of anger at himself for feeling like that and gritted his teeth to keep from shouting.

"Get out" he hissed

"Just who bought this apartment?" she said, putting her hands on her hips.

"I did" He said simply, feeling more and more livid by the minute "and if you really want us to break up then you had better not be here when I get back."

With that he picked up his jacket and slammed out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, at the other end of London Hermione Granger screamed with frustration, tears poured down her pink cheeks faster than she could wipe them away.

"Just calm down Hermione"

"CALM DOWN?" she shrieked, and a window shattered for no apparent reason "YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH THIS UTTER COW FOR GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW LONG AND YOU EXPECT ME TO 'CALM DOWN'?"

Mark, Hermione's now Ex-boyfriend looked incredibly uncomfortable as he glanced over his shoulder at the bed, on which led the girl with whom he had been having an affair.

"AND YOU!" Hermione shrieked turning to the girl in the bed (Valerie) "YOU WERE MY FRIEND! I TRUSTED YOU...how long?" she asked suddenly, in an alarmingly cool voice "how long have you been carrying on behind my back?"

Neither made any signs of being about to answer so Hermione screamed "ANSWER ME!"

"11 Months" choked Mark as Hermione gasped (they had been together exactly 11 months and 3 weeks), but then he seemed to regain his composure "I still think that you're over reacting a little, Hermione"

Hermione waved her wand and a suitcase soared out of the cupboard and began to pack itself, even Valerie and Mark's wands were sent into there but they didn't notice because the lights in the house were flickering on and off as Hermione fought to control her fury.

"Are you leaving?" asked Mark, hesitantly as, behind him, the scattered items of clothing on the floor also flew into the suitcase.

"No" she said, swallowing hard and grabbing the bag as it zipped itself up "You are"

And she threw the bag out of the previously shattered window.

Mark looked infuriated "HERMIONE YOU'RE JUST BEING CHILDISH" he shouted but couldn't insult her any further as a vase, that he had bought her 6 months before, complete with flowers and water soared through the air and hit the wall where his head would have been if he hadn't ducked.

Before they could blink, Hermione had grabbed her jacket and stalked out of the house.

The Leaky Cauldron is partly famous for being frequented, especially on Friday nights, by miserable and/or angry people who all want to be 'left alone' in order to drink themselves into a stupor. This Friday night was no exception, for late April the weather was unnaturally cold and wet.

Cedric Diggory found himself sat on a bar stool by a dimly lit lamp, throwing back his fourth shot of firewhiskey when a young woman sat down next to him. She made no eye contact; her hair hid her face from view, though it was soaked and incredibly curly. Occasionally she hiccoughed and when she ordered a strong butterbeer she sounded as though she was suffering from a severe cold.

Something about her seemed incredibly familiar. She shrugged off her leather jacket before she took a drink and underneath she wore a scarlet roll-neck sweater and a knee length black skirt with knee-high suede boots.

He couldn't place her but he knew, even without seeing her face, that they had met before. It must have been at Hogwarts, and Slytherins never wore red, on principle, so she couldn't be one of them. If she had been a Hufflepuff, he would have known her straight away and he was fairly sure she hadn't been a Ravenclaw. That only left Griffindor.

He glanced round as she heaved a sigh over her tankard and pushed her hair back out of her eyes.

He hadn't seen her for nearly 5 years, her eyes were swollen and red and there were black streaks down her cheeks where her mascara had smudged. But, even so, there could be no mistaking her for anyone else.