This is the world. Zoom in a bit closer, there is a small country called England. Nearly at the bottom and to the left is a small city, the name of which is of no importance, there is a village on the outskirts of this city – It's small but picturesque. Again, none of this really matters. What does matter, however, is that in this village there is a house. It doesn't particularly stand out from the others but it is this house that is important.

Take a moment to look at it, closely. It's pretty isn't it? On the large side without being ostentatious, old-fashioned but not out-dated. Sandstone with white painted windows and ivy around the door, a garden full of flowers with a wooden swing. It looks perfectly normal; no one would guess that a family of wizards/witches lived within those walls. But they do.


"Daddy!" squeaked a small 2-year-old boy, holding his toy train in one hand and tugging on his father's sleeve with the other "Sofa flied!"

His father looked down at him and grinned, he scooped the small boy up in his arms and swung him round in a circle, the train feel to the floor. The little boy was named Edward Diggory (he was, of course, one of Cedric and Hermione's children), he had his father's fair hair and facial features but his eyes were large and chocolate brown just like his mother's.

The "Sofa" that he had been referring to was sat just a few feet away (where she had landed after taking a leap from the back of an armchair) and watched, her real name was Sophia, though her siblings couldn't manage that yet, and she was also very clearly her father's daughter, only her love of learning ("mummy, will you teach me something?" was one of the most commonly heard phrases around the house) and the tilt of her chin hinted that her mother was indeed Hermione Granger. She wasn't really paying attention to the light scolding her mother was giving her ("what if you had fallen?"), too elated at her flight.

Hermione herself sat in an armchair across the floor with the third child, another little boy. Her stomach would soon be too swollen (with her 3rd pregnancy) for him to fit onto her lap comfortably. The boy at her feet was named Oliver (after his father's best friend), the exact replica of Edward, his twin. But Oliver sat and sucked his thumb while his brother laughed loudly; he was quieter than either his brother or his older sister, not timid, more thoughtful and not as extroverted. He yawned and rested his head against Hermione's leg.

His parents exchanged a knowing glance and all 3 children were soon tucked up in bed. Cedric and Hermione soon found themselves back downstairs in relative peace.

"I should warn you" said Hermione, rubbing her back to relieve some of the ache and resting her swollen ankles in Cedric's lap "that, much as I adore all of our children, this will definitely be the last one."

"You said that after Sophia was born" Hermione nodded "and after the twins were born"

"What can I say?" she grinned at him "you're just a very difficult person to resist."

He laughed and rubbed one of her feet gently "I am indeed" he agreed jokingly.

"Hm" Hermione paused "I think Harry and Ginny probably had the right idea, stopping at 3."

"And Ron and Padma?"

"Look, Ron's a Weasley boy, to be honest, it's a miracle there's only 6 of them"

Cedric laughed again "Talking of children, Bella's pregnant"

"That's great! How excited was Oliver?"

"Do you need to ask? By the way, he wants to thank you for introducing them"

"I never thought they'd actually get married – it took them so long" she bit her lip and looked pensive for a moment "I saw Cho in Diagon Alley today" she said as casually as she could.

"How many times has she been married now?" Cedric asked, starting to rub her other foot

"3, she saw me with the children and then she noticed how much like a beached whale I look…again"

"You look gorgeous, and…what did she say?"

"Actually she was surprisingly civil, almost a little apologetic, I think…do you still think of her sometimes?" her tone of voice was too casual.

"Not really" he answered and then he looked her in the face again "I don't need to, I love you. And I'm lucky enough that you took me back, even after I'd been a bit of an idiot"

"I would have done anyway – I wasn't exactly perfect and it seems I have no pride where you're concerned." She jumped "she just kicked!"

Cedric rested a hand on her stomach and felt the same movement as Hermione had and grinned. "She?" he asked "it's definitely another boy"

"Don't be silly it's a girl" she smiled "mother's intuition"

"Father's can't have that too?"

"Nope, besides, you know I'm right"

2 months later Hermione was proved right when little Grace Elizabeth Diggory was born. She was the first of their children to resemble her mother, her dark hair curled in the same way, she would grow up to be just as shy as her mother but just as intelligent and she would charm many people with her crooked grin.

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