Sasuke Wants a Wife

"Welcome to the #1 show in Konoha! Sasuke-teme Wants a Wife! I'm your host, Uzumaki Naruto and-" A shoe collided with the blonde's head. "WHOEVER SAID I WANTED A WIFE?" Sasuke wants to revive his clan. So, what else is there to do but hold a public search for the girl to help him do exactly that?

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There was an incessant dripping that echoed throughout the Uchiha's otherwise empty house (not empty because he was obviously there). Alongside the annoying dripping (that he took mental note to call a plumber for), was the insistent calls undoubtedly from either his fangirls or the director for the ridiculous show that Naruto had dragged him into, naively thinking he was doing his past comrade a favour by helping him achieve his ambitions to revive his clan.

Stupid dobe, Sasuke thought moodily as he lay on his back in bed, his house phone ringing once more, the ringing sound echoing throughout his house causing a headache to slowly build up between the Uchiha's drawn brows.

Grinding his teeth in annoyance, Sasuke ignored the call, rolling over onto his side and glaring at the wall opposite him. Why was it that people insisted on harassing him when he clearly did not feel like, or rather, did not want to talk to anyone. It was aggravating that nobody could understand this.

Pounding resounded in his ears and after a while of believing it to be his head throbbing painfully loud, he realised it was simply another ignorant moron knocking insistently on his front door. He growled and pulled a pillow over his head, refusing to answer. The last thing he needed as an anti-morning person was for a myopic idiot to be visiting him in the morning as they usually did with their bright smiles and plebeian attitude.

The knocking ceased for a moment and Sasuke wondered whether the person had finally gained some sense to leave him alone if he was refusing to answer the door. This thought was instantly dashed when the knocking continued and Sasuke breathed out through his teeth in a hiss.

"U-Uchiha-san...?" came the nervous voice from the other side of the closed door.

The string of insults that ran through Sasuke's mind in regard of the person at his door froze with the sound of the familiar voice and it took him a few moments to recall where he had heard that voice before, needing to link it to a face he had seen only yesterday.

In a split second, his legs were swung over the side of the bed and he was pushing himself up off of the comfortable mattress, his bare feet tapping lightly against the floor as he quickly made his way to the front door, too moody to care about whether or not he should slip on a shirt.

He was at the door in a matter of seconds and unlocking it, swinging it open to greet the sight of the surprised and then blushing Hinata Hyuuga who hurriedly lowered her eyes at his state of undress.

Yes, he was wearing a singlet but it still did not stop the shy Hyuuga from averting her pale eyes.

"U-um... uh..." she started, unsure of where to look, knowing it was rude to not look at people when attempting to converse with them yet too embarrassed to raise her gaze to the Uchiha's slightly exposed chest.

"What do you want?" he cut in, annoyed. He hadn't been expecting her to be one of those myopic plebeians who thought morning visits to the Uchiha residence was fine. It was worse that he was now 20 with older people now giving him regular visits, thinking it was fine that there was a 20 year age gap and perfectly normal. The thought made Sasuke's skin crawl at times.

The flushed Hyuuga fidgeted for a moment, playing with her fingers to ease her nerves, although it was hardly effective as she attempted to raise her gaze to his face once more, the rouge on her cheeks deepening with each attempt. "Uh-m... th-the manager for th-the show called..." she began to stammer out.

Sasuke raised a brow. "So?"

The gulp was visible in her throat, she continued, glancing about herself as if searching for an escape route, "U-um... h-he s-said th-that he was worried... th-that you might b-be sick..."

The snort that issued from Sasuke made Hinata jump. "Yes, I'm sure that that idiot is worried about my health, since he sent a low-levelled ninja to come and check on me," he said coldly, stepping back, his hand on the door knob as he prepared to close the door. "Thanks for wasting my time," he said in sarcastic dismissal.

Two small hands reached up and pressed against the door, stopping it from closing.

Sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose, Sasuke drew the door back. "What is it now?"

Hinata's brows had knotted together and she bit her lip, deciding that it was best to ignore the insult for now, although she wasn't sure she would forget it. "I-I j-just think it's best th-that I check if you're sick..." she said hesitantly, staring down at her hands as if she were accusing them of trapping her in the Uchiha's presence.

Narrowing his eyes, Sasuke answered icily, "I don't trust anyone, so why would I allow you into my house to diagnose me with good health?"

Though she knew of the Uchiha's trust issues from Sakura who had informed her about it before she came to the ex-Akatsuki member's house, his coldness still unnerved her and Hinata instantly regretted agreeing to visit him. She just wanted to get out of his uncomfortable presence.

"I-I s-see..." she mumbled, gripping the hem of her jacket tightly, her bottom lip chewed on out of nervous habit. "W-well..." she began, straining to keep her voice normal, "...I'll j-just go then... I'm s-sorry for bothering you." She quickly bowed and turned away, hastily making her way down the street away from his doorstep.

Despite being glad that she had finally decided to leave, Sasuke stood at his front door, staring after her retreating back before he slowly closed the door, locking it and walking through his empty house, returning to his beckoning bed and falling into it.

He would simply have to sleep to soothe the morning migraine that he could still feel throbbing between his knotted brows.


How Naruto had gotten into his house was beyond him.

"Sasuke-teme!" Naruto greeted as he stood over the moody Uchiha's bed. "You slept in! We have filming to do! Today's the day that you decide who you want to live with you for a week!" the noisy blonde exclaimed.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and grunted, turning over onto his side, ignoring the easily-excitable blonde with his back faced towards him.

Naruto Uzumaki however, would never take no as an answer.

He grabbed Sasuke's arm and began to pull at it insistently. "Come on! Come on Sasuke!" By this time, Sasuke could feel his shoulder giving in, nearly popping out of its socket with the blonde's insistence.

"Fine!" Sasuke hissed, kicking off his sheets and shaking Naruto's arm off, hauling himself out of bed and directing a deathly glare at the grinning Uzumaki. Every time he saw his former team mate's face, it aggravated him.

It had been Naruto that had brought him back here four years ago. Back to this torment and pointless life.

The very thought made Sasuke swing out at Naruto who crashed to the floor with the force of the blow. However, the blonde pushed himself back onto his feet a scowl on his face as he prepared for another fight with the Uchiha. Mornings with Naruto always ended up that way.

Sasuke launched himself at Naruto, knocking him back into the wall, the crash causing books and a vase to fall off from the bookshelf that leant against the wall. He pulled back and raised a fist, punching Naruto in the face as he drew back his other fist. Suddenly, Naruto vanished in a puff of smoke from below him and Sasuke reacted as if upon reflex, squatting with his hands pressed on the floor for support as he swept his foot across the floor, tripping Naruto who was prepared to attack him from behind.

That Naruto also vanished, followed by a pair of arms wrapping tightly around Sasuke's neck from behind. Sasuke coughed and spluttered, his vision blurring as the arms around his throat tightened still until eventually all went black.


"I know you guys always end up fighting, but there's really no need to always knock him unconscious like that, Naruto," Sakura's familiar voice drifted over Sasuke's head.

"He's the one that always attacks me first!" Naruto cried defensively from somewhere next to Sasuke's head. "I have to do something without having to fight him!"

Sasuke tasted an iron tang in his mouth. It was annoying to hear that the idiotic blonde was unwilling to fight him. Everything was annoying. He thought bitterly of how he hated it all.

A small cold hand touched his forehead and he involuntarily shivered.

"I-I think he has a fever..." spoke a third, quiet voice.

Sasuke recognised her voice instantly.

It also registered in his mind that he was lying in his bed (it was unmistakable, he knew that comfortable mattress too well).

"Well, I want him up and ready soon so that we can do some filming," the voice of the show's manager spoke.

Bastard, was the only word that ran in Sasuke's mind.

"U-Um... I don't think he'll be w-well enough to do filming t-today..." came the small voice of the Hyuuga in response to the manager.

"What do you mean by that?" the manager asked, obviously annoyed at the thought of having to delay filming.

"Pl-please... h-he's unwell..." Hinata's quiet voice trailed off as footsteps were heard.

Movement and more footsteps were heard. "Hey buddy, don't even think of getting mad at her," Naruto growled warningly.

"Someone's health is more important than a show, isn't it?" Sakura's cold voice also put in.

There was a moment of tense silence which was then followed by a sigh and footsteps leaving the room. "Just make sure he's better by tomorrow!" the manager called over his shoulder as he left the room.

There was a sigh of relief. "Th-thank you... Naruto-kun and Sakura-san..." Hinata said gratefully.

"Don't worry, we wouldn't let that idiot push you around," Sakura's said. "Well, I know you're perfectly capable of looking after Sasuke, so I have to return to Tsunade. There's a lot of work I'm supposed to be doing right now. Please look after him until he recovers, okay? I'll probably pop in later to see how he's doing. I'll see you later then," Sakura said before her footsteps were heard, leading her out of the room.

"Goodbye," Hinata called out after her.

Naruto laughed a little. "I have to go after the manager and deal with this whole thing. I'm the host of the show after all!" He paused. "Are you going to be all right on your own Hinata?" he asked, concerned.

"U-Um...! Y-yes!" Hinata stammered, flustered.

Sasuke could almost picture Naruto grinning happily. "Okay then! I'll see you later too!"

His heavy footsteps echoed throughout the room as he left and silence filled the room soon after.

It was then that Sasuke decided it was appropriate to open his eyes, squinting in the light from the bulb that hung from his bedroom ceiling, his eyes meeting Hinata's surprised face.

"O-oh! U-Uchiha-san!" she gasped, unconsciously leaning forward in her concern. "A-are you feeling any better?" she asked, eyes scanning his face.

"Aspirin," Sasuke groaned, rubbing his face. "I need an aspirin."

Hinata stared at him for a while before smiling at his answer. "I'll get that for you then," she said as she stood from her seat.

Suddenly, Sasuke reached out and grabbed her wrist, alarming Hinata who froze. Sasuke's eyes were closed, his hand still pressed against his face, brows knotted together in a pained frown.

"Can you please turn off the light?" he asked without opening his eyes.

For a moment Hinata did not move with Sasuke's hand still closed around her wrist.

Sasuke opened his eyes a peak, staring at her. "It's giving me a headache," he explained, releasing her wrist and closing his eyes once more.

"O-okay..." Hinata replied, cheeks flushed as she left her seat at the side of his bed and moved quickly to the light switch, turning off the light.

"You're not leaving are you?" he asked in the darkness, his headache throbbing less insistently with the light switched off. He couldn't care less for company, he just didn't want someone to barge in and rip him from his comfortable bed, so that they could film him. And for some reason, he felt the Hyuuga's presence could resolve that issue.

Hinata stiffened as she remained by the light switch. It was disconcerting to be in a dark room with the Uchiha who had been confirmed to be a murderer, ex-Akatsuki member and previously a missing-nin. "U-um..." she breathed into the darkness, her heart beating wildly. "I... um... I-I'll go and get y-your aspirin..." she said quickly, not wanting to be in the suddenly uncomfortable atmosphere of the room. There was a pause where she cringed, remembering what Sakura had said to her. "I-I'll be back soon..." she added before leaving the room, closing the door quietly behind herself.

Like it or not, she would have to remain by his bedside for the rest of the night. She bit her lip and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear with a trembling hand and headed to his kitchen to grab the aspirin packet he had asked for, filling up a cup with water from the tap and taking a deep steadying breath to calm herself as she made her way back to his bedroom.


End of chapter two.

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