Sasuke Wants a Wife

"Welcome to the #1 show in Konoha! Sasuke-teme Wants a Wife! I'm your host, Uzumaki Naruto and-" A shoe collided with the blonde's head. "WHOEVER SAID I WANTED A WIFE?" Sasuke wants to revive his clan. So, what else is there to do but hold a public search for the girl to help him do exactly that?

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Fortunately for Hinata, Sasuke was a stubbornly self-sufficient man, who refused to depend on or seek assistance from others. And it was from this pride and stubborn attitude that he dismissed the Hyuuga, who was more than happy to leave the uncomfortable atmosphere of his room, checking his progress one last time before waving goodbye and hastily making her way out of the Uchiha's house, where she was greeted by his former, pink-haired, team mate who stared quizzically at her.

"Oh! Are you leaving Hinata?" she asked, brows raised in mild surprise.

"U-um… yes, Uchiha-san requested it," Hinata replied, breathless from her failed escape attempt.

"Ah, I see," Sakura mumbled, lowering her eyes.

Hinata tilted her head to the side. "Sakura-san?" she asked tentatively.

The pink-haired kunoichi's head shot up and she forced a smile. "Well, Sasuke-kun always acts that way... pushing other people away, but I hope you're not offended."

"Oh no! N-not at all!"

On the contrary, Hinata was quite jubilant that the Uchiha prodigy had grumbled for her to leave. It gave a decent excuse to leave and after having endured what felt like several excruciatingly painful hours of unbearably heavy silence in the Uchiha's room, she was more than happy to slip out of that situation.

Sakura's brows knitted together, her mouth hardening into a thin disapproving line. It appeared as if she were in deep contemplation; on the verge of voicing her thoughts yet feeling it would be either unnecessary or crude to. Finally, having reached her decision, she simply bit her lips and nodded her head in dismissal. "Well, thanks for all that you've done," she said, forcing another smile.

"Um, yes, I'm glad to have been of service," Hinata replied hurriedly before bidding goodbye and practically running out of the house.

As soon as she was several paces away from the house, she breathed in deeply, the restriction from her lungs having vanished. She hadn't realised the reason for her desperation to leave the Uchiha's residence until that moment as she was thankfully taking in gulps of fresh air, filling her strangely aching lungs.

She had been suffocating in that house-no, in the presence of that man. His darkness, pessimism and hatred seemed to envelop the entire room when she had been in there. It had been heavier than the silence she was forced to endure, more agonising.

And now, as Hinata stood still and silent in the streets, she realised that that overwhelming suffocating feeling had been something else too.

She chanced a glance back at the Uchiha residence and felt a tremor rip through her and hastily continued her way down the street, distancing herself from it.

Yes, she had recognised that subtle feeling.

It was sadness. It was despair and hopelessness.

And as Hinata continued to dwell on this, it made her feel utterly miserable. It was so miserable because she could relate to that hopelessness, and her thoughts spiralled into unwanted memories and soon she found the streets and houses a blur as she ran desperately, blindly home.

And all she could think about was that it was so miserable, so sad, so unbearable. That suffocating feeling, the pressure of emotions that would surely drive someone to insanity. Did he feel them? Did he hate it? Did it hurt him as much as it had her after having been exposed to it, or was it more deeper for him, more unbearable?

It's so sad, Hinata thought as she reached the Hyuuga residence, rushing to her room and slamming the door behind herself. She found tears marked her cheeks as she sank to the floor.


He drifted in and out of sleep; in and out of consciousness, exhausted and yet sleeping fitfully. It was tiring to lay in bed, wishing for sleep and then waking the next moment in agony, feeling as if he had been beaten in his sleep, like his arms and legs were stretched to their limits and beyond on the rack.

He was worn and barely lucid whenever he did awaken, vaguely aware of the aching of his joints, the fluctuating temperature of his body; one moment he felt hot and feverish, the next, it was far too cold and he was instinctively curling his body into a ball, hugging his blanket closer to himself, only to kick it off in reaction to his suddenly burning body.

It was simply agony that he couldn't bear.

One moment, he awoke, sluggish, sore and called out deliriously. He wasn't sure what had been spoken from his mouth, but he received the gentle touch of a hand to his burning forehead in response, to which he shrunk away from, shivering from the coldness.

He heard gentle murmuring, understanding it and yet not comprehending the words and he felt sure that delirium had settled in; to be able to receive the words and yet incapable of digesting them.

He cried out miserably once more, reaching out blindly, groping about fearfully.

A warm hand encircled his. "It's alright," he heard Sakura's voice murmur soothingly. "You've got to rest so that your body can recover from the illness."


Someone approaching his bed.

Naruto's voice drifting serenely over his head, encouraging sleep.

They were there.

They had never left.

They would never leave.

A gentle wave of reassurance washed over Sasuke and swept him away into unconsciousness. It was calming. It was pleasant. And finally, Sasuke Uchiha slept peacefully.


Shadows lined Sasuke's eyes as he sat up, propped against his pillows in bed, glowering at the enthusiastic blonde seated beside his mattress, intensely immersed in the consumption of his ramen breakfast.

"Stop eating like a slob," came Sasuke's contemptuous and crisp tone over the sound of Naruto's slurping.

Naruto raised his gaze from his ramen bowl, sucking up the noodle that dangled outside his mouth. He chewed slowly, considering his reply carefully. "I'm appreciating it," he replied bluntly.

Too blunt for Sasuke, who's eye twitched convulsively in warning.

Sakura opened the door to the Uchiha's room just as the prodigy's cereal bowl soared across the room, Naruto having just narrowly dodged it.

"Teme! You could've hit me!"

"That was the point, usuratonkaichi," Sasuke hissed, hand poised to throw back the blankets in case the situation evolved into a physical fight.

Sakura sighed, a vein popping out on her forehead. She was thankful that the two "got along", but it really was bothersome to have both of them beaten up and injured due to their own idiocy and need to resort to anger and violence. She cleared her throat and caught the attention of her Team Seven comrades and directed a menacing glare at both of them before saying curtly, "Naruto, I already discussed this with you. Sasuke, you're sick."

Throwing one last glare at one another, Sasuke and Naruto relaxed, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki to his seat and the Uchiha into his propped up pillows, both grumbling to themselves, though not loudly enough in case Sakura decided to fracture several of their bones, knowing very well she was capable of the feat as she cracked her knuckles for good measure before them.

Exhaling deeply and exhaustively, Sakura paced over to Sasuke's bed, clicking her tongue in continual disapproval of the two before whipping out a thermometer; Sasuke promptly opening his mouth in response to the sight of it and obediently allowed it to be placed inside his mouth (knowing the consequences of causing Sakura to lose her temper). Withdrawing the thermometer from the raven-haired boy's mouth, Sakura studied the temperature shown on it and gave a sigh of relief. "Well, it seems that you're improving at least. You should be up and ready to go by tomorrow at least and prepared for the show."

Sasuke's head shot up and his eyes narrowed into annoyed slits. "The show?" he asked in a dangerously soft tone. Was that all anyone ever thought or talked about around him? The show that he didn't even give a damn about?

"Yeah, viewing rates are going down because we've been playing some re-runs since you've been ill," Naruto piped up.

Clenching his fists, Sasuke looked away angrily, teeth gritted in annoyance. He had to remain calm and collected, but lately he had been finding it difficult and unbearable, especially because he knew that Naruto had become stronger than him; was stronger than him. Strong enough to nearly shatter all his bones just to drag him back to Konoha where he was constantly under close surveillance. What kind of existence was this?

"I don't give a damn about that crap!" Sasuke hissed through clenched teeth. "Why the hell do I have to deal with all these annoying things that you intentionally do to bother me?"

Mouth falling open in speechless surprise, a taken aback Naruto exclaimed angrily, "Bother you? Bother? Isn't this what you wanted? The revival of your clan?"

"I don't need your moronic help to revive my clan!"

The fuming blonde snorted, shovelling ramen moodily into his mouth. There was a pause where he chewed on his mouthful of ramen and swallowed before edging his chair forward and staring pointedly at his old teammate, his cheeks tinged a slight pink. "You may not need myhelp, but you will need a woman's," he explained in a low tone and matter-of-fact manner.

The Uchiha prodigy merely stared at the Kyuubi host, incapable of forming any verbal response and sorely tempted to break the blonde's nose a number of times. The man was not doing himself any favours when he began to nod knowledgeably and recline in his chair. The throbbing headache from the previous day was threatening to return in full bloom and already Sasuke could feel his eye twitching uncontrollably.

An unnerved Sakura excused herself and silently slid out of the room, Naruto watching her exit regretfully. However, he turned his attention back to the dark-haired Uchiha.

"We're really trying to help you, Sasuke... so if this is what you want, then we'll be glad to help you find someone to revive your clan with," Naruto mumbled into his ramen bowl as he began to sip the remaining soup.

The cool and collected attitude of Naruto as he easily discussed this issue with Sasuke drove the prodigy up the wall. He had no desire of "reviving his clan" in thatmanner and the wild assumptions being made by his former team mates provoked a maddening urge to senselessly throttle someone.

What right did they have to interfere in his life like that?

Yet, a sudden idea flashed in Sasuke's mind and he realised that denying the assumptions of every idiot around him would have no impact on the aggravating control over his life that they had. If this was the case, then he didn't mind playing along to provide himself with entertainment while he planned to destroy his oppressors. So why not keep them on their toes for now?

" just name the girl for this week and we're all good to go," Naruto continued to explain coolly while placing his empty bowl aside with a smile.

Sasuke returned the smile, albeit stiffly, surprising his blonde companion who felt that oddly enough, they had made some sort of progress.

"Well then," Sasuke began, smile still painfully in place, "what about Hinata Hyuuga?"

There was a pause where Naruto didn't seem to comprehend his words. "She's... a nice girl. What about her?" the blonde replied slowly, eyebrows drawn together in earnest confusion.

Leaning back into his pillows, Sasuke nodded, bored. "I know. So bring her to me. I want her."


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