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Thin, Thin Line

(A.N.) I was feeling randomly inspired when I re-read volume six of the mango, so... This is what resulted. It's just a little drabble-ish type thing. Oh, I would also like to make a quick dedication: This one is for you Kyia Star! I'm going to be attempting a few more LinxMai things in the future. Hope everyone enjoys this one!

Hatred takes a long time to cultivate, to grow.

It is this that makes hatred so similar to love, with only that thin, thin line to separate the two extreme emotions.

He had spent most of his life hating them. History books had taught him about the atrocities and his father had done the rest, instilling this never-ending loathing. They were the ones who were responsible for so many deaths, so many cruelties. He hated them so much that it was almost irrational. Surprising for a man who so depended on logic and proof. But however incompatible with his inherent personality his hatred was, the feeling still persisted without discrimination.

He could be polite to them, of course. His self-control was more than impeccable. However, his subconscious never forgot and the hate always resurfaced. Always.

…Well, not always.

There had never been an exception before, not for him. Until recently. How strange that one girl, barely a woman, could change his mind. She drove away his hatred of her country and people whenever she smiled or whenever her cinnamon-colored eyes glowed with warm compassion and amusement.

It was a gradual process. At first, the hate had tainted his perception of her, only fueled by the unfortunate circumstance of that initial meeting. Having her be the cause of not only his personal injury, but also the destruction of some rather expensive equipment, was not exactly the best of first impressions.

But then she began working for Oliver, changing everything.

He was forced to endure her presence, her unbridled enthusiasm, her complete naiveté. Day after day, it was all he could do to suppress his hatred and to deal with her as he would any other "colleague".

Then, one day, he found that it was not as hard as the day before to tolerate her. Slowly, he could stay in the same room with her and allow himself to forget, temporarily, that he hated her.

And, equally slowly, he began to feel affection for her. That affection, too, transformed. Into something more, something special, something deep rooted and strong.

He supposed that the first time he realized he loved her was when she'd blatantly chastised him when he admitted to his hatred of the Japanese. Even now, as he remembered, a smile pulled at his normally stoic mouth. Her reaction had been both unexpected and endearing. Unexpected because he'd have never expected words so similar to Gene's to come out of this girl's mouth, and endearing because of how ernest her pleas for him not to hate her for what country she came from…

He had laughed for the first time in what had felt like a long time.

With every case, ever moment spent in her company, his love for her had grown and grown. It swelled in his heart and he found it a wonder that no one noticed how the strong emotion would fill his heart whenever she was near.

He had crossed that thin, thin line.

And so, very much like his hate, his love had gradually been cultivated and grown, until his love of her overshadowed his grudge against where she came from.


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