Title: Blondemail
Disclaimer: I'm not even taking credit for the stupid title pun.
Rating: PG-13 ( T ) – For mildly naughty language and a hefty dose of antagonism.
Spoilers: Erasa isn't a natural blonde! Le gasp!

Summary: ThreeShot. When Erasa discovers Gohan's secret identity as Saiyaman, she has a few...conditions. Pre-Blackmail, GhVi, NO GhE.

Sherlock Holmes she ain't.

For all your trouble, ShadowMajin, this one's dedicated to you.

Part One: Blondie

"It's so obvious that you like him, Videl-chan. Why don't you just ask him out?" Erasa queried, smearing on a liberal amount of strawberry-flavored lip gloss during her pause. In the mirror, she could see Videl's reflection scowling at her against an unoccupied bathroom stall. "He'd totally say yes."

"Not interested," was Videl's short, irritated response. Harsh and to the point, that was her best friend.

Screwing the cap back onto her gloss, Erasa rubbed her lips together to spread the sticky-sweet cosmetic properly. With a loud smack, she pulled them apart and admired her handiwork. Perfect. "If you're not interested, then why do you keep staring at him in class?"

In the mirror, Videl shifted her eyes so that contact couldn't be established between their gazes. She was hiding something. "He's hiding something."

"Like what?" Erasa felt compelled to ask as she reached up and began teasing her fingers through her hair. Were her roots showing already?

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."

With a sigh, Erasa allowed her layers to fall back into place, vowing to make an appointment at the beauty salon after school. "Try me," she insisted.

"Seriously," said Videl, staring straight into the mirror again for a bit of indirect eye contact. "You wouldn't believe me."

Turning around to finally face her friend for real, Erasa planted one fist on her hip and used her free hand to wag a finger in Videl's direction. She fixed a half-serious frown onto her face before saying, "You're not allowed to keep things from your best friend, you know!"

Videl, who always seemed to know when Erasa was faking exasperation and when she was serious about it, smirked in return. "I guess I have no choice but to tell Sharpener, then."

Feeling a real twinge of annoyance, Erasa snipped, "That's, like, not even funny, Videl-chan."

At this comment, Videl laughed aloud. "I disagree! I thought it was very funny."

Erasa relaxed and allowed a smile to creep onto her face. It wasn't often anyone – even herself – got to see Satan Videl, the stoic and duty-bound daughter of the World Champion, let go and revel in amusement. Thus, if Videl ever found something funny, Erasa wouldn't be the one to begrudge her that.

In fact, Videl's serious demeanor was part of the reason why she thought it would be a good idea for the teenaged champion of justice to take Son Gohan as a boyfriend. Once – just once, mind you – he had made her laugh, and that was enough to convince Erasa that he could do it again.

Why Videl found it funny that some red-headed girl had given Gohan a teddy bear was beyond her, though. Sure, it was weird, but was it funny, exactly? Maybe it was the expression on his face that had done it...

Well, whatever. It had worked for her and that was great.

"So, what is it you think Gohan-kun is hiding, anyway?" Erasa asked as soon as Videl's laughter had died down (sadly, it didn't take long).

"Well...," Videl began, apparently still apprehensive about revealing her theory. After a couple of lagging seconds, she admitted, "I think he's Saiyaman."

Okay, that Erasa found funny. Cupping a hand over her mouth to withhold her snorts, she managed to say through the gap in her fingers, "S-Seriously? Gohan-kun as Saiyaman?"

The frown was back on Videl's face in an instant. The flush in her cheeks was a new addition. "Yeah, so?"

Once Erasa caught her breath, she continued; "It...It's just...Gohan-kun? He's, like, way too wimpy! There's no way!"

"Okay, so how do you explain how he always has to go to the bathroom right after I leave class to fight crime?" Videl asked, standing erect to perch both fisted hands on her hips. Her glare was stern, but Erasa recognized it as her I-can-convince-you-of-anything face. "Sharpener told me that the teachers have stopped letting him go because he always takes forever to come back."

"Well, maybe he's under hypnosis," Erasa suggested. That sounded logical to her.

Apparently not to Videl, though. With one eyebrow (which badly needed plucking, in Erasa's opinion) raised almost to her hairline, the pigtailed girl replied, "...What?"

"He could be under hypnosis," the blonde repeated, slowly. "Once, on TV, I saw this guy who could hypnotize people into doing anything he wanted them to every time someone whistled or clapped or something! It was, like, super freaky! Someone could have done the same thing to Gohan-kun so that every time you run off to fight crime he has to go to the bathroom!" she explained, enthusiastic about her mystery-solving skills. "Poor guy...," she added, shaking her head in sympathy.

The deadpan expression on Videl's face indicated that she was skeptical of this theory. "Yeah, that has to be it...," she said, eyes roving upwards in an exasperated arc.

Annoyed again, Erasa frowned in Videl's direction. "Hey, it's no stranger than Gohan-kun being Saiyaman."

"I beg to differ."

"Okay, fine, then," Erasa conceded, folding her arms beneath her small bosom. She kind of hoped that Videl wouldn't do the same, even if there were no boys around to compare their busts in the girl's bathroom. "Is there anything else that proves Gohan-kun is Saiyaman?"

"You mean aside from that day in gym class?" Videl asked, lips quirking in a know-it-all smirk. Erasa hated that smirk; it always meant that Videl was going to make her sound stupid. "Well, there's always that thing about Gohan dressing like the Gold Fighter."

With the introduction of the Gold Fighter into their conversation, Erasa became confused. "Huh? I thought you said Gohan-kun was Saiyaman."

"I think they're the same person," Videl explained, leaning back against the bathroom stall she was planted in front of. To Erasa's disgruntlement, Videl folded her arms. "I mean, how many guys could there possibly be out there with superpowers? Even if they are tricks, I kind of doubt that they're common knowledge. I sure don't know how to fly."

"Well, maybe – "

Before Erasa could finish her next thought, the door to the ladies room swung open and a fluffy red head poked itself through the opening. Funnily enough, it was the girl who had given Gohan the teddy bear. "Like, hey, the teacher says we're about to leave," she informed them.

"Coming," Videl replied for the both of them, lowering her hands back down to her sides again and taking a step towards the door. She caught it as the red-headed girl disappeared around the other side of it, clasping it within her palm to hold it open for Erasa. "Okay, let's go."

— — —

After reemerging into the museum lobby, Erasa and Videl did their best to fuse with the amorphous blob that was the senior class of Orange Star High. Right at the center of the mob, the teacher was calling roll to the best of her ability over the chattering heads of her pupils, but Erasa couldn't hear a thing.

"Hey, did she just call my name?" the blonde queried of her pigtailed friend, reaching up on her tiptoes to try and see over the star quarterback's broad shoulders. No such luck.

Videl, whose head was even further below the surface level of the tide of students in their way, scowled at the back of the jock's letterman jacket. "How the hell should I know?"

"Um..." came a tentative voice from behind them. Turning, Erasa smiled at a familiar, sheepish face. "They just called Sharpener-san."

"Oh, poo...," Erasa lamented aloud. "That means they've already called me..."

"Yeah, me, too," said Videl, narrowing her glare in Gohan's direction. Erasa was slightly depressed to find her crossing her arms again (while she was out making her hair appointment, she'd have to buy herself a bra with a bit more padding, too).

Gohan, it appeared, had a few male hormones after all. Erasa couldn't help but laugh at how big his eyes got when Videl shifted a little on her feet and jiggled. Somehow, she doubted it was healthy for a person to turn that red, though.

Genius that he was, he looked away quickly. Good thing, too; Videl would eat him alive if she caught him staring at her goods. Sharpener never seemed to learn that (not even the hard way).

Turning down the intensity of her glare a notch, Videl returned her focus to Erasa. "I'm gonna go tell the teacher that we're here," she pronounced, disentangling her arms from one another to better navigate the crowd in her way.

"Hey, Binder! Go long!"

The gargantuan jock in front of Videl took up the challenge and, while deftly catching the inflatable pigskin ball between his hands, knocked the vertically-challenged teenager behind him off-balance. "YEAH! Who's the man, eh?" he shouted in victory as Videl began plummeting to the marble floor.

"Videl-chan!" Erasa cried, reaching out to soften her friend's blow.

Before the exclamation was even fully out of her mouth, however, Gohan was in her way, the felled Videl collapsed safely in his arms. Oh, how romantic!

"Are you okay, Videl-san?" was his first question, eyes softened in sincere concern.

Erasa, knowing how sensitive Videl was about her height and the problems associated with it, fully anticipated the reaction that the pigtailed-girl rounded on Gohan. "I'm fine!" she snapped, her tone a little more harsh than usual standards.

Taking each of Gohan's helpful hands into one of her own, she pried them away from her waistline and righted herself, simultaneously removing herself as far from his person as possible in the crowded circumstances. An obviously baffled Gohan didn't try to contain her, only stared at Videl as he allowed his expression to lapse into something unreadable.

The teenaged Satan girl was a little unsteady on her feet at first, but regained her balance completely just before reaching the buffoon that had knocked her over. "Get outta my way!" she demanded, making a vengeful jab at his side with her clenched fist. The unfortunate boy crumpled to the ground like a folded lawn chair.

The rest of the crowd, of course, parted to let Videl through. Self-preservation was a powerful drive, it seemed.

Had Erasa been given full vantage of Videl's face, she would have been able to testify to whether or not her friend had been blushing. The blonde assumed that her face had been positively overwhelmed with pink flush – what with how flustered her reaction to Gohan had been – but without status as an eyewitness, Videl would just nix the theory as pure speculation. With no hard evidence to tease Videl with, Erasa was left behind to pout.

"Okay, now we have everyone," the teacher announced a hardly significant amount of time later, mere moments after Videl had rejoined Erasa and Gohan in the back of the crowd. "Let's go!"

With no further bidding, the students began meandering their way to the glass front doors of the museum lobby in one large formation, chattering and gossiping amongst themselves along the way. Some of them were moaning and complaining about having to go back to school before the start of last period, – "Wasn't a boring-ass trip to this stupid place enough education for one day? Man!" – but a day without having to attend the majority of their classes put most of them in a relatively good mood.

"So, what do we have when we get back?" Erasa asked, pivoting her head to direct the question at Videl.

Without bidding, Gohan answered for her; "Algebra."

"Thanks, but I think she was talking to me," Videl said, turning to Gohan – who was flanking her other side – to fix him with an irritated glare. If Erasa wasn't mistaken, her eyes were a little colder than usual, possibly a symptom of what had transpired inside. Videl was a prideful girl and Gohan, sweet and helpful by nature, couldn't seem to fathom that she was entirely uninterested in being treated like a damsel in distress (her loss, in Erasa's opinion; she'd let a hunk like Gohan save her any day).

The boy immediately blushed pink and lowered his eyes. "Sorry..."

Lightly slapping Videl on the upper arm, Erasa chided, "Don't be so mean, Videl-chan! It's not a big deal, or anything." If the blonde girl wasn't careful, she'd let her friend scare away the only potential boyfriend material she had.

"Hmph...," was Videl's only thought before she crossed her arms again. Gohan stiffened and looked away, a few patches of pink still clearly visible just below the surface of his skin. It made Erasa smile to think that, despite all of Videl's efforts to the contrary, Gohan was still as interested as ever. Either the boy was a masochist or...well, that's about as far as Erasa had fathomed (some guys liked a...strong woman, or so she'd been led to believe).

Both Videl and Erasa jumped as Gohan was suddenly thrust out of their field of vision, his position usurped by Sharpener, of all annoyances. "Hey, beautiful," he greeted, draping an arm around Videl's neck. His eyes didn't stray for a second from what the pigtailed girl so poorly tried to hide beneath her baggy shirts. "Miss me?"

Probably gripping Sharpener's wrist a little tighter than necessary, Videl removed his arm from her person and shoved him away from her. "Not even in the slightest."

Finally, Gohan reemerged on Sharpener's other side, rubbing the back of his neck and looking more disgruntled than Erasa had ever seen him (granted, she'd never seen him entertain such an emotion before). He even smirked a little as the blonde jock rubbed the soreness out of the appendage Videl had grasped him by.

Ooh...jealousy, maybe?

They were released from the museum into the blinding sunlight of a warm spring afternoon, shielding their eyes from the intrusive rays of the sun. "Augh!" Erasa complained, squeezing her lids tight over her blue cornea. A grunt from her left seemed to suggest that Videl shared her sentiments exactly.

Soon their sight returned to them, however, and they were able to follow the ambling group of teenagers around the building and down the street in search of their school-provided transportation (ie, the bus). The sunspots resulting from their intense glimpse of sunlight danced before their eyes, creating large blind spots in their vision.

Such blind spots, perhaps, prevented them from recognizing the danger nearby.


The resulting tremors that followed the explosion threw some of the teenagers off balance and several fell gracelessly into the street. Cars swerved as both students and debris came flying at them from all directions and they began to pile up in the road in twisted groupings of metal and plastic. After a short pause in which the bystanders collected their bearings, the screaming began.

"Ohmigod! That building just blew up!"

"It exploded! Did you see it?"

"Holy shit! I'm getting the hell outta here!"

Erasa could feel Videl's arms wrapped around her, implying that she had been shielded from some of the destruction from her best friend's body. When a roughly male-sounding voice introduced itself into her thoughts, however, Erasa opened her eyes to investigate.

"Are the two of you okay?"

"G-Gohan-kun...?" she replied, blinking in bewilderment at the spiky-haired boy suspended over their bodies by both arms. From the corner of her eye, Erasa could see that Videl, too, was staring at their savior. She couldn't quite make out the pigtailed-girl's expression, but she could imagine it.

Videl's body shifted away from her as she planted a hand in the center of Gohan's chest, pushing him backwards and away from them with a mighty shove. "We're fine," she replied for the both of them, her tone tight and upset.

What did it take for this girl to lighten up, anyway? Was it really so embarrassing to be saved every once in awhile?

Gohan, understandably, looked hurt by Videl's ungrateful response. Unlike before, he did a poor job of masking how much pain her rejection had caused him, his face crumbling in despair for a few agonizing seconds. Undoubtedly, he had been hoping for at least a bit of praise from his pigtailed crush.

"Erasa-chan, can you move?" Videl asked, completely ignoring Gohan's puppy dog appeal for a sincere thank you.

Erasa's eyes remained trained on Gohan, heart clenching in sympathy for him, as she replied, "Yeah, I think so..."

"There was an alley a little ways back. I want you to take cover in it with Gohan-kun while I go investigate, okay?" she requested, clearly only for the sake of politeness. When Videl issued such instructions, they were meant to be followed.

Videl then disentangled herself from Erasa and leapt to her feet, finding her balance quickly as she squinted into the flaming mess that had been made of their locale, probably searching for wherever she intended to go next. Without even pausing at Gohan's exclamation of "Hey! Wait!" she took off running into the street, climbing on and over the cars in her path to get to the primary scene of the accident.

With a bit of chivalrous help from Gohan, Erasa, too, was lifted back onto her feet. She felt herself limping slightly, but the pain centrally located in her ankle wasn't terrible. Probably a sprain, at worst. "Thanks...," she said to him, offering the spikey-haired boy a thankful smile.

Erasa got the feeling that he hadn't even seen it, though. With his head turned in the direction Videl had dashed off in, he hardly seemed to even remember she was there. "Yeah...," he replied after a long pause, his face drawn in an anxious frown.

Erasa's smile widened a little as she remembered how she once thought she'd had a chance at going out with Gohan herself. Obviously, he was interested in a different type of girl altogether. "She'll be okay," she reassured him, finally drawing his attention back to herself. He shifted his eyes, and eyes only, to fix on her face as she continued; "She's done stuff like this a million times."

Gohan's gaze moved away again, this time to stare at the ground. He appeared to be thinking hard about something – Videl, Erasa assumed – and, as he did so, his eyebrows drew together.

"Stay here," he finally said to her, removing the arm looped around her waist as he took a step in the direction Videl had gone. When he turned, Erasa noticed that almost the entire back of his shirt had been burned away, exposing an expanse of smooth and undamaged skin beneath. The material was darkened around the jagged, frayed edges, the fibers charred black by the dying flames clinging to them.


As he tensed his body in preparation to run for it, Erasa decided to ponder the conundrum at a later time. If he was really intending to go after Videl, she had to stop him. "Wait!" she cried, rushing forward to cling to his arm with both hands. "Where are you going?"

Seemingly startled, Gohan blinked at her a couple times before replying, "I'm...uh...going for help."

"Yeah, right," Erasa retorted, doing her best to tug him in the right direction. Gohan didn't even budge a centimeter. "You're going after Videl-chan, aren't you?" It was well known around school that Gohan was something of a wimp and, if he were somehow stupid enough to try and play hero, Erasa feared that it would be the last thing he ever did. Sure, Videl was a hard girl to impress, but was she really worth slow and painful death?

Looking even more flustered than he had in the face of Videl's bouncing bosom, the spikey-haired boy stammered, "Wh-Why would I do that? I'm just going to call for the police, honest!"

"But Videl-chan told us to go hide!" she countered, leaning backwards to put all her weight into dragging Gohan where she wanted him. When he remained firmly planted in the same spot, Erasa was forced to relax her muscles before she pulled anything. Were his shoes melted to the sidewalk, or something?

Once again relieving himself of her grip (effortlessly, too), he reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Take cover and I'll be right back."

"But, Gohan-kun – "

Just as Videl had, Gohan turned away from her and ran off into the chaos, deftly leaping on and over the obstacles in his way. The huge hole in his shirt was smoking as he overcame a large SUV and finally disappeared from her sight on the other side of it.

"Great...," Erasa bemoaned, slapping a palm to her forehead in exasperated defeat. "Now what?"

Glancing around, Erasa realized that, in the absence of Gohan, she had been left completely alone. All of her classmates and teachers had obviously fled after the explosion, intelligently deciding that the area was no longer safe for dawdling and gossip.

Wonderful. Absolutely perfect.


Erasa jumped as someone – possibly something – grabbed hold of her injured ankle. With a panicked squeal usually only heard in B horror movies, Erasa kicked out violently with her other leg, striking whomever – or whatever – it was in the skull with the heel of her foot. She was released with a strangled cry of pain.

After first backing away a good ten feet, the blonde girl lifted her eyelids slowly and took a cautious look in the direction from whence she had come, steadying her nerves in case it was something big and slimy that she had to run from.

It was Sharpener. Not as bad as she'd thought.

Heaving a weary sigh, Erasa rolled her eyes to the clouds above and fixed them with an expression that would have been more at home on Videl's face. "Just great..."

— — —

"Gods...lay off the weight training," Erasa commanded of Sharpener's unconscious body as she pulled it into the alley Videl had instructed her to take cover in.

Sharpener, listless and dazed, made no comment.

The blond jock's limp appendages scraped against the pavement as Erasa dragged him across it, stopping and starting all over again every time her minimal strength gave out on her. Fatigued as she was, her muscles were becoming even more useless than usual and hauling this fame-horny idiot around wasn't helping at all. Her ankle was beginning to hurt like hell, too.

Dropping Sharpener unceremoniously to the ground with a loud thump behind a sturdy-looking dumpster, Erasa descended to the ground in a similar fashion, panting from the exertion. "You...totally...owe me," she told him between pants, lolling her head to the side so that she could look at him properly.

Yet again, the blond jock declined to respond.

Now that they were safely hidden, Erasa took the opportunity to look her swooned classmate over for any obvious injuries. Nothing too horrible, really; a scratch here or there on his back and shoulders, a bruise or two on his face and, of course, the bloody lump on his forehead from where she'd kicked him. "You're just lucky I decided to wear flats today, Sharpener-kun," she said, laughing a little to herself.

Of course, fortunate as he was to be almost in one piece after suffering the backlash of an explosion, Erasa just knew that Sharpener wouldn't see it that way when he finally regained consciousness. For a guy who put more effort into his appearance than she did, losing almost all of the golden-blond hair he so lovingly brushed at least twenty times a day was sure to be traumatic.

Though she obviously hadn't witnessed the event first hand (what with being pinned under both Gohan and Videl at the time), Erasa assumed that a spark or two from the explosion had gotten into some of the longer strands of Sharpener's flaxen locks and slowly eaten away at them until finally dying out on their own. Half – and only half – of Sharpener's head had been singed by the flames, leaving one side practically bald while the other looked about as it ever had. He looked so pitifully unbalanced that Erasa couldn't help but laugh at his expense now that she knew he was (medically) okay.

On the bright side, long hair was out for the season and short was back in. After a quick trip to the salon, Sharpener would be even more in style than he had been before. Except for the bald patches, of course (maybe he could start a comb-over fad).

"Man...she just doesn't let up."

Caught up as she had been in Sharpener's unfortunate loss, Erasa started when an unexpected voice intruded upon her inner musings. She turned her head to check the back of the alley first, but didn't spot anyone. Having eliminated that section of her hiding place as the source of the voice, Erasa bent down to prop herself up on her hands and knees and began crawling forward.

Steadying herself against the side of the dumpster with both hands, she leaned around its cornered edge to get a peek at what was going on near the mouth of the alley. Her eyes widened in surprise when she spotted Saiyaman lowering himself down to the ground only a few yards away from her, cape fluttering around his body as he descended.

Just as his feet touched the ground, he spoke, revealing himself as the one who had called her attention previously. Strangely, Erasa felt that his voice sounded familiar. "I'm only trying to help her and she acts like I'm some sort of criminal! Geeze..."

Erasa cupped a hand over her mouth to contain the giggle that had escaped her lips. 'I'll bet he's talking about Videl-chan,' she thought, eyes watering with the effort of trying not to laugh aloud. 'I guess she's not just mean to Gohan-kun.'

"I just don't get her," Saiyaman complained, lifting his left arm as if to check the watch wrapped around his wrist. Bringing his other hand up to meet it about chest-level, he pinched the face between two fingers and a loud metallic beep could be heard throughout the immediate vicinity. Only a few seconds later, his costume had dissolved, leaving Gohan standing in his place! "What does a guy have to do to make her trust him, anyway?"

"N-No way...," Erasa stammered, falling flat on her backside as the revelation presented to her sunk in. "G-Gohan-kun is Saiyaman?"

To say that Erasa was shocked would have been the understatement of the last few centuries. She would have been less surprised if, say, Sharpener (who was still uselessly asleep behind her) had turned out to be the masked savior of the city, despite his selfish disregard for anyone but himself. At least he worked out and was trained as a fighter (by the Mr. Satan himself, even). But Gohan...well, that was just weird and unlikely.

Then again...with the way Videl explained it, Gohan as Saiyaman did kinda make sense. Not a lot, but kinda. He did follow Videl out of class a lot and there were strange incidences that hinted at him having above average abilities, but did either of these things truly make him Saiyaman material?

Apparently, they did. The proof was close by, still talking to himself and lamenting Videl's disdain for him. "What did I ever do to her that was so terrible, anyway? If it's about that copter thing..."

Should she let him know that she was there? Reveal to him that he was outed? Oh, gods, what should she tell Videl about all of this? Best friends told all, just as she'd said only an hour ago...

Peering around the dumpster again, Erasa took another look at Gohan. He was rubbing the back of his neck – a nervous little habit he acted upon a lot, particularly when Videl was around – and sighing mournfully. "Maybe she just...hates me, or something."

The expression on his face that followed this revelation was so heart-crushing that Erasa was forced to rub the itch of tears out of her eyes. Gods, boys were so pitiful when they were in love.

Sorely tempted to remain in hiding until Gohan revealed all of his deepest, darkest secrets to her (or, at the very least, get some solid and irrefutable confirmation that he was, in fact, deeply and tortuously in love with her best friend), Erasa finally climbed to her feet and stepped out into the open.

The singed hole in the back of his shirt was in full view to her as she revealed herself. As this meant that Gohan was facing the opposite direction, Erasa was forced to speak to get his attention. "Hey, Gohan-kun."

Straightening up as if someone had shoved a hard rod into his spinal column, Gohan spun around and fixed her with the most petrified expression Erasa had seen on his face to date. "E-Erasa-san! W-What are you doing here?"

"Videl-chan told me to hide here, remember?" she replied, smiling at him. He gulped in return.

"Uh...H-How long have you been there?" he asked, his eyes flickering down to the wrist that sported his watch. The watch that turned him into Saiyaman.

Her smile widened a little. Man, making him squirm really was kinda fun, she had to admit. A small, mean little voice in the back of her head couldn't blame Videl for wanting to inspire this kind of fear in him once in awhile (what a power trip!). "Long enough. I guess Videl-chan was right about you having a secret, huh?"

In complete contrast to the rosy pallor that he'd been sporting of late in Videl's presence, Gohan's face drained of all color, leaving his skin a pale and sickly hue. Possibly too stunned to speak (or maybe he was about to throw up, Erasa couldn't tell), he stared at his blonde classmate with his jaw clenched and didn't respond.

"So you're Saiyaman, huh?" Erasa continued, taking a step closer to Gohan and allowing her grin to widen until it split her entire face. Now that she was getting used to the idea, she was beginning to enjoy it. To think that she knew a real-life superhero personally! To top it off, she was the only one who (definitively) knew his secret identity! "That's so cool, Gohan-kun! And here I thought that Videl-chan was crazy when she said – "

Seeming to come back into full consciousness, Gohan finally aid something, his eyes wide in something akin to fear. "V-Videl-san knows, too?"

"Well, no, not exactly," Erasa replied, watching as the spikey-haired boy's shoulders slumped in relief. "She suspects you, though. I thought she was crazy until just now."

Gohan's body stiffened again at this revelation, but didn't resume his panic. "She doesn't have any evidence, does she?"

"I don't think so, just theories," said Erasa with a shrug of her shoulders. Tipping her head to the side as a different thought occurred to her, she asked, "Hey, are you the Gold Fighter, too?"

"N-No!" was Gohan's immediate answer. His hands were waving back and forth in a wild fashion and his voice was louder than necessary. "That one's definitely not me! No way!"

A little frightened by his response, Erasa held her own hands up in front of her in an attempt to placate the panicking boy. "Okay, okay! Geeze...I believe you, Gohan-kun." She really didn't, though. No one was that stupid.

Again, Gohan calmed himself a little, though he was obviously still on edge. His hands dropped to his sides, pulling his shoulders down with them until he looked utterly dejected. "You're...you're not going to tell Videl-san about this, are you?"

Okay, so maybe Erasa couldn't be mean to Gohan after all. Not if he was going to pull out the puppy dog expression every time.

Just as she was opening her mouth to reassure him of her silence, pangs of guilt and sympathy warring in the pit of her stomach, she was interrupted by a new voice introducing itself into the conversation; "Tell me what, exactly?"

— — —

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