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Chapter 1: Player – Takashi Narumi

Takashi spent a lot of time thinking about girls. That was no secret. He had told his friends countless stories about girls from his hometown, girls from across the country and even girls he had met on other continents. He had a collection of the gifts they had given him; pictures covered his walls of all the women he had met.

Basically, he was a player.

Out on the street there was always at least one girl at his side who was most likely giggling from something Takashi just said. He wasn't picky about girls. They could be short or tall, have brown eyes or blue. Age wasn't important either. It didn't really matter. Because when it came down to it, Takashi was just a fan of girls, period.

Contrary to popular belief, girls took up only half of Takashi's brain, however.

The other half had a small section dedicated to friends and family and responsibility. But most of that second half was filled with soccer thoughts. That was where all his moves were held, his mistakes on the field, and the best way to shoot, pass and dribble. Next to girls, soccer was the most important thing in Takashi's life. And that wasn't just because girls were attracted to soccer stars.

And even though girls took up most of Takashi's time, once soccer entered his head everything else left. As soon has he had that uniform on and stepped out onto that field the only thing on Takashi's mind was the game, scoring goals and leading his team to victory.

He was a player, after all.

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