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Chapter 1

Sephiroth grumbled, staring at the rearview mirror as the Shinra building disappeared from sight. He'd been assigned a six month long mission to Wutai due to increased hostility shown towards Shinra operatives as of late. He was to "enforce the peace" as his mission file stated and make sure the mako reactor's construction in the surrounding area went flawlessly without interruptions. This meant long days of barking out orders to subordinates and sleepless nights as he went over construction and security plans whilestill having to keep up with the paperwork shipped to him from Shinra.

His theme song suddenly blared in the vehicle, becoming louder as he tugged the cursed contraption of a cell phone out of his jacket pocket. He stared at the glowing screen, Zack? The silver-haired man flipped open the phone staring out of the passenger window at the bustling city that was Midgar, "What is it, Fair?"

" SEPHY! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ME?" Sephiroth winced and pulled the phone away from his ear, the subordinate driving the car chuckling softly until Sephiroth silenced him with a glare. Even with his mako enhancements there was still a sharp ringing reverberating in his ear even afterwards when he returned the phone to his ear. Sephiroth returned his attention to the call, Zack continuing unfazed, "I thought we were friends...Friends just don't leave without a word!"

"It was a sudden arrangement, Fair. I barely had enough time to pack, let alone deal with your antics before I left." Of course, Sephiroth had tried to visit him before he left but there was no way he would let the over-zealous SOLDIER know that. He heard a whimper through the phone,

"…How long are you going to be gone this time?"

Sephiroth ran a hand through his silver locks, already dreading the reaction he would most likely receive, "So far, it's been estimated to be around six months…" He steeled himself, waiting for that indignant shout that would surely come.

A few minutes passed and all Sephiroth heard was static, "Lieutenant Fair?"

There was a sudden crash-like sound followed by a helpless yelp, "Sephy! Help me…!" Another voice filtered loudly through the speaker, Sephiroth only catching a few phrases at a time,

"How dare you break into the General's office? ...Such disrespect! …Never expect this type of behavior from a First Class SOLDIER…dock your pay for a month!" Then suddenly there was a 'click' and the line went dead.

Sephiroth stared down at his phone in confusion before closing it and replacing it in his coat pocket. He stared ahead, glancing over at the driver when he let out a chaste chuckle, "What is so amusing cadet?"

The young boy looked over at him in shock at being addressed before returning his attention to the road ahead of him, "U-Um, nothing sir! It's just, from what I heard it seemed like your lover was about to get into some deep trouble."

Silver brows rose in amusement, "My lover?"

The young man smiled and rubbed the back of his head, "Y-Yeah, I mean, the person on the phone sounded just like my girlfriend when I told her about the mission as well. She wasn't too pleased. N-Not to say that your lover would act the same way or anything…"

The General smirked, "It seems you weren't paying close enough attention, cadet. I did happen to mention who I was talking to during our conversation. Although, it will be amusing to see Fair's face when I tell him that he was thought to be my lover."

The boy's eyes widened in surprise, "F-Fair? As in F-First Class SOLDIER Fair?"

"Shinra help us if there's more than one of that idiot…" Sephiroth muttered. Zack's pout formed in his mind followed by his infamous dejected puppy-dog look. Sephiroth sighed, the cadet taking it as a sign of annoyance,

"I-I'm sorry for making a mistake sir! It won't happen again." Sephiroth hummed in response, resting his chin in the palm of his hand while staring out the glass window at the passing scenery. He didn't bother to reassure the now nervous greenhorn, he preferred the silence anyways.

The two SOLDIER operatives remained silent for the rest of the trip.

Sephiroth sighed in relief and collapsed into an armchair in the middle of his penthouse suite of a hotel room. Today was the last day of the mission and he should be returning to Shinra the next day. It had been tedious in the beginning, getting everything set-up the way he saw fit but after the first few months everything seemed to come to a stand-still. Nothing ever happened, and all Sephiroth ended up doing was working on forms and reading the mission reports brought to him daily by air.

Tomorrow this will all be over…He turned his head to the side and noticed the discarded cell phone on the kitchen counter, a frown marring his features. Zack hadn't called him once during the seven months it had taken to complete the mission. He hated to admit it but he was actually anxious to see the energetic face of his First Lieutenant. A small smile played at his lips, thinking of all the things the dark-haired man would have gotten away with during his absence.

The cell on the counter suddenly started vibrating in short three second burst before falling still again. Sephiroth rose tiredly out of his chair and made his way into the kitchen, picking up the device to stare at the screen. He quirked an eyebrow when he realized that he'd received a Shinra Grapevine newsletter. These people shouldn't have my personal number…He moved to delete it when something in his gut told him to open the mysterious message.

Sephiroth's eyes widened in surprise when he read the title, Fair's…gay? He read the detailed report of the First's escapades while he'd been gone. His eyes tightened and glowed in rage at such an accusation before a picture at the bottom of the newsletter appeared before his eyes, causing his eyes to glow even brighter. It was a picture of Zack and a man that he didn't recognize. They were shot, together, in a very heated kiss near what appeared to be the SOLDIER's laundry room. Sephiroth looked downwards and very near well broke his phone as he was gripping it so tightly in his hands. The mystery man, and in Sephiroth's opinion a dead man, had run his hands up Zack's shirt to pinch and tease Zack's nipples when the picture was taken. What pissed him off even more was the look of pure ecstasy on Zack's face. He searched the newsletter for the name of the author and was surprised to find none on the document. The number it was sent from didn't help either, since it was a private number.

Sephiroth slammed the phone onto the counter and made his way into his temporary bedroom, feeling unusual emotion's well up in his chest. How dare that man touch my Zack! He froze in mid-step, My…Zack? When the hell did I start thinking of Zack as mine? He groaned and gripped the bridge of his nose when he felt a migraine forming in the back of his head. Sephiroth only knew one thing for sure. A certain black-haired SOLDIER had a hell of a lot of explaining to do when he got back.

By the time Sephiroth had returned to Shinra the next day he had received three more of those accursed newsletters on his cell. All similar to the original he'd received the night before. These, also and unfortunately, had pictures of Zack with random men in compromising positions. One even went as far as showing Zack sandwiched between two men, kissing one passionately while letting the other run his hands down the front of his unzipped work pants.

He was greeted by Kunsel, who had been given orders to inform Sephiroth about the happenings at Shinra, and was asked to follow the young SOLDIER to his office while he explained. Sephiroth interrupted him halfway through his speech, a question nagging in the back of his mind, "You are friends with Lieutenant Fair, are you not? Why wasn't he there to greet me when I arrived?"

Kunsel paused for a second, looking around to make sure no one was around before leaning forward and whispering, "Well, you see from what I hear, Zack's been kinda 'excitable' lately if you catch my drift. Ever since you left he's been blowing off duties to have some fun with the male population of Shinra. Of course, this is all rumors of sorts but I think right before you arrived he'd disappeared into his room with one of the greenhorns that had just arrived." He paused when he saw the look of pure rage on the General's face and had to stifle a grin as he smiled inwardly, Mission Accomplished. He watched, amused, as the General stormed off without him.

Sephiroth was positively livid when he entered his office a few moments later. He sat behind his desk and paged his secretary, "Would you please pass this message to Lieutenant Fair for me? Tell him he'd better be in my office in the next five minutes or there will be some major withdrawals from his paycheck for the next two years." The young lady agreed hastily to his request, afraid for her safety if she should get on the bad side of the Great General Sephiroth.

Approximately four minutes and fifty-eight seconds later there was a sudden bang and Sephiroth's office door was flung wide open, a disheveled First collapsing in front of his desk while gasping for air, "Lieu…Lieutenant…Zack, re…reporting, sir…"

Sephiroth took in his hastily put on uniform and the sight of the bright red new hickey at the base of his right ear. So that Kunsel brat was right about his activities…He cleared his throat and Zack jumped hurriedly to his feet, wobbling slightly before making a sloppy salute, "Was…was there something you needed me for Sephy?"

Sephiroth glared at him, "I do not remember allowing such a nickname to be used in my presence Fair. You will be assigned lunch detail for the next week due to your insolence." Zack gulped when he realized that the General was actually being serious. He faltered slightly,

"Y-Yes, sir. Was…was there something you needed me for, General sir?"

Sephiroth nodded coldly, "Better. Now, I hear from your friend Kunsel that you have been shirking duties since my departure seven months ago, is that correct?" Zack nodded warily, "Is it also true that the reason you have been slacking on said duties was for the personal reason of seducing and sleeping with the male SOLDIER's in Shinra?" He noticed something indescribable flicker through Zack's eyes, before disappearing completely, "Is it, Fair?"

Zack looked away and mumbled something under his breath. Sephiroth rose from his chair, slamming his hands onto his desk, "Look at me when I am speaking to you Fair!" He hissed; his cold demeanor crumbling as built up emotions rampaged unchecked inside him. Sephiroth wanted to hurt the man in front of him for not denying it. He wanted to beat the living daylights out of the man for this stupidity. What was the point of all this? This wasn't the Zack he remembered leaving all those month's ago. Was their friendship that meaningless that Zack didn't bother to call him over the past seven months because he was too busy screwing another guy's brains out?

Zack glared back at him, emotions hidden from Sephiroth's piercing gaze, "It's true sir." He boldly stepped forward, placing his hands against the edge of the desk, "Is that a problem, General? I may admit that my progress may have decreased some over the past few months but I see no reason as to why you would take so much offense to this. I am not the only one sleeping with other people, so why pull me out, sir?" There was a knowing look in his eyes and his body screamed the aura of victory but Sephiroth couldn't fathom as to why. What did send him for a loop was what the man had said. Why did he care so much? It was true that there were other SOLDIERs in Shinra that were doing the exact same thing Fair was doing, so why pull him, specifically, out? Why make a big deal out of this? The pictures of Zack from the newsletters surfaced to his mind and anger swelled in his chest.

"I 'pulled you out' as you say because you are my First Lieutenant and as such I do not expect such rash behavior while in such a position. You are supposed to be a role model for the new recruits who come here, not to show how many people you can screw without repercussions!" Instead of the expected withdrawing that usually occurs when Sephiroth was like this, Zack broke out in a huge grin, eyes shining, once again, victoriously,

"You're lieutenant, sir?"

Sephiroth frowned, not understanding what the dark-haired man was trying to say with that comment, "Yes, my-" He paused, eyes widening when he realized what Zack was getting at. His eyes glowed dangerously, "That is not what I meant Fair, you are no more my lieutenant than any of the other's are."

Zack meandered around Sephiroth's desk, entering the man's personal space, "Then we are back to where we started before, sir. Why do you care so much about my personal life?" He rested his thigh against the oak desk and crossed his arms over his chest, "I'm waiting sir."

Sephiroth glowered, not liking the change in the conversation, "I do because I can." He retorted, crossing his arms and looking away. Zack chuckled softly, shaking his head,

"That was the most pathetic excuse of an excuse I've ever heard of in my entire life here at Shinra, and let me tell you, I've heard plenty."

Sephiroth glared dangerously at the black-haired man, using all of his will power to not kill the man in front of him for his arrogance, "Get out of my office, Fair."

The lieutenant smiled, "So defensive, sir. We haven't even gotten down to the root problem here and you're kicking me out? You know why you care so much and I want to hear it."

Sephiroth whipped his hand up and pointed towards the door, "Now Fair," he hissed, body trembling ever so slightly in rage, "Get out now before I do something we'll both regret."

Zack tilted his head to the side and smiled, although it came out a bit forced, "Whatever, General." He moved quickly, slamming the door behind him as he left, causing a few things to fall of the wall from the force.

Sephiroth groaned and collapsed in his chair, defeated, Why did it have to turn out like this? He rubbed his right temple with two fingers. He reclined back in his chair comfortably and closed his eyes, going over their conversation in his head; one particular sentence repeating itself in his mind,

Why do you care so much about my personal life?

Why did he care? Why did he care so much that the other man was screwing around with Shinra operatives? What were these emotions swirling around in his chest whenever he thought about those men touching him? Jealousy…and rage? Was he jealous of those men? Was he angry that Zack had wanted those men and not him…?

You know why you care so much and I want to hear it.

I don't know why…I don't know why I care Zack…

You know why you care so much and I want to hear it…I want to hear you say that you love me…

That I…that I love you…? How do I know that I love you? You are important to me…but love?

Sephiroth jolted upright in his seat, staring blankly at his desk as his mind worked to catch up, "I…fell asleep?" He turned his head sharply when the phone on his desk rang loudly once again. He picked it up quickly, rubbing away the grogginess in his eyes, "Yes?"

His secretary's voice filtered through the speaker, "Sorry to interrupt General sir, but I've received a memo that there's to be a meeting in Lazard's office in three hours and you've been requested to attend. How should I reply?"

Sephiroth sighed, "What is to be discussed?" As he waited for a response he noticed a folded piece of scrap paper near the edge of his desk, right next to where Zack's thigh had been previously. Sephiroth picked it up and went to open it when the secretary finally answered, moving instead to slip it into his pocket as he listened.

Sephiroth rubbed the bridge of his nose as he stepped out of the meeting room a few hours later, making his way to the elevator to return to his office. Once he arrived onto the designated floor he made his way to his office, nodding to his secretary before walking inside.

Sephiroth stared in shock as Zack whirled around, a panicked look on his face, "Se…Sephy?" He straightened up from where he was leaning behind the desk and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "You, uh…you weren't supposed to be back so soon…" He chuckled nervously.

Sephiroth sighed, too tired enough to get angry at the man for sneaking into his office, anger never seemed to work with the man anyways. He made his way over to the long couch against the side wall and laid out on top of it, resting a hand behind his head while letting his tired eyes fall closed as his body relaxed, "What is it you need, Fair? I am tired and I don't feel like arguing right now." He cracked open an eye when he got no response and looked over at the other man, "Well?"

Zack flinched and moved his eyes upward to stare at Sephiroth's face, "What was that now?"

Sephiroth sighed again, closing his eye once more, "Get whatever it was that you were looking for and leave."

"Um…"Sephiroth heard the tell-tale scritch scratch of Zack scratching the back of his head again before a chaste chuckle, "Well, that's the problem. I'm not sure it's even in here to begin with…I just hope I didn't lose it somewhere else…" Zack had an air of panic about him and Sephiroth pitied him for a split second,

"What is it that you are looking for?"

Zack looked over at him from where he was kneeling in front of Sephiroth's desk, "Huh? Oh, well, it's a piece of paper about ye big," he made a motion with his hands to emphasize even though Sephiroth had his eyes closed, "it's my um…grocery list, yeah that's it, grocery list! I really need to get it back." He bent down again and ran his hand underneath Sephiroth's desk, feeling around, "It's really important."

Sephiroth paused for a moment and frowned, thinking groggily back to the piece of paper he'd found earlier on his desk. He fumbled around in his pocket, gripping the leaflet with his fingers before pulling it out and holding it up, "Is this what you are looking for?"

Zack sat up quickly, banging his head on the extended portion of the top of Sephiroth's desk and letting a short stream of curses escape his lips, before turning around to look, rubbing his head gingerly, "Ow…oh, hey yeah that's it! Where'd you find it?" He got up making his way over to Sephiroth and grabbing the piece of paper.

Sephiroth let his hand fall limp against the side of the couch, body and mind starting to succumb to much needed sleep from laying in such a comfortable position, "It was in my pocket…," His voice deepened steadily and slurred slightly, "I'd…found it laying on my desk after you'd left…" He smiled slightly as his mind suddenly, and blearily, comprehended that Zack was the only person he trusted enough to relax his guard and even fall asleep around. It amazed him slightly in his drowsy state.

Zack kneeled down next to him, smiling as Sephiroth's breathing slowed and his body relaxed completely, "Did you read it Sephy?" he murmured.

Sephiroth frowned slightly, shifting his body towards the other man while mumbling, "No…was I…supposed to?"

Zack smiled sadly and stared down at the piece of paper, "Probably would've saved me a lot of trouble if you did…"

Sephiroth nodded slowly, barely listening to what the other man was saying. He heard a soft chuckle,

"Hey…don't fall asleep now. That's not a good position for your body to sleep in." He shook Sephiroth's shoulder gently when he got no response. Zack sighed and smiled tenderly, "Why must you always push yourself to the limit? You know, there is a reason why there are such things called subordinates. They are there to do stuff that you are supposed to do…" He stood up and reached down, grabbing Sephiroth's bent arm and hoisting him up slowly into a sitting position before wrapping it around his shoulder and gripping his wrist securely prior to lifting him up to his feet.

Sephiroth groaned and slouched fully against the shorter man, causing him to stumble slightly as he tried to regain his balance, "Geez, Sephy. Help me a little here…" Sephiroth grumbled softly as he let his head fall against the lieutenant's unarmored shoulder while his feet moved automatically to support some of his weight. Zack reached his arm around the other man and gripped his waist securely while they made their way to the door, "Alright, Sephy. I'm going to take you to your room alright? We're gonna need to make it to the elevator and then down the hall to your room. You gotta stay awake for me on the way. Promise?"

Sephiroth stirred slightly and Zack smelt a strong aftertaste of alcohol on the other man's breath when he muttered a chaste "promise" before letting his head fall forward again. Zack shook his head. The man just had to make this more difficult by being under the influence. He just hoped that he hadn't drank much during that meeting.

They made it to the door alright, with only a few stumbles and missteps along the way. Once Zack finally got it open he kicked it out of their way and made it out into the alcove where the secretary sat, a surprised look on her face. She didn't question him though while he practically dragged the taller man out into the hall. He mouthed a goodbye before continuing on his arduous task to make it the elevator while still standing.

On the way Sephiroth seemed to have succumbed back to sleep since the weight on Zack's shoulder increased tremendously once again. He balanced the weight on his side, gripping him more tightly as he tried to nudge him awake again with his shoulder. Sephiroth mumbled softly, "I…I don't know why…" Zack paused staring down at the silver-haired man while curiosity made him wait for Sephiroth to continue. When nothing else was said he whispered softly into the other man's ear,

"What don't you know Sephy?" There was silence and Zack was about to continue on their way when Sephiroth spoke again,

"I don't know why I care…so much…" Zack paused and stared in amazement as a slight blush colored his cheeks. Sephiroth…was dreaming about him? He was dying to hear more but the weight on his body was wearing on his stamina and he still needed to get the both of them to the elevator and to Sephiroth's quarters before he collapsed completely.

Zack dragged the other man another couple of feet before he started nudging the man awake again, "Come on Sephy, you promised remember?" This time Sephiroth stirred and stood up fully without having to lean on the other SOLDIER. He made a couple of steps forward before dizziness suddenly swept through him causing him to lose his balance and totter precariously on his feet.

Zack rushed forward instantly and wrapped the arm around his neck again, groaning softly as Sephiroth nearly collapsed on him again, "I got ya, I got ya. I'll help hold you up but you got to walk with me. Promise?" There was no reply but the silver-haired man remained some-what in a standing position.

The duo soon made it to the steel elevators nearly twenty minutes later and Zack finally realized how flexible he really was when he tried to maneuver himself so that he could press the white button to call the elevator.

Zack listened to the steady rhythm of Sephiroth's heartbeat against his shoulder as it reverberated through his arm and body while waiting for the elevator to arrive. He stared down at the serene face that belonged to the General alone and felt his own heart skip a beat when Sephiroth suddenly breathed his name.

A ding signaled the elevator's arrival and Zack jostled Sephiroth slightly before making his way inside. He smiled in relief when he realized that the elevator was completely empty at the time. Zack shifted slightly and pressed the button for Sephiroth's floor, sighing as the elevator started to rise once more.

Sephiroth groaned as the elevator jostled a bit, raising his head to stare at the steel doors blankly, "What…the…"

Zack smiled, "Welcome back sleepy head. I'm taking you back to your place for you so just relax okay?" Sephiroth blinked a couple of times before finally nodding his consent and laying his head back down against the lieutenant's shoulder and muttering, "I'm sorry…"

The shorter man watched silently as Sephiroth tried to fight off sleep as they rose higher in the elevator. When the doors finally opened though Sephiroth had fallen asleep again and Zack sighed as he dragged the now fully unconscious man out of the elevator. He spotted Sephiroth's room down the hall and felt his stomach churn as the hallway seemed to stretch a mile long. He stared down at his charge and squared his shoulders as best he could while giving off a look of determination as he stared at the far-off door, muttering, "I will not fail!" over and over as he dragged the silver-haired man forward.

Soon the door was within grabbing distance and he shook Sephiroth roughly, "Hey, Seph, where's your key?" He jostled him again for good measure, "Key?"

Sephiroth raised his head to regard Zack drowsily, slurring slightly, "Back…pocket…" He let his head fall back again and he made no move to get the key himself.

Zack sighed and flushed a little as he moved the hand around the other man's waist downwards and pulled the jacket out of his way. He wobbled slightly as he stuck his hand into one of the back pockets, blushing scarlet as he could clearly feel the older man's butt through his pants. He found the key in the other pocket and unlocked the door successfully after his seventh try of getting it into the hole. Zack kicked open the door, dragging them both inside.

The younger man stared in amazement at the grand size of Sephiroth's living quarters compared to his own. Seriously, the kitchen was the same size as Zack's bedroom and that was the biggest room in his apartment! He grumbled at the irony of it all as he dragged the older man through his living room and down the conjoining hallway towards what Zack hoped to be the bedroom. He opened the final door down the hall and nearly burst into tears when he saw the giant king-sized bed across the room. His mission was nearly over and he could finally get rid of his sleeping cargo.

Zack dragged the man the remaining distance till they were both at the edge of the bed. The bed was too high for him to just drop Sephiroth on it so after pulling back the sheets as far as he could, he gathered what remained of his energy and in one final swoop he picked up the older man bridal style. Zack strained and wobbled instantly, dangerously close to falling backwards. He groaned and stepped forward before dropping the General unceremoniously onto the cushiony bed below.

Zack gasped as a gloved hand gripped his arm painfully hard, mako green eyes staring up at him dazedly. The hand gripped harder and Zack was sure that if he didn't do something fast that the other man would break his arm. He tugged at the other man's wrist, using all of his strength to make the man let go, "Ah, ah! Sephy! It's me Zack, remember? Gah, come on! Let go!" The hand gripped tighter still as tears misted over the younger SOLDIER's eyes.

Sephiroth blinked and frowned in confusion as something wet hit his cheek, staring into the bright blue eyes above him, "Fair…?" He noticed the grip he had on the other man's arm and let go instantly watching as the other man sighed in relief and rub his arm, wincing every so often, "Is…is it broken?"

Zack poked and prodded it for a moment, shaking his head in the negative before smiling slightly, "Don't worry. It should heal fine once I find my Cure materia in my apartment."

Sephiroth groaned as he sat up, head lolling back and forth as he fought the lack of sleep that had been building up for the past seven months, "I…believe I got one in my bathroom…I'll get it…" He stifled a yawn and blinked wearily as his world suddenly shifted and he was lying back down again in his bed, "Fair?"

The younger man removed his hand from the other's chest, shaking his head, "I'm fine. I'll make it through alright. You, on the other hand should get some much needed rest and take off for the next week or so. I hate to say it but you look like shit right now." Zack easily dodged the sluggish punch to his person, a smile playing at his lips, "Goodnight Sephy." He watched the other man kick off his boots and fumble with his jacket before snuggling under the covers,

"'Night…Zack…" he mumbled for the last time.

Sephiroth groaned as he stumbled out of his bedroom the next morning, gripping his head in his hand as a hangover pulsed through his head, That's the last time I drink so much during a meeting…He automatically made his way to the bathroom right next to his room, getting the water running for a hot shower. Sephiroth looked around for the Cure he always kept in the bathroom but frowned when he couldn't find it, Did I use it last night? He sighed as the pounding in his head increased ten-fold, gripping the edge of the sink as he paused to make the room stop spinning.

Once he was sure that he wouldn't fall over he entered the shower and sighed as he stood under the hot spray. He moved automatically, washing his hair before scrubbing his body free of sweat and filth. He rested his head against the cool tile and shivered at the contrast of temperature on his skin. How did he get home last night? Every time he tried to remember, Zack's grinning face popped up in his mind instead. Sephiroth sighed and turned off the water, climbing out of the shower and wrapping a towel securely around his waist. His mako enhancements had kicked in and his head felt ten times lighter than when he'd walked into the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door and made his way down the hall into his living room.

Sephiroth frowned when he found a lump with spiky hair occupying his couch, Zack…? He walked over and sure enough the energetic SOLDIER was sound asleep on his couch, clutching the Cure he was trying to find earlier.

The older man nudged Zack's head, effectively rousing the younger subordinate. Zack stared up at Sephiroth groggily, "…Sephy?" His blue eyes widened perceptively as he took in the appearance of his General, a blush coloring his cheeks, "U-Uh…M-Morning?" He looked away quickly and Sephiroth frowned,

"Why are you in my apartment, Fair?"

Zack laughed softly but refused to look at him, "You don't remember us doing it on this couch last night? Come on Sephy, that's just plain cruel."

Sephiroth's eyes widened slightly and he took a step back, "We…We had sex?"

Zack glanced over at him and he had a few tears streaming down his face, "You…You really don't remember…" He curled into a ball, "I can't believe you would be so cruel…"

Sephiroth stepped forward, reaching for him, "Z-Zack…" The man in front of him started to shake slightly and Sephiroth took it as a sign that he was crying, "Don't cry! I mean…" He paused, unsure of what to do in this kind of situation.

Sephiroth froze as the lieutenant burst out in laughter, clutching his stomach tightly, "You…You should have heard your voice! 'Don't cry'…haha!" He smiled, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes, "Don't worry Seph, you're still a virgin. I brought you home last night from your office. You were tired from lack of sleep and drunk to boot, it was not an easy task let me assure you." He grinned at the memories, unaware as a hand gripped him from the back of his shirt and dragged him off of the sofa and towards the door, "S-Seph! It was only a joke!" He was thrown out of the apartment, landing rather painfully on his butt, "Come on Seph, I'm sorry!" The door slammed in his face.

Sephiroth sighed as he heard the insistent banging on his front door. How dare Zack play with his emotions like that?

He headed back into his bedroom and got dressed in his Shinra attire before walking back out and getting a small breakfast started. No sounds were coming from the doorway but Sephiroth could sense that the man was still there, waiting patiently for him to let him back in or for him to leave so that he could follow.

After he finished making his small breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, toast, and juice, he sat down at the small table and started eating in silence.

Halfway through the meal his mako enhanced ears picked up the tell-tale sound of stomach growls coming from the doorway. That's right…Fair hasn't eaten yet today. Everyone knew how the lieutenant couldn't function without some sort of food source in the morning. He would be practically useless all day. Another growl reached his ears and he sighed, rising out of his chair to open his front door.

Zack paused in what appeared to be him doing squats outside his door, "Sephy? Did you finally forgive me?"

"Hardly. I could barely enjoy my breakfast with your stomach rumbling like that." Sephiroth commented dryly before turning around to walk back into the kitchen.

Zack followed close behind, closing the door behind him, "Sorry about that. Mako enhancements do suck sometimes, huh?" He paused in the doorway of the kitchen, unsure of where they stood now, friendship wise.

Sephiroth glanced back at him while sitting back down in his chair, "I forgive you, Fair." Zack's face brightened instantly and he rushed over, hugging the taller man on instinct.

Sephiroth froze and stared down at spiky black hair in shock, "Let go of me now, Fair." Zack, realizing what he was currently doing, backed off immediately, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment,

"Sorry about that sir. It's just…I'm really happy we're back on good terms. I mean, with what happened yesterday and then this morning. I was sure our friendship would have been destroyed…"Zack paused, a blank look spreading over his features. He frowned and shuffled his feet slightly, "Hey…um, Sephy?"

The man glanced over at him while eating to show that he was listening, "Have you…ever been in love?"

Sephiroth blinked slightly, the question throwing him off guard, "Where did this come from lieutenant?"

Zack laughed, scratching the back of his head again, "I dunno, I was just curious, that's all."

Sephiroth sighed and shook his head, "You do understand the saying 'Curiosity killed the Couerl' do you not, Fair?" Zack grinned and added,

"Yeah, but there is also the chance that it'll inflict Death on you and take you down with it."

Sephiroth chuckled softly, "You've never been on to back down from a fight. And to answer your question, no, I've never been in love."

Zack gaped at him, his mouth nearly hitting the floor, "You're…you're serious?" He frowned and started pacing slightly in the small kitchen as he thought, "That would explain it…"

Sephiroth frowned, "That would explain what exactly?"

Zack jumped, forgetting that the man was there in the room with him, "Oh, oh nothing. Just talking to myself." His stomach suddenly growled, reminding its host that it was hungry. Zack looked pleadingly over at Sephiroth before eyeing what was left of the General's breakfast. "Pleeease Sephy? I'll pay you back for it…I promise!"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes and nudged his plate across the table, "I just lost my appetite from the sight of you drooling like a dog."

Zack lunged forward, picking up Sephiroth's discarded eating utensils and chowing down on the heavenly food while glaring at the silver-haired man for comparing him to a dog. After he finished the remnants of Sephiroth's breakfast he smiled before noticing the time, "Thanks, Sephy…Oh! Crap! I got to go. I promised to meet someone at my apartment! I'll see you later. Bye!" He rushed out of the room and through the front door before the General could even reply.

Sephiroth frowned and stared at his table, I've got to go meet someone at my apartment…? Mako green eyes widened in realization, He wouldn't be insinuating…Anger swelled in his chest as he rose from his chair, knocking into the table so hard that the plate crashed to the floor, broken. He stormed over to the front door about ready to rip it off its hinges when he paused, that one damn phrase repeating itself again in his mind.

Why do you care so much about my personal life?

Sephiroth backed away from the door, staring at his hands as if they had the answer. He sighed and collapsed on the couch in the living room, staring up at the ceiling as he pondered. It was obvious that he hated Zack with other men, so maybe he was a homophobe? But, that wouldn't explain the jealousy he felt. Maybe it's because he wanted Zack to be happy? That would work. Seeing men just for a one night stand didn't seem like happiness to him…Gah! Why am I so emotionally inept? I'm the General of Shinra for fuck's sake! I've solved problems much harder than this in my sleep! Sephiroth rubbed his eyes tiredly as another migraine started to form. Zack's voice reappeared in his thoughts once more,

Have you…ever been in love?

Was that it? Was he in love with his lieutenant? He thought about all their past experiences together. All of their previous conversations…The safe feeling that enveloped him whenever Zack was around…Was this love? His mind supplied foggy memories of the night before, of Zack carrying him to the elevator, of Zack dragging him along when he was too tired and drunk to care where he slept…of Zack…

Zack, Zack, Zack…

Everything Sephiroth did revolved around Zack somehow. Every mission he went on, all he thought about was returning to Zack. To stay alive for Zack. To see Zack's smile when he returned. To have Zack cure his wounds when he was too stubborn to do it himself. All of this…for Zack. For one specificperson.

You know why you care so much and I want to hear it…

"I love Zack Fair."


Author's Note:

Alright! So this is my first Sephiroth and Zack pairing so I hope I was able to keep them mostly in character! As always, please review! I love getting them!