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Chapter 2

Sephiroth hissed softly as a tongue flicked over the head of his erection, lapping at the drops of precum that had formed at the tip, before taking the taller man whole into his wet cavern. Sephiroth let a breathy moan escape his lips before biting down on his bottom lip to suppress the sound.

Clear, glowing blue eyes stared up at him from their position between the General's slender thighs, amusement clear in their gaze. Sephiroth felt the man smirk around him before picking up his pace, as if daring him to suppress the sounds that so desperately wanted to come out of his mouth.

Sephiroth ran a hand through spiky black locks before gripping on tightly, "Z-Zack…" He gasped, throwing his head back when the younger male deep-throated him, fondling his balls with one hand, "Ah…" His hand gripped the black spikes tighter in his grasp while his free hand reached down, fondling and pinching a sensitive dark nipple. The lieutenant moaned wantonly, the sound reverberating around his member and causing him to twitch with even greater desire, "Gods…Zack…" he hissed.

Sephiroth felt the heat start to pool in his lower abdomen and he thrusted up sporadically into that gifted mouth, groaning loudly when his release was imminent.

Right when he was about to be thrown off the edge Zack gripped the base of his erection with his thumb and forefinger, effectively keeping him from the euphoria he so desperately wanted. He removed his mouth from Sephiroth's hardened member, a controlling glint in his hazy, lust-filled eyes, "You are not to come until I tell you to, got that?" He pinched a pale nipple, causing the older man to arch his back and hiss between clenched teeth,

"Zack…" His eyes darkened dangerously from being prevented his release. He pulled the man up by his hair and smashed his lips against the softer ones of his lieutenant, reaffirming his dominance to the younger. Zack moaned and released his grip on the silver-haired man's erection, moving instead to wrap his arms around the taller man's neck.

"Fuck me, Sephy. Claim me as yours…" Zack breathed against the other's lips, grinding their erections together. The hand in his spiky hair pulled back, exposing his neck to Sephiroth's lips as they bit down sharply at the base of his jaw. He hissed as Sephiroth sucked roughly against that spot, darkening the patch of skin for many days to come.

Sephiroth leaned forward, laying the lieutenant on his back as he hovered over him, "How do you want me, Fair?" he breathed near the black-haired man's ear, his breath tickling the SOLDIER's sensitive neck.

Zack whimpered, "Dry…and rough…make me scream…make me scream your name…"

Sephiroth grinned seductively, "As you wish…" He positioned himself in front of the other man's unprepared entrance…

Sephiroth gasped, staring up at his white, unmarked ceiling. He groaned, running a hand through his silver locks. Not again…

It had been like this for the past few weeks now. He would fall asleep, dreaming of claiming Zack as his own, but, as always, every time he moved to enter the man in his dream he would wake up, unfulfilled and with a raging hard-on.

There was no change in schedule this morning.

He climbed out of bed, groaning softly as his erection brushed up against the silky inside of his black boxers. Sephiroth made his way, albeit slowly, into his bathroom, turning the knob to cold before starting his shower. He adamantly refused to masturbate to the man. Sephiroth wouldn't let himself be lowered to such standards.

He stood under the spray until he was sure that every hormonal feeling was locked away for good inside his body. Sephiroth didn't want to have to deal with another 'problem' while in his office since it would be damn near impossible for him to take care of without getting caught.

When Sephiroth finally got out of the shower, his body was pale and his lips had a blue tinge to them. He dried himself off quickly and put on his clothes, wanting to warm up faster, before making is way into his kitchen and cooking himself a quick breakfast.

Nothing had really changed between himself and the lieutenant since that fateful day a month ago. He was still closed off to the younger SOLDIER and Zack was still sleeping with other men. Sephiroth may have confessed his feelings for the dark-haired man to himself but he had no intension of acting upon them. Especially, since the other man didn't seem to want to change his sexual habits.

Zack, though, seemed to have taken to distancing himself from the General as of late, always saying that he had important things to do, which was a total lie since Sephiroth always found him hanging out with his friends or drinking. The silver-haired man didn't know what he did to deserve such treatment but it hurt him severely.

He ate his breakfast silently, barely even tasting it as it slid down his throat. He tried not to think about their deteriorating friendship too much.

Sephiroth waited patiently for the elevator to arrive that morning. He contemplated whether or not he should just take the stairs since it would be faster and save time. After he waited another couple of minutes there was a familiar 'ding', signaling the arrival of the machine.

The metal doors parted and Sephiroth gaped, building emotions erupting inside him. He knew he should have taken the stairs today.

Zack moaned loudly in the elevator, legs buckling from the intense pleasure flowing through his body. The silver-haired cadet between Zack's legs stared up at his pleasured face as he sucked him off, satisfaction evident in his gaze. He was the first to notice that the elevator doors had opened and he scrambled backwards, spluttering incomprehensibly as he realized who was watching.

Zack groaned at the loss of pleasure and cracked open his eyes, "Why'd you…" Any question he had died on his lips when he realized what, or more importantly, who his partner was staring at, "Se…Sephy?"

Sephiroth glared off to the side, unable to even look at the men in front of him, and clenching a gloved fist, "Sorry to have interrupted…" He hissed. Sephiroth turned and stormed down the hall towards the stairwell, fighting the urge to kill the grunt in the elevator,How could I…how could I have cared for a man like that?He slammed open the metal door leading to the stairs, That's it. I won't torment myself for that man; he can do whatever the hell he wants.

The door opened once more and Zack ran through, "Sephy!" The General ignored him, continuing on his descent downstairs.

Zack ran over to the top of the flight of stairs, "SEPHIROTH!" He hurried down the stairs, skipping a few at a time, "Please! Please stop!"

Sephiroth paused for a moment and glanced back, giving Zack the coldest glare he could possibly make, "It's over Lieutenant Fair. Our friendship…everything. I will never forgive you." He continued his way down the stairs, leaving behind a crumpled, shocked, and tearing lieutenant at the top of the stairs.

Sephiroth couldn't have made it to his office fast enough. He told his secretary that he would have no visitors and to call and cancel all appointments and meetings for the day. She never questioned him.

As soon as the door to his office was closed and locked he raided his special stash for some liquor. He collapsed onto his couch, staring at the ceiling while drinking straight out of the bottle.

Sephiroth couldn't stop. He drank and drank until the bottle was empty before sending it crashing against the far wall.

Was this what love was? All this pain and suffering?

Sephiroth brought a gloved hand up to his cheek, surprised to find the leather moist when he pulled away. He'd never wanted to see the lieutenant with another man like that. Why couldn't Zack understand that? Why would Zack never listen to him when it mattered the most?

Why did I act that way?

'I'll never forgive you…' Sephiroth laughed humorlessly, tears falling freely without his consent, What a jealous and girlish thing to say…He closed his eyes, It's all over now though…I'll let him go. I'll let him see whoever he wants. I'll let him be happy.

This wound was by far the worst he'd ever had to endure. This wound would never, ever, heal.

It was as if the planet itself was trying to intercede with his decision. Zack called his cell phone constantly, leaving behind message after message, telling him, even going as far as begging Sephiroth to call him. He ignores me while we were friends and now once everything changes he begs me to come back?

Zack had even taken to staking out his apartment at night, waiting for the General to return home. Little did Sephiroth know that when he requested a balcony be put in that it would temporarily serve as his entrance home every night. It drove Sephiroth crazy. He'd even considered requesting a room change but he wouldn't let himself lose to the persistent SOLDIER First. Zack would give up eventually on their friendship, it was undeniable.

Sure enough, a couple weeks later, the calls stopped, the late night stake-outs stopped. Every connection Sephiroth had to Zack was cut off, all strings severed. Zack Fair had officially just become another SOLDIER First to him. Expendable. Replaceable.

Sephiroth yawned behind a gloved hand, eyes blinking groggily as he stared at the memo in front of him, totally silent until he started cursing the planet and all involved through unimaginable torture.

There was to be a SOLDIER First examination two days from now and he was to oversee it along with Professor Hojo. Of all the times for this to come up. I can't even smooth talk my way out of this one… He stared at the memo again, trying to find a loop hole he could exploit when there was a knock on his office door.

Sephiroth's secretary walked in, depositing another stack of files for him to sign or go through onto his already covered desk. She gave him a quick, shy, apologetic smile before exiting the room, Well there went going home early and drinking my problems to Hell…He groaned and picked up a new file, already feeling the weariness spread through his body.

The General sighed as he re-read the same sentence he'd been looking at for the past ten minutes. He closed the file and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes, I can't concentrate on anything today. Maybe a five minute nap would do me some good? He closed his eyes and relaxed, letting sleep overtake him.

Sephiroth hummed softly in his sleep when something warm brushed across his cheek. He subconsciously shifted towards the heat, mumbling softly, "Zack…" The thing touching his cheek froze for a moment, neither pulling away nor moving forward. He sighed contentedly; I miss this…this warmth… Time passed and the warmth continued to brush across his cheek, although too soon in Sephiroth's opinion, the warmth disappeared completely.

Moments later Sephiroth's mind finally registered that something was off and mako green eyes snapped open, taking in the empty office in front of him, What…what was that? He sat up straight in his chair from where his elbow was leaning on the armrest, taking his head off his right hand, and touching his cheek with his left hand. He frowned, I could have sworn there was something touching my cheek…He shook it off soon after since no one should have been able to get past his heightened senses.

Sephiroth glanced over at the clock and groaned, opening the forgotten file and continuing where he left off, How could I have fallen asleep at a time like this? He rubbed the tiredness from his eyes and started reading.

After the General had finished with the mountainous pile of papers back in his office, he had all but ran back to his apartment before anything else should turn up for him to do.

Sephiroth groaned and collapsed onto his king-sized bed, wincing as tired muscles relaxed. He was truly grateful to be back in his apartment. Sitting in that chair in his office was really beginning to become painful on his back. He really needed to request a new one, especially with the workload he had to deal with on a daily basis and all the overtime he was put through just to get it all done on time. It was the least the company could do for him.

Sephiroth sighed and ran his fingertips down his cheek. That feeling from earlier just wouldn't leave his mind. Throughout the day people found Sephiroth caressing his cheek at random, too engrossed in his thoughts to notice the weird looks he was getting. There was a rumor going around that someone had slapped him and that he was contemplating how to kill them. That, or someone had risked kissing his cheek and that he was contemplating how to kill them for their arrogance. All in all, the rumors always ended with someone getting murdered.

I was sure someone was touching me…but no one was there…and my secretary didn't let anyone in…Am I losing my mind? That idea didn't seem too far-fetched as it should have been.

Sephiroth undressed quickly and laid underneath his comforter, his mind shutting down for a good night's sleep, Only one more day to go before I have to face him…He was in for a rough ride, mentally, for the next few days.

Sephiroth had an aura of death around him when he walked into the Shinra Mess Hall the next morning. His fridge had been empty of anything edible and Sephiroth without good food to start the day was just asking for trouble.

He made his way to the cafeteria line and picked up a tray. He'd never had to resort to eating personnel food before, but he knew how the kitchen operated well enough to know what to do. The General made his way through the line, everyone giving him a SOLDIER salute as he passed by, and picked out a semi-edible breakfast before making his way to the cashiers. He faltered slightly as he found that Zack was operating the cashier that morning while eating what appeared to be his breakfast, He must have gotten in trouble again…Sephiroth didn't know whether to turn tail and run or face the man. Which would be less painful?

Zack spotted him then and a look of anguish crossed over his features, Well, I can't look like a coward now…He stepped over to the First's cashier and set his tray down, "Put the charge on my tab." Zack winced at the neutral tone,

"I-Is that all, sir?" He refused to look at Sephiroth's face, instead staring off past his shoulder.

"What do you think lieutenant? Why would I be here if I wanted anything else?" Sephiroth snapped, wanting this ongoing process to end as soon as possible. Zack looked close to losing whatever control he had over his emotions.

"S-Sorry sir." He rang everything up, "I'm sorry you know, for what-" Sephiroth left, not bothering to listen to his attempt at an apology.

He'd almost made it out of the Mess Hall when something mushy slammed against his back and hair. By then the whole cafeteria was dead silent, staring in shock at their General. Not even a murmur was heard.

Sephiroth reached back and ran his gloved hand through the substance, bringing his hand back to see what it was, Applesauce…?His eyes slitted in rage and he turned slowly, mentally thinking of how he was going to kill the culprit behind him, glaring harder as Zack appeared in his line of view. He was frozen, eyes wide, looking basically like he was going to piss himself and faint. His hands were even shaking slightly, "What…the hell…were you thinking, Zack?" He hissed; indifference and formalities forgotten.

Zack paled an even lighter shade of white and backed up, "U-Uh…" His brain seemed to have died along with his common sense when he'd decided to throw the applesauce at the older man. Sephiroth stalked towards his soon-to-be dead prey,

"Well?" He questioned.

Zack seemed to have regained his faculties and stared defiantly at his General, "I was thinking that it would be nice for you to stop ignoring me long enough so that I could apologize!" He yelled, clenching his fists tightly at his side, "I…I don't even know why I have to apologize in the first place!" He ran a hand through his hair as he stomped his foot, "Gah, I just don't understand you! You say that the only reason you care is because I'm a subordinate but then when you see me with someone, you…you act like I cheated on you!" He accused, waving his arms, "Why don't you just tell me what is going on in that fucking brain of yours! Cause I sure can't read you anymore!" Zack paused in his tirade, catching his breath. He snorted when he received no answer and looked away, "Heh." He shook his head, "I don't know what I was thinking. You, caring about anything besides yourself? Hah. I'm such a fool." Zack wiped his eyes of moisture that had gathered, "Just, just go, sir. I'm sorry about your clothes and your oh-so precious hair. Give me whatever punishment you see fit. My paycheck is near non-existent anyway." He turned and stormed back into the kitchen, leaving behind a speechless General.

Sephiroth stared at Zack's retreating back and mentally cursed himself for not chasing after him. How was it that Zack could get under his skin like that? How, to the extent that he didn't even care that half-eaten breakfast was still running down his back and the culprit got away with not even a scratch? The General sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose as a headache formed. He glanced up, noticing that everyone was still staring at him, "What the hell are you all looking at? Get back to work!" He ordered.

The Mess Hall burst into motion as everyone moved to eat their food.

Sephiroth didn't even bother to show up at his office that day. Instead, opting to return to his apartment and take a well-needed shower. He sighed under the jet stream of hot water as he though about what Zack had said to him, Do I really portray myself like that? A person who only cares about himself? He surely didn't try to. It just wasn't easy to express his emotions, what, with being the General of SOLDIER and prime target of many different vigilante groups around the world. Surely Zack understood that? He sighed again and rested his forehead against the cool tile in front of him, "Zack is going to be the death of me…"

Mako green eyes disappeared behind pale eyelids as he pictured Zack's angry face from that morning, eyes alight with rage and plush pink parting as they shouted at him. His hand lowered subconsciously down his stomach to touch at his semi-erect member. He hissed slightly as he wrapped his fingers around himself and stroked languidly. Long repressed emotions flooded his system and he felt the grip around him tighten as he picked up the pace.

Zack smiling.

Zack hugging him when he returned from missions.

Zack pouting when he didn't get his way.

Sephiroth's breaths were coming out in short pants as he felt himself nearing completion. He ran his thumb over the tip of his member, smearing the precum that had gathered there before fisting his erection and letting out a long, breathy moan which seemed to reverberate against the tiles.

Zack yelling at him.

Zack moaning his name as he fucked him over his desk.

Zack enveloping him with his warmth.

"Ah…ah, Zack…"

Zack smiling warmly at him, whispering words Sephiroth so desperately wanted to hear.

"Ah, nhnn…I love you…"

"I love you too Sephy, I love you too."

Sephiroth's head flew back as he came, eyes flashing and knees buckling from the sheer force of his orgasm. He kneeled down, watching with detached amusement as the evidence of his sinful deed was washed away down the drain. He released his now flaccid member and let the water wash away any stray semen from his hand.

The silver-haired man held his face in his hands. He'd done the one thing he told himself he would never do. Now, he'd mentally claimed the man as his and there was no way in hell another man was touching what was his, or Gaia help, him people were going to die.

Sephiroth yawned behind a leather-clad hand as he made his way towards the Training Room the next morning. He'd had a rough night the night before since his mind had been plagued with nightmares of Zack being claimed by other men and, then, an even worse scenario, Zack laughing at him, and rejecting him outright before leaving with another man. Sephiroth couldn't count the number of times he'd woken up in a cold sweat, the nightmares still fresh in his mind.

When the General arrived, the training room was already filled with First Class SOLDIERs. He spotted Professor Hojo right away and made his way over, nodding stiffly to the other man. Sephiroth, personally never liked the way Hojo looked at him. It made him feel insignificant and unimportant. Two feelings that he never wanted to feel at all, let alone at the same time.

"Morning, General Sephiroth…" Hojo stated, staring at a First as if he were a lab rat, "Hmm, a little on the runtish side…did your mother not bother to feed you enough protein while in her care? What a shame." He turned and scampered off, leaving Sephiroth to calm the enraged SOLDIER with a glare of warning.

Sephiroth moved to the far corner of the room, trying to make himself scarce as Hojo continued with his examination. He saw no reason for him to get involved with such meaningless processes when he could at least be in his office working on the piles of paper work that were probably piling up since he wasn't there to stop their incessant growth.

Two-and a half hours later Sephiroth was about to fall asleep where he stood when a sudden commotion caught his attention across the room. A Second Class SOLDIER was trying to bypass the guards at the doors with a panicked look on his face. Sephiroth recognized the man as Kunsel and out of sheer boredom with nothing to do he made his way over to the door, signaling the men to let the young man pass.

When Sephiroth was in ear-shot Kunsel made no time in telling him what had happened, "Came out of nowhere…caught by surprise…needs help…now!" He blurted out, trying to catch his breath.

Sephiroth frowned, "Calm down cadet and tell me what happened." He stated simply. Kunsel nodded quickly and gulped in a few lungful of air before trying again,

"It's…It's Zack! These men came out of nowhere and…and they knocked him out! The bastards took Zack back to his apartment! I don't know-" Sephiroth didn't wait for anymore information as he took off down the hall towards the First's apartment, Damn it Zack. What the hell have you gotten yourself into?

He ran up the stairwell, nearly leaping up the flights of stairs to make up for any time wasted. As he made it to the last flight of stairs towards Zack's apartment floor he noticed small amounts of blood splatter leading up the stairs and out the nearby doors, They must have gotten him when he was on his way down…Anger and worry swelled in Sephiroth's chest as he bounded up the few steps and through the metal door which opened to the SOLDIER First living area. He paused and looked around; trying to remember which door was Zack's apartment. He closed his eyes and listened for any small disturbance or noise. Sephiroth heard it instantly, the sound of thrashing and laughter.

The General rushed towards the sound, stopping in front of a wooden door. He listened again and sure enough the sound was coming from behind the door somewhere inside the apartment. Sephiroth wasted no time in busting the door off it's hinges and sending it flying across the room before storming inside. He heard muffled shrieking towards the bedroom and stalked over silently, instantly wishing he had brought Masamune along with him today.

The silver-haired man threw open the bedroom door, the wood cracking under the extreme force pressed upon it.

Zack stared over at him with wide, fearful eyes mumbling incoherently through the cloth tied around his mouth. His shirt was ripped open while his pants had been pulled down to his knees. Sephiroth's eyes slitted dangerously and he turned his gaze to the three men cowering across the room, two of the men already having pissed their pants.

"You fucking pieces of shit…"He hissed, barely audibly in the silent room.

The men cowered below him, one having the balls to actually talk to him, "I-It isn't what it looks like! We, we were just w-walking by! We heard screaming and we came to…to investigate! That's all, I swear!" He pleaded; eyes wide with fear.

Sephiroth stood over the man, eyes glowing bright from his rage and the mako enhancement, making him look like death itself. He picked up the gangly SOLDIER by his neck, cutting off his air supply with barely any effort, "You really should try harder to lie to me you waste of human flesh…" He murmured, the man in front of him making these interesting choking noises. It sounded like music to his ears.

Sephiroth was about to snap the man's neck when a hurried scream reached his ears. He looked over towards the bed at Zack who was pleading with his eyes for him to stop. To just let them live. He frowned and tossed the man across the room, sending him through the wall and into the neighbor's bathroom, "Why spare their lives, Zack? They obviously didn't care about yours." Sephiroth tried to reason. Zack shook his head once more, this time with more force and determination behind it. The taller man sighed and glared full force at the two males, "You are lucky that Zack is kind and stupid enough to let you live. I would not have been so merciful." They nodded shakily, not wanting to turn out like their accomplice, "If you move even a millimeter from that spot, I will send the Hellfires of Ifrit down on your asses. Mark my words, there will be nothing left for Shinra to find." One of the men fainted then.

The silver-haired man walked over towards the younger man's bed. He squatted down and reached out towards the other man slowly, watching as Zack instinctively flinched from his touch, "Shh, it's alright now Zack. I'm going to untie your hands and then the gag, okay?" He whispered, reaching back to lift the shorter man into a sitting position before deftly removing the bulky cord around the man's wrists. Green eyes flashed as he noticed the embedded rope marks surrounding the man's wrists, He must have struggled valiantly…

Zack moved his arms, wincing as blood started to flow through them normally. His eyes widened as strong arms encircled him as Sephiroth tried to hold him closely while untying the knot at the back of Zack's head. Once the offensive cloth was removed Sephiroth hugged the dark-haired man tightly to his person, "I'm…I'm glad that you're alright…" He muttered, feeling awkward in this sort of situation.

Zack laughed softly, his voice sore from screaming through the gag, "Of course I am, I'm…Zack Fair. It's…It's gonna take more than…a couple of…goons to take…me…down…" His eyes fell shut and he leaned fully against the General, falling unconscious from the ordeal.

Sephiroth chuckled softly and fixed the man's pants, buttoning them securely around his waist, "Damn idiot." There was no hint of a reprimand in his voice only admiration. He looked over at the two men huddled in the corner of the room, the urge to tear them to shreds was forefront on his mind but he restrained himself, opting instead to let the SOLDIER Firsts returning from their examination "take care" of them.

Sephiroth picked the man up bridal style and walked out of the apartment, avoiding inquiring SOLDIER First's and making his way over to Lazard who was rushing down the hallway,

"I heard there was a commotion during the examinations today?" He stared down at Zack's slumbering form, "What happened here?"

Sephiroth glowered, "Three operatives assaulted Zack during the exams when no one would be around. I dealt with one of them but I require that they all be dealt with thoroughly before their eviction from Shinra, or else I will take matters into my own hands, and it will not be pleasant." The threat was clear. He moved down the hall towards the elevator, shouting over his shoulder, "They shall be gone within the hour, correct?"

Lazard smirked and nodded, pushing up his glasses, "Correct."

Sephiroth watched quietly as Zack slept peacefully on his king-sized bed, chest rising and falling with every breath he took. He ran a hand over his tired eyes, and blinked groggily to stay awake. Sephiroth wanted to be there when the lieutenant woke up but he didn't know whether or not he could stay awake for much longer. Even with his mako enhancements his body was just plain tired and needed to recuperate properly for at least eight hours. He pushed up off against the wall he was leaning on before going over to brush a stray lock of hair from Zack's face. His fingertips paused and hovered over Zack's cheek, Sephiroth struggling to keep his emotions in check, A simple touch shouldn't do anything…He pressed the tips of his fingers to Zack's smooth cheek, running them in small, soothing circles as he felt Zack for the first time.

Sephiroth was content with this simple connection for a while, until he noticed Zack's slightly parted and perfectly ravishing lips. He tilted his head to the side and ran his fingertips down until they hovered centimeters away from the man's mouth, How do they feel…? Sephiroth brushed his thumb across Zack's plump bottom lip and shivered at the feeling of softness to them. He sighed and closed his eyes, reluctantly pulling his fingers away a few minutes later.

A soft groan escaped Zack's lips, "Sephiroth…" He whispered. Mako green eyes opened instantly, thinking that he'd been caught.

The General watched in stunned amazement as Zack's breathing accelerated soon after he muttered the taller man's name, face contorting slightly in concentration. He was still asleep though, luckily. Another sound left the dark-haired man's lips, causing Sephiroth to groan mentally and his pants to tighten. Zack's hips bucked upwards and Sephiroth found that the other man was very much aroused as he was, albeit he was sleeping and having a wet dream.Well, I might as well be a good friend and helps him out…Sephiroth smirked evilly. He ran his hand down Zack's exposed chest, grazing pert nipples and watching as Zack gasp and squirm slightly beneath his touch.

The General grew bolder with his caresses over time. Who knew Zack would be so vocal? He rubbed Zack's straining erection through his pants, restraining himself from just taking the man right then and there.

Sweat beaded at Zack's forehead and Sephiroth took the liberty to swipe his tongue over the salty droplets, careful though not to awaken the man further. He could tell the other man was getting close to completion by the way his body would tense here and there as he rubbed and fondled through fabric. Zack let out a long, deep moan from deep within his chest as he came, murmuring Sephiroth's name before becoming peaceful once more.

Sephiroth brought his hand away from the lieutenant's softening member prior to slipping it under the waistband of Zack's work pants and boxers, swiping up a gob of the milky substance onto his fingers. He brought his hand up and stared at the liquid on his fingertips and brought them to his lips, sucking them clean and savoring the new flavor he was presented with.

Once his fingers were clean once more he moved away from the bed and sat in a near-by chair, unzipping his pants to deal with his own "problem".

Sephiroth watched Zack's angelic face as he slept peacefully, stroking himself to completion quickly and biting his bottom lip to stifle his moan as he came. He left the room quickly to shower and change, donning a pair of grey sweats when he returned.

Zack hadn't moved an inch since he'd left so he figured that the other man wouldn't get up until morning and that he could risk sleeping for the remainder of the evening without worry. He climbed into bed next to the lieutenant and faced away from him, his libido still raging even after his orgasm. Sephiroth fell asleep soon afterwards, dreaming once again of claiming Zack as his own.

Sephiroth awoke to something stirring in between his arms. He cracked his eyes open slightly to find Zack spooned up against him, his pale arms wrapped securely around his waist and chest. The General grinned and feinted sleep, wanting to see the other man's reaction to the situation.

The silver-haired man didn't have to wait long as Zack suddenly tensed and held his breath. Sephiroth smirked behind him, knowing the other SOLDIER couldn't see, and pretended to shift slightly in his sleep. While doing so, he moved his hand downwards to brush and rub the other man's morning erection. Zack bit back a sound that was mixed between a groan and a yelp. The General let his hand rest there, wanting to continue with this little game of his.

Zack, it seemed, wanted to bolt from where he lay, pressed up against the other man. Sephiroth could feel Zack's heart beating rapidly inside his ribcage as he moved extra slowly to get out of the embrace.

The General would have none of that and gripped the man tighter, both across his chest and over his erection, and pulled him back flush against him, making sure the shorter man's butt rubbed over his own hardened member.

Zack let out a strained gasp and fell perfectly still, probably trying to figure a way out of the position now.

Sephiroth, also, was thinking but not about how to get away from the situation, but on how to continue it. Suddenly a spark of insight flashed through his mind. He would fake a wet dream. It was the perfect plan to see how Zack felt about him without having to deal with him face to face, or without Zack knowing he was actually awake and listening. It would also relieve some of his pent up frustration as well. Two birds with one stone. Of course, there was also the chance that this could backfire and ruin their shaky friendship for good but Sephiroth was willing to take that risk, especially with what happened last night.

The taller man grinned evilly for a moment and started to gyrate his hips against the person in front of him. Knowing that Zack's eyes were probably bugging out of his head right about now; he continued the motion, holding the man tighter against him, "Zack…" Sephiroth groaned.

The General felt like he was in heaven when he heard the tentative moan that escaped Zack's lips. He felt Zack's erection harden beneath his fingers and he, himself, let out a guttural moan, feeling the man tense beneath him. Sephiroth began to rub Zack's member through his jeans, wanting to hear the same sounds he'd heard last night.

Zack shuddered and it seemed he was trying to put a stopper on all the noises his mouth desperately wanted to make. Sephiroth wouldn't have that and he bucked his hips forward roughly while gripping the man's member in front of him simultaneously. Zack couldn't help it and moaned Sephiroth's name breathlessly before clamping his mouth shut.

Sephiroth felt it time to end his little game and pretended to stir and shift awake making sure to move his hand away before opening his eyes, "Z…Zack?" he breathed, inwardly smirking at the tremor that went down the man's spine, "What's wrong? I thought I heard my name." He pulled his arms away and stretched out on his back, sighing, "Did you call my name?" he asked, innocence coating his voice.

Zack tensed and laughed forcefully. He didn't face the man, deciding to lay with his back facing the General, "N-No, of course not!" He yelped when Sephiroth tugged on his arm, rolling him over to stare at the General face to face.

Sephiroth frowned, "What's wrong lieutenant? You look flushed." He placed his hand against the man's forehead and watched as Zack shook slightly, "Are you cold? Here." He wrapped his arms around the man and hugged him closer, trying to share body warmth.

Zack scrambled back and placed his hands against the man's chest, effectively keeping a certain area from touching the taller man, "I…I'm fine! Really, I…I just need to go to the bathroom, that's all." Zack pleaded. A blush spread across his face as he realized where he was touching. He recoiled instantly and Sephiroth took the pleasure of bringing them flush together again.

Zack's blush darkened considerably and he hid his face in Sephiroth's chest. The General smirked. This was just too easy. He ran his hand down Zack's exposed side and stopped at the dip between torso and hip before bringing his hand back up as he tried to "warm him up".

Zack whimpered beneath him and struggled against him slightly, "Se-Sephy…" he mumbled. Sephiroth's hand seemed to slip right then and rub a pert nipple, "Sephy!" He gasped.

Sephiroth leaned down and whispered sensually into his ear, "Something wrong lieutenant?" He reached down between them and gripped Zack's erection, "Now, what do we have here, Lieutenant Fair?" Sephiroth questioned, grinning as Zack gripped at his shoulders, not moving his face from Sephiroth's chest, "Well?" He stroked it slightly through the already soiled fabric, I bet he hasn't even noticed it yet…

Zack tensed, "Wh-What are you doing Se-ahhh…" He was cut off when Sephiroth's other hand pinched and tweaked a nipple, "Se-Seppphy…" He hissed.

"Is something wrong, Fair? You're face is turning scarlet…" He smirked when Zack blushed, if even possible without brain damage, darker. He started to stutter, "I-I…I d-don't understand…" He whimpered, mind turning to mush from the sexual pleasure.

Sephiroth changed their positions so that he was straddling the younger man's waist, "Isn't it obvious, Fair? I. Want. You." He accentuated each word by giving both of their erections delicious friction.

Zack's eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head and he whimpered, "W-Want me…?" he whispered.

Sephiroth frowned, "Of course. Why else do you think I got so jealous of those other men? I didn't want them touching you…taking you for themselves…" He felt his own cheeks take on a pink hue and he looked away. Zack tried to focus on the conversation at hand but the fact that Sephiroth was still grinding against him was making it difficult.

"Se-Sephy…stop, we…we need to…to, ahh talk…" The lieutenant managed, his voice barely a whisper.

The General shook his head, "No, Fair. I've waited too long to have you for myself. I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by." He cut off any protest by pressing his lips against the younger man's.

Sephiroth felt a tremor soar down his body when their lips connected. His lips felt so soft against his own. The silver-haired couldn't contain the small groan that escaped his lips when they parted.

Sephiroth stared heatedly down at the younger man, "You are mine now, Zack. Nobody else's, mine." He hissed, leaning down to brush his lips across Zack's exposed neck.

Zack let out a sharp gasp when those pair of lips bit down sharply at the base of his neck, marking him for the world to see, "Ahh, nhhn…Sephy!" He breathed. Shaking hands reached up to push at the other man's chest, "St-Stop, Sephy!" He begged.

Sephiroth paused for a moment to regard him, hands hovering over Zack's pant button and zipper, "What, Fair." He hissed, annoyance hindering his mood.

Zack blushed and mumbled something under his breath. Sephiroth's mako enhanced ears couldn't even pick it up, "Speak up, Fair. This is your last chance before I remove any trace of those men inside you." Sephiroth stated, total seriousness in his voice.

Zack blushed again, albeit brighter but said nothing so Sephiroth took it as a sign to continue. He popped open the button and pulled down the zipper…

"I'm a virgin!" Zack finally shouted.

Sephiroth paused, frozen. He looked up at Zack slowly, staring at him closely, "What was that?" he questioned.

Zack blushed and his face behind his hands, "Don't make me repeat myself, please Sephy." He begged.

Sephiroth glared at him, knowing the other man could feel it by the way he tensed, "How is that possible?"

Zack peeked over his hand, "I've…never gone past third base with any of them." He admitted.

Sephiroth stared as he took in that tidbit of information before grinning superiorly, "So that means no ones…"

"No…" Zack muttered, uncovering his face but keeping his eyes closed.

Hands gripped the sides of his face suddenly and pulled him up into a searing kiss, Sephiroth putting all of his emotions into that one kiss.

Zack's eyes were wide with shock but soon melted into the kiss and kissed back with as much enthusiasm. He moaned softly when he felt a tongue brush his bottom lip before forcing his way inside. The General's tongue was everywhere inside his mouth, tasting, caressing, and coaxing Zack's tongue to come and play.

While Zack was distracted Sephiroth deftly removed the remainder of the lieutenant's clothing, throwing them off the side of the bed and out of the way. He broke their heated kiss to inspect the irresistible body below him, "Absolutely ravishing…" Sephiroth muttered to himself, watching the way the lieutenant's body rose and fell with each breath he took.

Zack stared up at him with hooded eyes; lips flushed from the General's kiss. He ran his hands up Sephiroth's clothed thighs and gripped the waistband, tugging on it forcefully, "You've got…too much clothing on…" He demanded. Sephiroth chuckled deeply and got up off the bed, dropping his pants and boxers on the spot before returning to his place above the darker male.

"Better?" Sephiroth's world suddenly flipped and he found himself pinned beneath the younger man.

Zack smirked down at him, "Definitely." He murmured. He ran his hands down Sephiroth's chiseled chest and played with the pert nubs presented to him, watching as Sephiroth's breath hitch and mako green eyes fall closed.

Zack leaned forward and left little nips and kisses down Sephiroth's chest before flicking his tongue at the older man's belly button, Sephiroth releasing a strangled gasp.

Zack scooted down farther on the bed, staring down at Sephiroth's prominent erection. He stared up at the silver-haired man through his lashes as he licked the velvety head of Sephiroth's member.

Sephiroth eyes snapped open in shock as pleasure coursed through his body with that one movement, "Zack…" He hissed, gripping Zack's black locks and pushing his mouth back against his straining erection, "Suck." He ordered, that threatening glare in his eyes. Zack only smirked and licked the tip again, gathering the remaining precum on top before licking the underside with the flat top of his tongue.

Sephiroth groaned and hissed at Zack's disobedience, although not too disappointed with the resulting pleasure. Finally, after a few more teasing licks Zack took the tip of his erection into his mouth. He sucked it like you would a new piece of candy, testing it out and rolling it over on your tongue as if savoring it. Zack flicked his tongue in-between the slit on top before bobbing downwards and taking him whole.

White light flashed over his eyes as Sephiroth arched his back on the bed, moaning Zack's name as the grip on Zack's hair tightened considerably. He gasped and writhed at the ecstasy flooding his nerves. It never occurred to him how exceptionally better it was to use someone else's mouth instead of your own hands.

Sephiroth knew at this pace that he wouldn't last long so when Zack deep-throated him and fondled his balls at the same time he gave in and went over the edge, releasing his seed down the other man's throat.

His body turned to jell-o, arms and legs lying limp on the bed as he came down from his orgasmic high.

Zack sat back on his haunches and licked his lips like a cat. He crawled his way up the General's chest and kissed the other man passionately, letting him taste himself on Zack's tongue.

Sephiroth felt himself harden once more when Zack's member starting gyrating itself on his thigh as he tried to find his own release. He flipped them over so that he pinned Zack down onto the mattress, eyes glowing hungrily for what was to come, "How do you want me, Fair?" He teased, rubbing their erections together in blissful friction.

Zack moaned, "Could you…um, pre-prepare me first…?" He asked, a blush coloring his cheeks.

Sephiroth stared down at him, a calculating look on his face, "I guess we could use lubricant. You'll have to prepare yourself though." He smirked.

Zack stared up at him wide-eyed, "Prepare…myself? Damn, I didn't know you'd be kinky during our first time…" He muttered as Sephiroth left the room for a moment before returning with a bottle of lotion.

Zack caught it clumsily and blushed as he poured some lotion onto his hands. He kneeled on all fours in the middle of the bed, bringing his hand back behind him and probing his entrance with one digit experimentally. Zack bit his bottom lip and pushed the finger fully inside of himself, whimpering softly from the weird and new feeling. The dark-haired man watched from the corner of his eye as Sephiroth moved to lean against the wall behind him, in clear view of what he was doing to himself. He blushed and started pushing and pulling his finger in and out, adding a second finger soon after when he felt he was prepared enough to continue. Zack moved the digits inside him scissoring and bending his fingers, trying to find that one special spot that'll make him see stars.

The lieutenant found it soon after when he had added the third finger, brushing a certain spot that he couldn't reach before. He gasped back arching and arm giving out as he rested his head against the sheets. He moved his fingers faster after that, wanting to hit that spot inside of him over and over again.

Zack was almost to the edge when a strong grip removed his fingers, something much larger filling his hole. He gasped and groaned as he adjusted to the new intrusion, "Gods…Sephy…" Hands gripped his hipbones roughly as Sephiroth waited with limited patience for the man's consent to continue. Did the man know how tight he was? Even after all the preparation, Zack's muscles fitted to him like a second skin. It was pure luck that Sephiroth didn't fuck him into the mattress then and there.

Luckily, Zack nodded for him to continue soon afterwards.

The taller man groaned as he pulled back out and slammed back in. He moaned in ecstasy as Zack's muscles clenched perfectly around him, trying to draw him back in as he pulled out, "Zack…so fucking tight…" He breathed, his pace increasing steadily. Sephiroth realized that Zack hadn't moaned once since he'd started moving and he frowned as he tried to find that spot inside the younger man that would make him beg for more.

After a few minutes of searching an idea crossed his mind and he grabbed the man's torso, moving them so that Sephiroth was laying back on the bed and Zack was sitting in his lap facing him. Sephiroth smirked and pinched at dusky nipples, "Come on Zack, finish us off. Find that spot inside of you and scream my name." Sephiroth purred softly.

Zack moaned and nodded, raising his hips up to fall back down onto Sephiroth's member, gasping and moaning loudly as he landed straight onto his prostate, white spots clouding his eyes. He fell into an easy rhythm, moaning Sephiroth's name constantly as he rode him, telling him how good he felt inside him.

The General watched transfixed as Zack flung his head back, mouth parted in a silent scream as he came, spurting load after load of cum onto his and Sephiroth's chests.

Sephiroth groaned as he felt the muscles inside Zack's ass clench around him almost painfully and he came filling the man with his essence for the second time that day. He panted heavily as he stared at the sweat-drenched lieutenant on top of him a small smile playing at his lips. He moved his tired arms and pulled himself out of the other man, pulling him down next to him and placing a small kiss on his lips.

Zack responded as best he could in his groggy state, smiling at the older man when they broke apart, "I…I love you, Sephy. I…always have." He mumbled.

Sephiroth felt as if his heart would explode from those few words. He hugged the man tightly against him, eyes nearly, nearly, tearing up from the exuberant happiness he was now feeling, "I love you too, Zack. I love you too."

They slumbered together. Too lazy and comfortable to worry about the mess they were leaving behind.

"Godamnit, Sephy. My ass feels gooey!" Zack shouted, stepping out of the bathroom. He paused and stared wide-eyed at Sephiroth who was reading a familiar piece of parchment, "Uh…Sephy?" he called.

Sephiroth looked over at him, amusement clear in his gaze, "'You are like the moon that guides my way at night'?" He recited.

Zack blushed and rushed over trying to grab the piece of paper from the other man, "Shut up, you cold bastard!" He hissed, scrambling to get that elusive piece of parchment, "I didn't mean it! It was all forged I tell you, forged! Kunsel did it!" He screeched, tackling the other man onto the couch.

Sephiroth chuckled and handed him the parchment, moving instead to wrap his arms around him and pin him against him, "Now I know the answer to my question." Sephiroth said cryptically.

Zack frowned and stared down at him skeptically, "And what question would that be, huh?"

"Why do I love an idiot like you."

Author's Note:

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