"Hello? Is there anyone out there?"

She squints into the darkness, hoping that no one responds, and waits. Her heart pounds in her chest and she wills it to slow as she counts the seconds.

Ten seconds pass and then twenty and then thirty.

Nothing but the usual quiet murmuring of the nearby lake and leaves rustling across the ground in the wind unsettle the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. She can hear no footsteps and no car engine spluttering softly in the distance. There is no sign that their safe haven has been identified and targeted.

Behind her, she can feel Mulder's warmth radiating into her skin and she can smell the scent of his shampoo wafting in the air. He takes her hand in his and squeezes it gently. "Scully?"

She breathes once more and lets her body relax into his. "It's clear," she whispers to him while he sleepily nuzzles her neck. "It's clear." She can feel Mulder's smile press against her shoulder.

Without a word, they make their way back inside to go back to bed. Mulder falls back to sleep almost immediately, but she can't seem to shake the feeling that they're being watched.

She moves to the window and pulls the curtains open a crack to peer out. For a moment she thinks she can see a hooded figure crouched on the grass by a tree, but when she blinks whatever it was is gone.

She sighs and closes the curtains again. One of these days, she is going to stop living in fear and constant paranoia. She hopes.