Another Sonic/Sentai fic. This is a joint fic with Brave Kid. This is mostly his idea.

All was quiet in the village of Knothole. Robotnik hadn't been trying to invade for the past month. But, things were about to change. A pair of brightly coloured objects shot across the night-time sky, one gold and the other silver. Mobians began to emerge from their homes, too watch the pair of amazing, unknown objects.

"What's that?" Miles "Tails" Prower asked, pointing towards the strange pair of objects.

"Dunno. Comet?" Bunnie Rabbot asked.

"Since when do comets come in pairs? And since when are they silver and gold?" Princess Sally Acorn answered, watching as the two mysterious objects seemed to crash into the mountains, but no explosion was either seen or heard. Sally frowned. "Come on, Sonic. Let's go check it out."

"Do we have to?" The azure blue hedgehog asked.

"Yes!" Sally answered, grabbing Sonic's hand and rushing out of the village gates.

Meanwhile at robotropoliis, Robotnik is in a huge bunker, working on something.

"Master, our scouting party is near the impact area" a SWATbot said.

"Good. I want our forces to look everywhere, flatten the whole mountain range if needed!" he responded.

Back with Sonic and Sally...

It didn't take them long to reach the base of the mountain.

"SWATbots!" Sally whispered, and sure enough, there were. They were crowded around a small cave embedded in the bottom of the mountain, from which a gold and silver light was being emitted.

"Sally, what does Robutnik want way out here?" Sonic asking seeing the swatbots digging around the mountain

"They may be looking for those two Gold and Silver comets that we saw crashing earlier. Hhm...but why would he be after them?"

"Let's go!"

"Sonic, wait!"

But Sonic had already rushed off.

"God, He is SO ignorant!" Sally complained, before chasing after him."

Sonic was able to rush the swatbots, trying to see what they were digging up

"Hey, tin cans! What you digging?" he yelled. The swatbots lower their digging equipment and fired at him, but failing miserably.

"Oh, come on! A baby could fire those guns better!"

Sally was behind the battle deeper in the cavern.

"NICOLE, scan the area for any strange readings." she told her computer.

"Unknown reading inside the cave." NICOLE replied. Then sally heard Sonic headed towards her with the swatbots giving chase.

"So, any luck?" sonic responded while grabbing sally.

"Something's in the cave, giving out a strange energy reading."

"Think it could be whatever those comet-like things were?"

"More than likely."

They continued deeper in the cave, having lost the SWATbots.

'Help us!'(Change in front) a voice came from deeper in the cave.

'Please, help us!' a second voice was heard.

"Um, Sally? Who said that?" Sonic asked.

"So you heard it as well, so I'm not going mad. Anyway, I really don't know what, or who said that, but it definitely came from deeper in the cave."

After a few more minutes of walking...

"Hey, look!" Sally pointed to some objects on the floor. One looked like a tiny golden helicopter and the other looked like a tiny silver jet. There was a small, rectangular object next to each of them.

Sonic picked up the helicopter and Sally picked up the Jet. They noticed a small hatch in the back of each of them.

"Help us!" The voices could be heard again, but this time they were coming from the Helicopter and Jet!

"I suppose this goes in here." Sonic muttered, inserting one of the rectangular objects (Engine Souls) into the hatch of the Helicopter (This is an Engine Cast) as Sally fid the same with her Jet.

The two minuscule vehicles began to glow gold and silver respectively, before growing to full size.

"Whoa." Sonic muttered, staring at the sight before him.

"Thank you for releasing us. I am Engine Toriptor!" The golden Helicopter said.

"And I am engine Jetras!" The silver jet added.

"Just...what are you?" Sally asked.

"We are engines. From machine world." Jetras told them.

"We were travelling back there after a battle with the pollution ministers on a planet known as earth." Toriptor added.

"The pollution ministers?" Sally asked.

"Three beings from Machine World, intent on creating a heavily polluted world. They escaped to planet earth in an attempt to escape us and take over earth. We were able to stop them with the help of three other engines; Speedor, Bus-On, Bearv, Birca, Gunpherd, Carrigator, and our mentor, Jum-bo-whale." Jetras answered

"Those ministers sound just like Robotnik." Sonic muttered.

"Who is this 'Robotnik'?" Toriptor asked.

"Just your average evil genius intent on taking over Mobius, our planet!" Sally answered.

As if on cue, SWATbots appeared and began making their way towards the heroes and the engines.

"Those are his forces, right?"

"Yep." Sonic answered Jetras.

"Let's go, then! Batabatabata!" Toriptor called.

Meanwhile at Robotropolis, Robotnik is still looking at his designs,

"So my forces will finally take over Mobius and all thanks to this." he said as he held up an Engine Soul. Then Snively walk in.

"You called for me, Robotnik sir?" he asked, forcing Robotnik to place the soul back into a box.

"Yes I did, any report on the dig?" he asked

"Well I have some bad news about that" Snively responded, showing Robotnik a video playback. On it shows the swatbots being attack and destroyed by two blurs, one gold and one silver.

"The camera picked that up a few hours ago, no luck on able to see what attacked them."

"Is it the blasted hedgehog?"


"Well then make yourself useful and go with a new squad of combots and attack any freedom fighters raiding party."

"Yes, sir."

Meanwhile at the edge of the great forest, Bunnie, Antoigne, Tails, Amy and Rotor were headed for a Robotnik supply depot.

"Look at that!" Tails looked up and saw two glowing flashes in the sky, only to vanish.

"Your eyes must be playing tricks on you." Bunnie said, only to see weapons pointed at them

"Now all of you will pay a trip to Robotropolis!" Snively said as his combots aimed their weapons.

"Where is the hedgehog when you need him?" Antoigne asked.

"You actually WANT him?" Bunnie asked.