by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Twin Cousin

It's a bright, sunny day in Pen Gu. Cody laid down on the sand and relaxed for a while after 45 minutes of surfing. Chicken Joe walked behind him and Cody felt a little humor punch in his arm. He winced a little, but he looked at Joe and chuckled a bit. Cody said, "Sup, Joe?"

"Not much, man." said Joe.

"What have you been up to?" asked Cody.

"I've been haning out with the Pen Guans mostly, then surfed a little bit. Nothing interesting, you know."

Cody chuckles and said, "I realize that. I think I've been surfing for a while, then I got myself some rest. Dude's gotta look out for himself, right?"

"True that."

A few minutes later, they heard a whale call that came towards the ocean near Cody and Joe. They looked at each other and Cody asks, "Who's in that whale?"

"I don't know. Let's find out!" said Joe.

They climbed on the top of the whale and they saw a 16-year-old male rockhopper penguin, a little taller, with blue eyes, spiky rockhopper hair, with a Big Z necklace on his neck who looks a little bit like Cody. The kid stood up and said, "CODY! What's up, man?"

Cody stared at the kid a little confused and said, "Excuse me?"

"Dude, don't you recognize me? From another side of your family, you know, from Antarctica?"

He recognized the kid and then received a little shock and realized that it was his cousin. "A.J.?"

"That's me, dude. It's me, A.J."

Cody exclaimed in shock and laughed hysterically and hugged him tightly and said, "Dude, I can't believe it's you, man!"

"Neither can I!" exclaimed A.J.

"How'd you get here?" asked Cody.

"I took the whale. My foster parents wanted me to live here. When I heard you're living here, I thought maybe we should catch up with all the times we missed spending time with you." said A.J.

"Man, that's awesome!" exclaimed Cody.

A.J. picked up his rainbow surfboard and they got off the whale. Cody looked at it and said, "That's an awesome board. Where'd you get it?"

"I made this board on my own and I've had it for about 5 years. Took me a long time to surf the waves, though it only took 3 hours, so."

He looked at Joe and said, "Dude, I'm so overwhelmed with the excitement, I forgot to introduce you to one of my friends."

A.J. looked at Joe and said, "What's up, dude? I'm A.J., Cody's cuz."

"That's cool. You look a little different from Cody, only your hair is a little spiky. I'm Chicken Joe. Nice to meet you A.J."

"Same to you." said A.J., then turned his attention to Cody and said, "Dude you have to show me around the place. I hear it's awesome."

"It is. What we're standing here, is Big Z's beach." said Cody.

A.J. gasped and said, "Shut up! Are you serious? We're actually in Big Z's beach. Dude's my long-time idol."

"You're idol is standing next to you." said Cody.

A.J. turned around and saw Big Z in the shack and felt really surprised. When Z walked across the beach, he saw A.J. looking really shocked. He said, "Hey, kid. You okay?"

"I'm just in shock. This is the first time I'm actually meeting you! Dude, you rock!"

Z chuckles and said, "Thank you, even if I do say so myself."

"Z, this is A.J. He's my cousin. We haven't seen each other in 3 years." said Cody.

"Great to meet you. Where you from?" said Z.

"I'm actually from Shiftmunk. It's about 20 minutes from Shiverpool."

"That's cool."

"Wanna see everything in Pen Gu?" asked Cody.

"Do I ever! What are we standing around here for?! Let's see the island!" exclaimed A.J.

Cody chuckled and said, "He hasn't changed much."