Chapter 5: Best Experience

As nightfall comes along, Cody, Joe, Z, Lani and A.J. got around the fire and just hanging out for a while. A.J. said, "You know, when we were growing up, people mistake me and Cody as twins. We're fraternal."

"So, how can they tell you guys apart?" asked Z.

"Our ages. He's born 2 years older than me. I heard you've just turned 18. How awesome!" said A.J.

"Thanks, man. I'm growing up a little bit."

"Yeah, right. You're still a little smaller to me."

"I see you've grown taller than me."

"Nobody's taller than you, Coda."

"So, what made you want to live in Pen Gu? What's the story?" asked Lani.

A.J. sighed and said, "I've had a hard time after my birth parents died. I was taken in when I was 8. Parts of my family already knew Cody and my one of my foster parents knew his mom. At that moment, I felt as if I was still part of my family. Things changed since I was taken in. Surfing came into my life and I guess, in my teen years, I liked surfing a lot. The last time I've seen Cody was when he was 15 and I was 13. I've grown up quite a lot and I was in the point where I would never see him again. When I heard that Cody lived in Pen Gu, my foster mom told me that I was gonna live there, because I felt really lonesome lately. I was really surprised when I saw you again. It would give me a chance to spend more time with each other and not miss each other too much."

"Great stuff." said Z.

"I just turned 16 last month and it was much cooler. Liking that age so much." said A.J.

Cody looked at A.J. and said, "We're gonna spend much more time together, just you, me, Z, Lani and Joe. It will be awesome. I'm just happy to see you again."

Joe sniffled and said, "That is so beautiful. The thought of seeing this is so radical, man."

A.J. laughs and said, "You're so cool, dude. You must be lucky to have a friend like Cody."

"I am. Cody's my best friend and we have each other's backs all the time. Right, Code?" said Joe.

"You know it, man." said Cody.

"Radical!" said Joe.

"Well, welcome to the family, A.J." said Z.