Hey guys. It's another Author's Note. I'm pretty bad about putting these all over the story. My bad.

So, there were requests to make a side-along story about how Edward's parents took the news he and Bella were getting married. Also more people wanted to see more of Jesslyn.

So I combined that and made EXPLAIN THIS, a MNWE extra. It's on my page.

Go read it.


There's a party in your bedroom all night long.

Whoaaaa now.

Ughhhhh I hate BAND CAMP. I'm on dance team. We do band. Band camp for eight hours for two months. 7AM-12PM, then from 6-9PM. It sucks.

I'm a scientistsssss. Yarrrr OMG I changed my Facebook language to Pirate!! It was SO FREAKING CONFUSING. It was like, "Check Yer Bottle O' Messages" or something and like, "Ship To Yer Maties"and stuff. REPORT FIRE

So. (This isn't bold because it's random and not important)

So looking back at this story we've been through a lot. Random old songs such as Fall For You and annoying songs such as Hot N Cold and Taylor Swift/Zaxby's obsessions. I'm over that. Now I'm obsessed with All Time Low and acoustic music.

BookmarkBella. She's awesome. And pretty. And likes All Time Low, too. Check her out :D


Just kidding. There aren't lions here, silly.

Explain This.

Check it out. It sucks. Like this note. And this whole story in general.

I know I said this story was complete. I guess not. Bummer.



read it.

like it.

review it.

or die.

Yeah well I gotta go watch So You Think You Can Dance now. So read Explain This.


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Explain This. (: